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  1. Egg salad with olive has long been one of our favorites, and pimento cheese is a mainstay all year long, but especially during the holidays. I love being able to pull it out of fridge at a moments notice if guests should drop by. That refreshments table looks fantastic, and I eagerly await the out come of your endeavors !
  2. Christmas Cookies Redux

    Shelby, those are some of the best looking molasses cookies i've ever seen! You do have my correct mailing address right?
  3. Somebody loves you!!!
  4. I am so jealous of this...Pont-L'Eveque...oh my!
  5. Haven't used one of these but their other products I have had occasion to use have been very good.
  6. Worst Halloween candy

    I cant say that I remember what they taste like or if I ever even tried one... I think I just disliked them on principle.
  7. Fair Fare

    Me too! the gyros were my most eagerly awaited item. My second favorite was a corn dog. The mustard was in a bucket with a paint brush and you could slather it all over and it would absorb into that hot crispy crust! (And Liberty Land was there all season, not just at fair time.) None of us had ever conceived of all the deep fried sweets available today.
  8. Meeting-friendly snacks to bake

    I'm kinda guessing the recipients are not going to care how well it slices, only how fast they can get it in their mouth with as few crumbs lost as possible
  9. Homemade Broth/Stock lasts how long?

    We do this same thing, except we asked our local favorite Chinese place would they sell us some of their containers...they did... they ordered an entire case for us, pint size 250 lids, 250 containers... all for around $34.00.
  10. Aldi

    DDF, The Aldi's near me, maybe 2 1/2 miles away, has been undergoing a remodel. Last time I went was maybe 5-6 weeks ago. Plans are to go tomorrow...hopefully they will be close to, or completely finished. I'm out of so much stuff!
  11. Chocdoc Does Dallas

    In your tummy!!!
  12. Gift them to her for Christmas!
  13. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    How indeed!
  14. you will enjoy the okra!
  15. TftC. I am with you now. A friend had the ones in a chip bag that look like sugar snap peas. but are an extruded crisp. I now see the ones you are referring to are actual vegetables. I have not had the green beans, but have had the okra. I really like this... It is like my favorite fried okra...cooked so crispy it is practically brown thru to the center. I am not averse to eating nearly burnt okra... mmmmm!