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  1. Anytime I can be of assistance 😁
  2. @Anna N, Have you pulled your 48 hour shank yet? it's time!
  3. I did mussels and prawns ( 3#/ 1#) last Sunday night with lots of garlic, butter and white wine. For only 2 of us. With salad and bread. We finished them all! oink oink!
  4. I just got to read this, start to finish. Thank you for letting me tag along. Quite the adventure.
  5. caroled

    Butter Tarts

    @kayb, a Southern girl after my own heart!
  6. @pjm333, that is a serious load of macarons. Are those cabinets in a freezer? or do ya'll sell thru that many in a couple days time? And as always, you know I love your chocolate dessert work!
  7. caroled

    Meeting-friendly snacks to bake

    Those look fantastic!
  8. caroled

    Butter Tarts

    I did notice that and all the recipes I've seen don't seem to call for all that much butter. For so little needed, it looks like you'd go for the real stuff. Said by the person that is forever looking up and collecting recipes for them and still never getting round to making them.
  9. caroled

    Butter Tarts

    @Lisa Shock, 'bout 3 seconds!!
  10. caroled

    McDonald's 2013–

    So @Duvel, what did you think? Bun is pretty much as depicted, and I see the sausage, but the chicken is hiding itself. The wedge fries in the photo do look good.
  11. I see a number of poles with hoses attached at the bottom... some sort of improvised rain head spray system?
  12. @pjm333, oh my...one of the most beautiful renditions of probably one of my favorite desserts ever.
  13. I love the name of the one you had...