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Breakfast 2022


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1 hour ago, Paul Bacino said:

The 3egg omlet/ Montechevre/preverbial  truffle ( thank the lord I'm done with those things  :)





LOL "Two people and a truffle" doesn't inspire quite the same degree of sympathy as "two people and a ham." :P

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“Who loves a garden, loves a greenhouse too.” - William Cowper, The Task, Book Three


"Not knowing the scope of your own ignorance is part of the human condition...The first rule of the Dunning-Kruger club is you don’t know you’re a member of the Dunning-Kruger club.” - psychologist David Dunning


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1 hour ago, liuzhou said:

Garlicky mushrooms (white button and shiitake) on toast.






Oneof my favourite food memories when visiting Ireland (and there are not many - sorry) was mushrooms on toast. Thanks for or the memory.

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@blue_dolphin – I love the idea of using focaccia as the bread for an egg sandwich!  Other than a croissant, I never think about using anything but sliced bread for that! 


@kayb – you just can’t beat piggies in a blanket!  I had an addicting version of this at @racheld and @caroled’s.  You roll the piggies, put them in a casserole and pour a mixture of honey, butter, and brown sugar around them before baking.  I have a niece who requests these and then  tries to take it to another room when I make them😁


Yesterday was sausage gravy and biscuits (frozen) with scrambled eggs:



This morning was (over)toasted croissant, ham, and egg w/ pears.  The croissant “wings” got a little toasty, but they weren’t quite as burnt as they look:


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9 hours ago, BeeZee said:

@chefmd, that seaweed looks appealing, is it found in the refrigerated area near Kimchi?

Yes, near kimchi, miso, bubbies pickles.  It has no sugar or coloring added.  The taste is slightly sour, not too salty, very umami rich.

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Today's breakfast is courtesy of a link that @Kim Shook shared over in the TJ's topic that included the idea of using their Taiwanese green onion pancakes as taco shells, filled with scrambled eggs for breakfast.


First, I warmed up some leftover Szechuan green beans.  Scrambled the eggs in the pan with the beans before piling it all on a crisped up green onion pancake.

I suspect this breakfast will keep me going til dinner.  

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Practicing waffle making using a 1908 Griswold that has been in the family for generations.  I'm pretty sure it was not used after the 1930's when they got electricity at the old home place. Thanks goodness for an IR thermometer to monitor the heat.  




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