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  1. Thanks for the Crepes

    Chinese Vegetables Illustrated

    From my experience, when I was regularly buying the huge Napa Cabbages at S-Mart, before it went out of business, they last a really long time under refrigeration. Like a month. So you can make many dishes out of this veg I was paying like 49 cents a pound for a four pound specimen. You just need to peel the leaves off from the root end and let the cabbage remain relatively intact and keep them in their produce bag. Sometimes mine have grown roots, but I slice those off and have really had good success using up a four pound cabbage over a whole month. You might lose some outer leaves to dehydration if you're not using it up fast enough, but I can testify, that this veg is excellent for long storage.
  2. Thanks for the Crepes

    Chinese Vegetables Illustrated

    These two types of cabbage were available at my Korean owned pan-Asian grocer before they went out of business for apparently not properly paying their taxes. The first ones seem more oblong to me while the second seem rounder. I bought whichever was less expensive that day and never noticed any difference in taste. Thanks for this thread!
  3. Thanks for the Crepes

    Fair Fare

    Well have fun if you decide to go, and it would be great to hear about the food you enjoy there along with prices you paid if you have the time. Take a look at the food maps on WRAL before you go too, so you have an idea where on the fairgrounds what you want to eat is located. Sorry that I didn't realize you were female! Good luck with the bathroom situation. I hope it's better for ladies than it was the last time I attended. I just read an article today on WRAL that said they had razed the rabbit barn to make way for more picnic tables and food vendors. This is what I mean about the Fair being monetized. The rabbit barn was free and held so many rare and interesting cute bunnies, but wasn't producing any income, so it had to go. We had harness racing at the VT State Fair and so many farming displays. Nowadays, it seems to be all about the midway and overpriced food. But things change. I don't seem very able to get on board with that, but it seems to be my problem, because the new generation doesn't care about farming as long as the grocery stores are stocked. One day everyone is going to realize that when farmers don't do well the rest of don't either. Everyone has to eat and farmers are the backbone of that. Farmers in NC and GA have been devastated by the back to back hurricanes during harvest season. That is so not good for all of us.
  4. Thanks for the Crepes

    Fair Fare

    @blbst36, I'm not trying to discourage your from going to the State Fair if you want to. I enjoyed it when I was younger, but it wasn't as pricey as it is now. Here's a link to an article from WRAL (one of our local news stations) that has was to save $$ at the fair. If you are only interested in the food, you might be interested in the lunch pass where you can get free admission to eat lunch on weekdays by paying $10 cash at Gate 1 or Gate 9 after 11:30 AM. You then have two hours to cruise the fair and buy your fair food for lunch. Vendors only accept cash, so bring plenty. The article says they have ATM's but there will be lines and hefty fees, so get your cash for free from your bank before venturing out. Then if you get back to the same gate you entered by before 1:30 PM, your admission of $10 will be refunded. I can understand how it would not be too PC to take an extended lunch especially with a new job, but that is a way to get free admission for the food only. There are other money saving tips in the article. I remember reading somewhere else that the shuttle bus from Cary Town Center costs $5 for a round trip ticket and the buses run every thirty minutes until midnight. Can't remember when they start running. If you go, enjoy, but there are not enough bathroom facilities for women, who take longer than men, so I do not recommend bringing a female.
  5. Thanks for the Crepes

    Chiles Rellenos, Tex-Mex style

    I also like stuffed chilis with Anaheims or Hatch, but they are hard to find in this area. Hatch are seasonal, but findable during the season, and Anaheims used to readily available at Food Lion, but not in several years. I just don't like the flavor of Poblanos. They do afford more stuffing capacity per single pepper, but that still can't make me like them. Don't confuse Cubano peppers with Anaheim, as I have done before. If you are looking for that flavor profile and get Cubanos instead, you will be disappointed. If and when I find my target peppers, I stuff them with ground beef mixed with sauteed onion and a little garlic. Bake at high temp and cover with cheese in the last few minutes of baking, after reducing temp so as not to toughen the cheese. I took this technique from a favorite Mexican restaurant whose quality has severely fallen in recent years, so I haven't visited. They always used Anaheims, but I've made this dish with Hatches and that rocks too.
  6. Thanks for the Crepes

