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  1. Camping, Princess Style

    I don't care for navel oranges much myself, but have never had the pleasure of fresh harvest off a backyard tree. I have enjoyed California apricots off a tree though, and can attest that the supermarket shipped ones are a pale, pale ghost of that wondrous flavor and aroma. I was lucky enough to acquire a few cara caras and a blood orange along with some pink grapefruit, but haven't sampled any yet. I have to shop when I can few and far between so I'm eating the strawberries and cantaloupe that are more perishable. I'm looking forward to the citrus, which I like. We had a lemon tree in CA, but no orange or others. Probably a good thing, because I really like citrus, and would hate to just not eat it anymore like I don't apricots after being spoiled by the backyard tree. Well I do eat canned, which are hard to even find, but still a substitute for the full flavor and fragrance of heavenly tree ripened ones. You are so lucky, Nancy, to be in the fruitful place you are. I'm so enjoying it when you share your experiences with us here!
  2. I made a streuselkuchen the other day, the baking powder leavened, quick kind, which I have made successfully many times before. This time I messed up after seeing images of these with red stuff, that I now conclude was probably fresh raspberries. They looked so good! Fresh out of raspberries, I decided to dollop and spread some sour cherry preserves. Well even after reducing the sugar in the cake part and topping by half, like I usually do successfully, the preserves sunk through the batter to the bottom and made the whole thing too sweet and gloppy for my taste. That did not stop me from eating half of it before I froze the rest for later after a few days. I won't do that again though. Why is it that when most people get their hands on a nice tart ingredient, they feel the need to over sugar the hell out of it to kill that tartness? Montmorency dried cherries? always over sugared for me. Thank God for cranberries, which I can get unadulterated in the fall and freeze. To me they are a heavenly addition to a lightly sweet coffee cake or muffin especially with some orange zest in the mix. I should have gone that way and will next time I get a streuselkuchen itch.
  3. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Thanks for letting me know. When I made the link, I noticed that the webpage had been totally overhauled, but failed to check the menu link. I'll just take out the link since it's pointless. But yeah, unspeakable acts done to once lovely ingredients except for the chicken wings. Even the expensive vegetable stir fry is overcooked and shrouded in a flavorless, unnaturally brown, gloppy, cornstarch thickened sauce. I'm glad you weren't with me when these atrocities happened. Oh my God! I can make a killer pepper steak, which is popular here, but I would not doubt unknown in China. I like a lot of onions with the peppers, some celery and a bit of tomato added at the end. My husband ordered this dish one time and one time only. I tasted it, and then the raccoons got the lions share. Their rendition was HORRIBLE. Still, I persist in liking the chicken wings cooked to order.
  4. Orange slice/spearmint leaves recipe?

    I will never make any of these candies, but found some Brach's orange slices a while back that remind me of my childhood. I am down to the last hoarded slice. They taste like they have natural flavoring, unlike many candies today. Sooo good. I remember walking into the grocery store with my mom as a small child and being confronted almost immediately by the Brach's bulk bin where we would be allowed to get orange slices and nougat sold by the pound. They had many other varieties, but these were my favorites, and I don't remember the other ones.
  5. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Me too! I actually love it when I have to wait a while for freshly cooked food, especially something like fried chix or french fries. There's a little mom and pop's BBQ place that's the only place in town I know that does fried chicken to order. The Chinese takeout joint has horrible "Chinese" food, but marinates, then par fries and freezes chicken wings and completes the frying to order along with fried to order frozen french fries. Bonus: they're also cheaper than any of the wings places around here. It's just about the only thing that's safe to eat there. I still like their "crab" rangoon, but have been burned so many times on the Chinese menu, I'm too scared to experiment anymore. Even their eggrolls have deteriorated to the point I won't try it again, and I LOVE a good eggroll. I managed to get some hot french fries from Wendy's today, and that was the high point of my very stressful day visiting my brother in the hospital. Wendy's fries are really good, and I think the medium size I ordered is larger than McDonald's large size. The chocolate Frosty was good and so thick I couldn't get it through a straw at first. The burger was fine, but could definitely have been hotter. Still better than McD's all day long. I miss having access to a Popeye's. They are my favorite fast food fried chicken place and when they were in our area years ago, good sides too. Does anyone know if they still offer fried okra? I loved getting that and corn on the cob with my order of spicy fried chicken. Edit: take out messed up link to "Chinese" joint.
  6. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Heidi, I've always heard that the "beard" is a natural part of the mussel and should not be cleaned off until immediately prior to cooking in order to maintain the best quality. Is this incorrect? I love the green lip mussels. I can only find them frozen here, at the little fish monger, but they are really good. Come to think of it, they are beard free, but they're no longer alive and have been preserved by freezing.
  7. Refrigerator Magnets

