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  1. Famous rapa nui ice cream shop is crowded at night. Will try it again during the day tomorrow
  2. It helps to remember that M stands for mujer when using the bathroom:)
  3. Dinner. Baby kale, baby Swiss chard, scallions, dill, celery, beets salad. Left over bits of protein with sautéed kale, chard, beets greens. Rutini Malbec @BonVivant recommendation. Cookware is of course non stick, just like any other rental place where I stayed. I do not want to use my new Darto pan until I get home and season it properly.
  4. Dinner tonight was in our apartment in the Poetry building. Building has a garden on top floor where guests are invited to pick whatever veggies are in season. I forgot to take the photo of the garden before it got dark but here is my bounty. Kale, Swiss chard, celery leaves, scallions, beets (only beet tops made the photo).
  5. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    I can eat any savory food for breakfast! Your steak looks properly cooked and rested.
  6. Went to Darto store today. Prices in Peso are much lower than in dollars. 27 inch skillet will be coming home with me.
  7. Lunch at Casa Cavia. Food was delicious. And bread was really good too, Octopus with hummus and quinoa mushroom salad to start. Pork belly and steak for mains. Everything was delicious. Lots of locals eating there.
  8. Thank you @BonVivant, I will save this picture of the steak. I am am with you on savory foods preference. Especially for breakfast!
  9. Food art. At least I think that bovine statue is food art
  10. Large botanical gardens in Palermo, right in the middle of the city. Unknown to me fruit tree, Yerba mate caught my eye.
  11. Lovely breakfast at the bakery. Ham and cheese croissant and ham and cheese sandwich. Lovely crispy baguette and buttery flaky croissant.
  12. Ice cream for dinner. I am an adult and can do it! And you can park your dog at the entrance. Goat cheese dulce de leche and passion fruit for me, coconut and pistachio for DH.
  13. I was following this advice from Eater: You might want to ignore your Spanish dictionary when figuring out meat temperatures because the translations won’t help you in Argentina. Surprisingly, the majority of local palates prefer well-done meat, so if you like your steak rare, ask for it bien jugoso, or vuelta y vuelta for blue. If you tend to order steak medium or medium-rare, request it jugoso. Apunto steaks are usually medium-well, while saying “cocido” will get you a dry, burnt piece of sadness. And tourist traps create fun stories! A bottle of Malbec made life better.
  14. We had sweet breads, assorted sausages, rib eye. I ordered rib eye bien jugoso, supposedly rare. It was medium at best and not rested. Food was rather average. Walked right into tourist trap!