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Dinner 2023


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6 hours ago, Duvel said:


That‘s what you find when you come back after bringing the first batch of dishes back into the house. Savages 🤭 …

You might not have found any cracklins left if I was there.


We had grilled chicken souvlaki on homemade pitas for dinner night.


Also made tzatziki sauce. With a glass of Sangria.

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Still a delivery meal, but tonight I had the energy to plate it. Certainly looks better, I'd say. 香辣四季豆肉片 (xiāng là sì jì dòu ròu piàn), spicy pork with green beans.





Another common pairing here. 'Twas very good, but I up the meat content slighty when I cook it.


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A few "fancy" dinners out this past week meant we needed some simple stuff.




Zucchini and yellow squash, cooked to shit in a lot of olive oil, then marinated in same with red pepper, red wine vinegar. Delicious.




Penne marinara, with (not my balcony) basil (a friend's).  Delicious +.


One of our dinners out recently, was at a newly opened restaurant called Cecchi's, after its owner Micheal Cecchi-Azzolina.  Michael has been a Maître D' in New York for decades, at places like The River Cafe, Raoul's and Le Coucou, when they were all the rage.  The stories he could tell could probably fill a book.  Oh wait - he's written a book about it:  


Your Table Is Ready (eG-friendly Amazon.com link)


The service was exemplary and the food quite good. It has a beautiful bar, where we hoped to sit, and did.




So we started with a coupla classics.  A Perfect Manhattan and a wet Martini (yes, gin).




Significant Eater can't go too long without a burger. Which came with superb fries.




I had the deconstructed chicken pot pie, another fine dish.  We'll be back.



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Pizza & movie night, as every Sunday 🤗


Lachsschinken*, sausage and mushrooms …




Ham, marinated olives and mushrooms …




Both well received, as was todays movie: Ice Age, part something something 😉

* cured, uncooked pork loin, thinly sliced. Comparable to Canadian bacon ?

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5 hours ago, weinoo said:

Zucchini and yellow squash, cooked to shit in a lot of olive oil, then marinated in same with red pepper, red wine vinegar. Delicious.

This sounds really good.  How long did you marinate?  In the fridge or room temp?

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Had a couple of meals worth of leftovers from Rosh Hashana dinner on Saturday, which was welcome after playing golf. Chicken breasts that had been cooked with a mixture of orange marmelade/dijon; honey/balsamic roasted carrots (very good at room temp); noodle kugel with dried apricots.

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This dinner would be just like I had as a kid if I had used yellow cheddar cheese on the pear instead off white.   You can tell we did not have guest by the absence of iceberg lettuce under the pear😊.  The beef is carved off a prime brisket (packer) that I bought at Sam's earlier in the week.  It was roasted for about 12 hours at 220.  I loosely tented it the last couple of hours.  The fond made the best mahogany colored gravy. 



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This was supposed to be lunch but I wasn't hungry 'til late enough to call it dinner.  Tandoori Swordfish Steaks from Nik Sharma's Season.


The fish gets a tandoori-style marinade with yogurt and spices but is grilled, not actually cooked in a tandoor.  It's served on a pumpkin-garlic purée and topped with a coconut oil tadka. 

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Oven roasted bone-in chicken thighs (with a spice mixture made from salt, chili powder, cayenne, paprika, garlic powder and pepper) and potatoes (briefly parboiled in baking soda water, dried, mix with rendered chicken fat). Served with Greek inspired braised vegetables (leek, carrots, onion, tomatoes and celery braised in water with cinnamon stick, bay leaf and red wine vinegar).


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Yesterday we had:

Marinated eggplant, onions ,herbs , vinaigrette 

Baked peppers, tomatoes, capers,black olives, garlic, basil

Ziti with a meat ragu, ricotta salata

ice cream 3 ways, sour cream, raspberry, peach.
















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Interesting flavor combinations - the base was a hummus made with chickpeas, hazelnuts, lime juice, olive oil, paprika, chili powder and cumin. That was served with sautéed broccolini spiced with a cajun spice mix and a sauce made by briefly cooking blueberries, acetico balsamico amd sugar in some water, puréed and added some additional blueberries. Served with macadamia nuts and watercress.


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