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Breakfast 2022


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59 minutes ago, blue_dolphin said:

Breakfast today will be a selection from this gift from my cousin:


Hmmmm....where to start.....?

Start with good strong black coffee. Have fun!

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3 minutes ago, blue_dolphin said:

I had 2 of these. 

Do hope you were wearing a bib!  I could make short work of one of those about now 🙂

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Anna Nielsen aka "Anna N"

...I just let people know about something I made for supper that they might enjoy, too. That's all it is. (Nigel Slater)

"Cooking is about doing the best with what you have . . . and succeeding." John Thorne

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On 7/1/2022 at 1:57 PM, rotuts said:

@Kim Shook  


WoW !


thank you for trieing it !


in my area


it't the best as it suits me!


they also have scrapple


when I see it in my MarketBasket freezer


I get a few.


Scapple is a separate 


and quite a different tasty matter.




I finally found Jones sausage at a new Wegman's.  You are right , far tastier than Jimmy Dean et al.

Less fatty, a bit more salty perhaps.

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25 minutes ago, billyhill said:

Made chorizo and egg for breakfast. First thing I have cooked since surgery. I am doing much better than expected. 

Good on recovey., Talking Mexian or Spanish and source? I am more of a longaniza girl.

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8 minutes ago, billyhill said:

Mexican (homemade). Santa brought me a real grinder and sausage stuffer, so Spanish chorizo may be on the agenda soon.


Cool. We found a diner in Ensenada that did it up dark to scop up with tortilla chips and then one back here who made it for us. Soft egg nice addition but plain always enjoyed

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@billyhill – glad to hear about the quick recovery!  I hope that by now you’re feeling even better!


@Ann_T – a turkey and dressing sandwich is one of the blessings of this life!


So long since I’ve posted and yet so few things to post.  The combination of Xmas and COVID severely impacted my cooking.  As of today, I STILL have cooky dough in the refrigerator to make sugar and gingerbread cookies out of.  Sigh. 


Before Xmas, trying to get some stuff for us to have for quick breakfasts, I dug a package of thin breakfast pork chops out of the freezer and fried them up to have handy:



Mr. Kim was the one who ended up eating most of them.  I found they didn’t suit my tender tummy, so:


Garlic bagel and ham. 


Christmas morning, we had our traditional breakfast:



Those whomp orange Danish rolls:


Usually this is in the shape of a tree.  This was only one roll though, and so apparently I usually get two rolls 😁!  We always laugh at this goofy remnant of Jessica’s childhood – but it always gets finished!  Fruit salad from our Christmas Eve dinner:



My MIL’s traditional candy cane sweet roll:






Sausage rolls:


The good ones, from John T’s recipe. 


Bagels, Trader Joe’s Lightly Smoked Salmon, and cream cheese:



My plate:



I really went off breakfast for a while, but this was one last week:



Mr. Kim was on vacation the first week in January and wanted to go to our favorite deli one morning.  He got the “Adkins special” – 3 eggs and double bacon:


SO healthy (😄).  I got the big breakfast:


But I only ate half the bagel, one sausage patty, half the grits, and one egg.  So, who’s was healthier 😳 😄?


Not a breakfast yet, but it will be.  Early in December, we got a couple of panettone to cut up and freeze for future French toast:



These had a good amount of fruit and were really tasty:





This morning:


The end of the loaf of @Shelby’s white bread and some scrambled eggs. 

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