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  1. chefmd

    Lunch 2019

    Sockeye salmon with roasted potatoes and salsa verde
  2. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    At DH request filet mignon with sauce at poivre.
  3. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    Roasted chicken with pan roasted carrots.
  4. Went to H mart in Merrifield to replenish our kimchi supply. Saw these mushrooms. Does anyone know what meat flavor means? And lobsters were on sale 7.99 a pound. There is some glare from the glass but these crustaceans were huge!
  5. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    Meat and potatoes. Saturday indulgence. With red wine. Naturally.
  6. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    I wish I had a better acces to trocken Riesling, let alone a sparkling variety ;). Not “I need to mail order it” but rather just getting it from the neighborhood store. Cheers!
  7. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    Roasted chicken reheated in CSO with zucchini and morels.
  8. My cousin and I are in Richmond for a quick visit. We were impressed by Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. And Edgar Allan Poe Museum is very interesting. But I travel to eat ;). Lunch at Sabai. https://www.sabairva.com/. Green papaya salad, pork belly, dry beef were outstanding. Calamari were not my favorite but my cousin loved it. Entirely too much food. Entirely consumed.
  9. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    I did not use any condiments, blue cheese was enough for me. Brought those for DH. My son loves everything. Sadly, he is not visiting this weekend, he and his wife live in NJ. May be I should visit them and @JoNorvelleWalker
  10. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    Perfect weather for grilling. Hamburgers (with blue cheese for me), tomatoes, onions, pickles.
  11. chefmd

    Tasting Japan

    Ditto. Although I only went once last November. Still searching for that holy grail of sushi in the US.
  12. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    Roasted chicken with pan fried baby zucchini. Zucchini were so small that they only needed to be cooked on one side.
  13. chefmd

    Mother's Day

    It is how I feel after losing my Father last year: an orphan. Which is a strange feeling for a grown up. My mother died a while ago. Today I went to a meditation where the topic was Mother's Love. We all said our mothers's names out loud at the end. I also said my Grandmother's name, she practically raised me. Not cooking or doing anything special, still not on board with various Hallmark Holidays after living in US for 25 years. So I am not "proper" either :). Or I can call my roasted chicken and cute baby zucchini dinner "Mother's Day dinner".
  14. Yes, screwing up other people's dinner is a big issue. Another issue is feeling very guilty about wasted food. And feeling guilty about complaining about other people's creation. I think I would feel better for the rest of the day today if I ate cold soup in the first place. Two other times I sent food back was: bleeding roasted chicken (it was served whole and carved table side), they simply cooked pieces a little longer and brought it back. There was also an incident of risotto so badly over cooked at Fort Lauderdale Ritz Carlton that it was impossible to eat. I generally do not like most restaurants risotto preparation (it is usually overcooked) but ate it on all other occasions. After Ritz Carlton fiasco, DH has implemented "no ordering risotto unless we are in a very good Italian restaurant that specializes in risotto" rule.
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