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How do they do that? (the bonbon thread)


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@Sweet Impact Mama, those are indeed beautiful--and quite close to the Monde du Chocolat technique.  Thanks for sharing the photos and especially the description of the technique you used.  I agree about the importance of choosing colors carefully.  I do a marbled effect with layers of colors painted with a brush (an idea from Andrey Dubovik) and have learned that sharp contrasts don't work well at all.  For instance, brushing layers of (translucent) red, then orange or yellow or even green is fine, but then airbrushing the entire mold with a light color intended to blend with the previous two colors doesn't work.

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13 hours ago, Jonathan said:

Try using a gloved finger to paint in some pastel colors (mixing in some white cocoa butter to your standard colours will do) and swirl your finger around. This isn’t the same colour scheme but you do get more of a swirled effect to it. It also looks to me like she may have used an airbrush to thin out some areas after application before backing it with white



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