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  1. Selective breeding is not artificially fattened. We'll have to disagree but thanks for your input.
  2. Like I said, free range, organic.
  3. I agree, probably a simplified process. How long would you actively poach a 5lb chicken and how long would you let it rest in liquid?
  4. No rotisserie setup. To me rotisserie is a cross between grill and roast. I spatchcock for the grill and truss for the roast. I'm leaning towards the Canton white, may experiment a little....
  5. Well, you should know. Here 's the one I read, something about the ice water firming up the skin. And another..... This says OK to cook day before.
  6. Hmmm. The recipe I just read says to cool chicken completely in a ice water bath. Is it served cold or at room temperature? Can it be made a day before?
  7. Organic, free range from the farm next door. They do about 3 kills a year and we stock up, this one's been thawing in the fridge for 2 days. About 5-6 lbs. I done spatchcocked on the grill with many different rubs/marinades/herbs, most recently with shio koji, all wonderful. I've roasted with salt at high heat in the oven ala Keller, again, a splendid meal. We've butchered into pieces and fried, stewed, sheetpanned, cacciatori'd, oven baked with fruits, eastern spices, western spices, some better than others. I have smoked chicken, seems a waste of time that would be better spent with a brisket. Anything I've missed for a summer meal?
  8. Hopefully straightforward. I wish to make a gamebird terrine for the holidays, being a hunter I have pheasant, duck and grouse in the freezer. Since game is not as popular here in the US as in the UK most of the interesting recipes I am finding through Google are coming from the UK. They all list as a primary ingredient roughly 500-600g of sausage meat or sausagemeat. Here in the US sausage meat is uncased, spiced, ground pork, such as Italian sausage or breakfast sausage. But I am thinking the Brits use the term to mean un-spiced ground pork with fat, as this is an essential ingredient for most terrines and pates. Am I correct, is UK sausage meat plain ground pork shoulder or pork with fat put through a meat grinder, unspiced? thanks, Rob
  9. Sorry, meant a 10" Springform, area 78.54, three 6" area is 84.81.
  10. I'd like to try this recipe from Saveur for Hazelnut Sbrisolona. It calls for three 6" Springform pans but I really don't feel like shelling out $35 - $45 for three 6" pans that I may only use once.. The total area of three 6" Springforms is roughly the same as one 9" Springform, other than aesthetics do you foresee any problems doing this?
  11. Making a pork belly/loin porchetta this weekend, the style where the belly is wrapped around the loin. If i brine the belly will it hinder the skin from cripsing up? tq
  12. A search turned up a thread from 2002.....more timely opinions needed. I'll be in Milwaukee one Saturday night in November, where should we go for a good meal showcasing the local foods? Will be in Madison the next night, any recommendations there?
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