    Food recalls

    Here's another food recall from a producer in my state. It has also been shipped to California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts and Michigan.
  7. Thanks for the Crepes

    Waffle Varieties

    Or not?
  8. Thanks for the Crepes

    Fair Fare

    I didn't realize you'd been in this area that long! If you go to the fair be prepared for parking problems that are so bad that they actually have a bus shuttle service from a mall here in Cary near my home that is less of a hassle than trying to park at the fair. I used to go when I was younger. The last time I went was with my late brother. He actually managed to wedge his Tahoe into a space near Gate 1. I never could figure his luck, but it finally ran out. It's crowded and very expensive for everything, and this State Fair does not seem to offer any free displays of consequence like the one at the Memphis State Fair. You have to pay a lot for the NC State Fair, including admission. If you like crowds and standing in lines for very expensive stuff, I highly recommend it. Oh and if you bring a girlfriend, she could stand in line to pee for an hour. They can keep this very poorly served up piece of entertainment, as far as I am concerned, and it only gets worse and more expensive each year, from what I hear. Student admissions are $6 this year and seniors are $8, I'd guess adult admission is at least $10. A day pass for rides is $38 and that is before you touch any of the overpriced food in the overcrowded venue. I can actually be happy in the farm displays, watching the dairy cows being milked, or the goat barn, the chicken barn or the rabbits. They were free last time I went, but since the fair has been so severely monetized, I cannot speak to that now. They also used to have displays where cooks would put their best pies, preserves, cakes, breads and so on up for judgement, and that was all free after admission too. As a farm girl, all the free stuff was interesting to me, but I'm not even sure that's even available anymore, and I am quite certain that the character of the State Fair has changed from the last time it interested me. It is just a money grab now.
  9. Thanks for the Crepes

    Waffle Varieties

    Yes! This chain, Dame's Chicken and Waffles, seems extremely successful around here. As a fellow G.R.I.T.S. (Girl Raised In The South), I'm left scratching my head as well. It's a popular trend, but seems to have been dreamed up by hipsters, as far as I can tell. Some of the more upscale restaurants are offering chicken and waffles too one tiny piece of chicken for $18? This image, menu and pricing are from Dean's in Cary. Scroll down a little to Entrees.I do not get this at all. But yeah, you cannot go wrong with fruit compotes or fresh fruits with whipped cream for toppings. Also pecan waffles are really good too. You might also try to offer several different syrups, like the IHOP (International House of Pancakes) chain around here. I'm old enough to remember when IHOP used to serve boysenberry syrup in Southern California and they all used to be served warm. Now you are lucky if the bacon grease has not congealed on the plate when they serve your breakfast. They used to heat the heavy china plates they still serve on, but now don't bother, at least at my local chain, so these plates serve as a heat sink to instantly sap the heat out of the breakfast you are paying good money for. Consider pre-heating your serving dishes. It will make a real difference and heat the syrup and have real butter at room temp.
  10. Thanks for the Crepes

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    This beverage seems to be carbonated. It sounds perfectly delicious and wonderful. How do you achieve that?
  11. Thanks for the Crepes

    Cooking while Primitive Camping

    Your food looks great! Yum. Heavy duty aluminum foil is your friend when cooking in a campfire. I used to use two layers of it on HUGE whole russet potatoes while cooking them directly in the coals. It worked great, but you have to just chill out for over an hour, carefully turning them with tongs until they are done. Beer helps with the chilling out, but remember that NC state parks are supposed to be alcohol free. He He. Keeping your cooler locked in the trunk of your car and pouring your beverages into plastic cups while keeping any noise level down keeps the fun police away. That should be easy if you are my yourself, but harder if you have a bunch of people on your campsite. Also. Pro tip, drop empty beer cans back into the cooler rather than into the campsite garbage receptacles. These fun police are serious! I have it on good authority that they party like mad on the confiscated alcohol they steal from campers. They usually do not arrest anyone after stealing your stuff, but that can happen if you mouth off or otherwise resist.
  12. Thanks for the Crepes