    I don't go out of my way to collect fridge magnets. The only one I have on the fridges now that I bought is the cutest bunny with a carrot and a thermometer that actually works pretty well to second guess the one on the HVAC thermostat. It was a dollar at Dollar General. There is also a cute kitten in a Santa hat that came on a Christmas present. Other than that, it's the emergency power outage number. Since I figured out our neighborhood is literally last on the priority list for restoration in the entire state, I get out my flashlight and call to get on the list to get a crew dispatched as soon as the lights go out. The recycling schedule is held up by that magnet. Then it's photos held up by the free AmEx magnets they send trying to get you to buy their credit card and other free magnets holding up postcards my nieces and nephew sent me or some such. It's quite cluttery, but I took SnickMouse's photo down to preserve for posterity after he passed, and now I can't remember what I did with it, so clutter is kind of good for me. At least I can find it when I want it. For some unknown reason all the clutter is on the sides of the fridges and the fronts are unadorned by any clutter at all. Feels like home to me though.
  8. Oh definitely at the end of cooking. The only further cooking to that egg drop soup is a quick swirl in of the egg mixture. Long cooking will destroy the flavor of both the garlic and ginger. And you can decide whether you want to leave the garlic and ginger or remove, but in my recipe it called for smashed cloves and slices of ginger. The 15 minute simmer is plenty to extract good flavor into the broth, and at least to this Westerner, garlic and ginger flavor says Asian to me.
  9. I can help with the garlic and ginger flavor disappearing over your two hour cook from a similar mistake I made making egg drop soup years ago. "Joy of Cooking" tells you to simmer the garlic and ginger for 15 minutes in the chix stock and then remove said garlic and ginger. This works well for extracting the maximum flavor. My thinking I had a better idea and simmering the garlic and ginger for closer to an hour was enough to almost completely destroy both flavor components. So ... longer is not always better.
  10. Airline Food-The good, the bad and the ugly

    What was the blueberry thing? And were the edamame really as decrepit as they appear in the photo?
  11. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Last night was sister-made lasagna, yeast rolls and Caesar salad at her home. My brother's son and his wife, brother's daughter and two of my nieces who are my sister's daughters were there as well. The house was full of critters too. A most enjoyable night with cats to pet, lots to catch up on with the relatives and a great dinner. I almost started crying when after I had to go to the bathroom, which is up one stair from the kitchen and dining room on a split level, I was relegated to the living room to eat, and I thought everyone else was going to eat in the dining room. In just a minute though, everyone else started migrating to the living room and my sister shared a seat at a computer desk with me. Yah! It was so good to see everyone and enjoy time with them and good eats. Really pulled up my mood. Tonight I made oven BBQ chicken in the CSO. Sometimes I just crave Kraft original BBQ sauce, and it hit the spot. Romaine and tomato salad with vinaigrette, Mahatma yellow rice from a mix and store bought Pane di Casa from the freezer spread with butter rounded out the meal. I have all kinds of fresh fruits and veggies and other comestibles and necessaries after my sweet nephew took me grocery shopping today. That is no small task with my wheelchair and the stairs getting out of the house. He is my hero.
  12. eG Cook-Off 76: Consider the Schnitzel

    It's actually quite a legitimate dish and is called milanesa. Yours looks delicious.
  13. Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    I get the "Fearless Flyer" and look forward to it. My favorite one was from several years ago where the issue highlighted the bargain/high value items they carried. The only one I can remember now is the imported pasta, but there were many items that were cheaper and better quality than what I could buy at local grocery stores. This is the flyer that caught my attention and got me going into the store regularly. I'm not a fan of the seasonal only items or the disappearance of long-time favorites from the shelves either. I don't mind some new offerings occasionally, but TJ's takes it too far for me.
  14. Members' ideas for ready to eat meals

    Many empanadas are made with wheat flour for the crust.
  15. Members' ideas for ready to eat meals

    Sounds good to me, but what you describe would be called an empanada. There are many good recipes for these, both savory and sweet.