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  1. caroled


    I'm in Indiana and our closest is app. 3 miles as well. It is my primary shopping outlet.
  2. Dayum Kim!!! I'm impressed and jealous of all those who get the chance to take home some of these goodies!
  3. caroled

    The Air Fryer topic

    I just had a similar conversation with @Kim Shook the other night about having no room for new kitchen toys.
  4. caroled

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    @blue_dolphin, Have you thought about redistributing the filling on the H&C square? it's been my experience that when any ham product has been frozen, they release a good bit of the water that was added during the hams production. The extra surface coverage might allow for more of the moisture to bake off rather than collect underneath the filling and allow for a more even bake of the pastry.
  5. You are correct... that is why I only said they "look" like. 😋 I almost explained a MP, but even though they are a graham cracker like layer, they never tasted like a graham cracker to me, so I just went for the resemblance as far as the lovely even layers.
  6. @Kerry Beal, they're like standing on the shore of a distant planet, looking across their ocean , staring out into space.
  7. It looks like a southern treat we know as a Moon Pie.
  8. Are they crispy enough to crunch shell and all? My family looks a me askance when I eat the ends ( swimmerets ) whenever I happen to have fried shrimp if we are dining out. I only like them if they are really crispy.
  9. caroled

    Unexpected Food Gifts

    It's looks like some of the chocolates on one of the other thread of the cosmos. What color will it be when ripe?
  10. Chris stopped by a farm stand and the lady tried to give him 2 plastic grocery bags of beans that had bean sitting all day. He wanted to pay her something so she finally accepted .75c. After stringing and snapping, we had 3 gallons of beans. Yesterday I cooked a big pot like this, minus the ham and potatoes,, but with a nice chunk of ham jelly. Cooked for app. 2 hours. They do get the khaki green color, but these held their shape nicely. Chris said they were the best he's had in an age.
  11. So what's been raised with the intent of becoming soybean oil and soy meal is not edible in it's green, undried state? I never knew.
  12. I grew up in the MS Delta. Abutting our acre on one side was a field of soybeans (the other 3 were cotton). If we'd known how delicious these were then, we'd have been our stripping those plants on a daily basis!
  13. Anytime I can be of assistance 😁
  14. @Anna N, Have you pulled your 48 hour shank yet? it's time!