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Wow, Jo! It looks so very tasty!
  13. Thanks for the Crepes

    Tom Petty and Maxwell House Coffee

    That might be this one. And I also remember this older one as well from when I was just a kid. There is also this montage that I don't remember any of them, because I might have been to young. I also found this out. It's a shame Maxwell House has fallen so far. It used to be really great.
  14. Thanks for the Crepes

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Yesterday I made a veggie lasagna with three cheeses (parm, cottage and mozz). It had Trader Joe's canned plum tomatoes, onion, garlic, mushrooms, grated carrot and frozen spinach. I cooked in the CSO in an old Pyrex 9x9" casserole dish I've had for years. It's the deepest pan I have that fits in the CSO and for me lasagna needs plenty of layers. It is very good and provided me with six portions, four of which are now in the freezer after I ate another portion for dinner tonight. I usually make spinach lasagna with bechamel and will do that from now on. Although the spinach was only thawed before assembly, the acid in the tomatoes turned it an unappealing color I don't like. It tastes great, but lesson learned. Also I have to mention another victory for me. I washed, peeled and chopped veggies, prepared the sauce, cooked the pasta and assembled the lasagna in one go one my feet. I was tired afterwards and appreciated sitting down while it baked, but I did it!
  15. Thanks for the Crepes

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Yesterday, Sunday, my nephew and his wife came to pick me up to go visit my husband in the nursing home in Raleigh. We picked up Little Caesar's pizzas on the way and had to wait a few minutes for them to be cooked. They were so hot that I had to place my backpack on my lap between the corrugated boxes and my lap after initially trying to carry them with no barrier. Hot pizza is a good thing to me, but it was trying to burn me. So we got to the nursing home and I got to see my husband again after months of not seeing him. He's the same, but seems to be in good spirits and was delighted to meet our grand niece. One of the residents that I know from there from my stay and from visiting with my husband, and from my brother taking the time and effort to pick her, my husband and one other nursing home resident over to his house for a party, was smitten with the baby. She is in her very late 80's and had the first episode of forgetting where she was or how she got there that I have witnessed. She suddenly didn't recognize me, but when I walked up to her and spoke, she immediately did. I think she is almost blind, but thanks to a hearing aid, she can still hear. That calmed her down. SIL brought the baby over to her, and that further calmed and engaged her, and she was fine after that. Several other of the residents and staff there were also delighted by my niece. It was so good to see my husband again, and how good is my nephew to take time to do this for us old farts? He is the best! I went and coaxed some paper towels out of the bathroom paper towel dispenser, one of those motion sensors, but it works only if you actually smack it, for plates and napkins. He he, I found this out in an episode of frustration while a "guest" (prisoner) there. The pizza was still hot and I ate three slices, the only thing I ate that day. Quite acceptable. They were both pepperoni after a sausage and a pepperoni one was suggested. I hate the rabbit pellet sausage they have at Little Ceasar's so suggested a mushroom one, but that was nixed and we ended up with two pepperoni pizzas. It worked. Ex SIL met us there on her way to the airport to fly back up to NH. She also brought a DVD of Stephen King's "The Stand, Golden Years and The Langoliers" that I had loaned to my nephew the last time he was here and book he intended to give me, also by Stephen King, "Eyes of the Dragon". This was a really good experience for me who spends so much time alone, and also for my husband who endures the endless boredom of the nursing home where there is nothing to do 24/7. My husband actually called me today on Monday. It's been months since he called me, so this lunch was a very good thing.