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  1. This year we, all 3 of us, seemed to get food related items. Dad received 5 lbs. Claxton fruitcake, pistachios, Dove truffles, dehydrated mini marshmallows for his cocoa, and girl scout cookies knockoffs from Aldi, Hot Cocoa mixes from William Sonoma, along with BBQ spice rub. . Mama got Lindt truffles, kitchen towels, a pink tablecloth, silicone utensils, storage containers and Italian rainbow cookies. I received several silicone utensils, a pepper grinder, and a big box of variety Jelly Belly beans. On the other end, I gave various sweets, Chex Mix, nuts, fudge, granola, and pints of spaghetti sauce, freezer ready, for my 93 year old neighbor, to save her some cooking.
  2. Today I made the desserts for tomorrow, our US Thanksgiving. I have for the last 4 years made a batch of my grandmother's Banana bread, it makes 3 loaves, and one happily went away with the young man who helps out with tasks too arduous for us to handle. I also made a hot fudge pie, and my first ever attempt at butter tarts. OMG!!! they are one of the best little bites I have ever had. Rounding out the table will be a purchased pumpkin roll. Gussied up with fresh whipped cream of course. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
  3. I wish I could answer your question...I grew up in the Southern rural US and had a few occasions to enter places where chitlins were being boiled. My mom couldn't abide the smell of them so they weren't ever cooked at our house, nor did she ever encourage me to eat them. I have no problem eating an intestine for what it is, bit I can't get past the smell enough to want to try them. After having eaten squirrel brains as a child, and enjoying them at the time, I have no desire to eat them as an adult. Edited to add; now after looking andouilette up, and seeing what they are and how they are made, I feel assured I can add them to my list of things to not eat. Apparently the further down the intestinal tract you go, and the larger it is, the more likely the colon has been used culminating in a stronger odor and flavor.
  4. @JeanneCake, I'm sure yours were beautiful. Please remember however, that the photo you were going by is straight off the site of the lady who originated the cake pop, a lady who has made her fortune coming up with all these cute, fussy little designs for any and all holidays and occasions. I'd also venture a guess that when she is making them, it's as a small batch, 2 dz or less, not hundreds. I'd say as long as the customer was pleased, and you were able to charge what they were worth in terms of ingredients, time and effort, then pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Now, any chance we can see how they turned out?
  5. Looks like Kerry had all the chips/crisps. Bonus points for Anna's fine china😋
  6. caroled

    Burger King

    I got a spare kidney!
  7. caroled

    Burger King

    We love you @Kim Shook
  8. At the end of the season can you let a plant go to seed and harvest them? Ours do it every year, but I've never reused the seeds to see if they are viable.
  9. caroled

    Dinner 2019

    If you really mean to be redneck, you need to open up a can or 2 of Vienna Sausages.
  10. Thank you. The ones to which I referred are typically less than a foot and the pea inside is about 1/3 less the size of yours. When fully grown and ready for harvest, the hull of the peas get husky and can be used for livestock feed, but while still small and tender are snapped into smaller bite sized pieces and cooked along with the peas ( simmered or boiled with a bit of bacon or smoked pork.) ...peas with snaps. Your stir fried ones look very tasty. That appeals to me very much.
  11. They look similar to what we in the South (US) grew up with as purple hull peas. What length will these grow to, and do they have a distinct pea inside? I'd be interested in seeing one if they do.
  12. I ordered some from earlier this week. From Amazon I got the DK Harvest ( Dien Khanh)brand ,I had ordered the Tellicherry, but was sent the Vietnamese black. The peppercorns are tiny, but have a wonderful peppery taste and fragrant aroma...nice and fresh, air tight sealed bag. Only $8.90 for a 16oz. Would definitely order from them again.
  13. Unless you plan on renting a car, have the beer!
  14. Typically it is greener, but with everyone and their cousin making and posting a version of it on Pinterest, it seems to be morphing into a glorified ranch dressing. Epicurious has a buttermilk version that is much like I make and remember from my childhood, but they also have one that uses a large quantity of watercress and is full on pea puree green.
  15. That cheese looks like someone was trying to warm it in their hands before presentation!, the other components look pretty tasty. I've been craving Green Goddess dressing for a while now. Must get the stuff to make some.
  16. caroled


    For those of you who do frequent Aldi , I went to my local one today, and the butter , both salted and unsalted, was one sale for $1.47 lb. Didn't need heavy cream so I didn't pay attention to the price. Now having said that I don't know if the prices are by the store, regional, or nation wide, but just an FYI for those who bake and might be interested.
  17. Kintsugi...this plate would be a stunning repair.
  18. Couldn't find horrified...will one of these do?🤢🤮 I love corn 🌽
  19. I've also seen it made with the addition of a bit of lemon juice to balance the sweetness. I love this stuff and stay away from it as much as possible.😁
  20. In the largest photo, I can totally see the yolk and "white" parts of the century egg, but what pray tell is the large plum colored item on the upper right that looks like an acrylic nail?
  21. After I had posted, I realized, if it had been double sided, you'd have flipped it up to show both fabrics. I hope if she's still out there reading this she knows how much she is missed.
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