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  1. I'll guess they allow seconds once everyone has gotten firsts. (It's 2am there now so might have to wait a bit for CCST to respond : ) The lamb looks great too. Depressing, it's not more widely accepted here.
  2. Pumpkin??!! This is getting gourmet! He is a trooper taking these pics. Risking some major chop busting if he gets caught I'd think 🤪
  3. At first sight I thought giant freeze dried finger tip 🔪 May I ask where in Queensland you and or the mine is? (fun to map stuff, esp half way around the globe : ) We were in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Nimbin (-a story in itself) many years ago. Lovely people and places.
  4. Yes, I can report daily on the chef's inspiration. (Especially motivated since I can't yet justify the cost of solar).
  5. I was worried on that first one with what looked like a brownie covered in over thickened packet gravy but that vindaloo and the other dishes look fine. Did they call it 'vindaloo'? If so they're much more open minded than I would've thought. Curious for more, keepum coming! Thx!
  6. I'd have to ask my SO who it was from but our last online frozen chicken came packed in dry ice for temp control. Are above purveyors not doing the same?
  7. I checked out a few of their videos and and watched in full; 'How to stir fry any veg - 3 basics' and 'Cantonese fried eggs'. Nicely produced, very easy to follow. I like them. From the About Us, the woman, from Shunde, China, executes the recipes while the American b-friend narrates and sometimes cooks. Safe to say it's pretty traditional/authentic. Of course some may have other opinions.
  8. Eatmywords

    Dinner 2021

    A few 'cooked' rolls as requested by the adventurous little one. (One of these days I'll locate some raw sushi grade but it's challenging up here. One less thing to worry about and she doesn't know) Teriyaki salmon - cuke Tempura cat fish - avo, cuke (for no other reason than she likes cats) Tempura shrimp - avo, cuke, lemon Tuna for searing - s&p, TJ's nori komi fuikake seasoning Tuna roll in action Sushi - wasabi, spicy mayo
  9. Eatmywords

    Pasta shapes

    Apparently, the most challenging thing about bucatini is finding it. https://www.grubstreet.com/2020/12/2020-bucatini-shortage-investigation.html?fbclid=IwAR3hRyUFyL8WGdezNXtIbwIkSnCnn8HupmfITiMB4pyyhhJHTmDFhNPdSXY
  10. As we are always on the lookout for odd/peculiar, my SO shared these w me earlier. Thought they'd go perfect w the spamurger. Creme brulee or machi milk tea?
  11. Now, is that a fare request? Who wants that flavor memory? I do give them props for being curious and having brave palates. I know people who won't, and will never, eat fish or salad.
  12. Eatmywords

    Dinner 2020

    It all looks great but the cheese, amazing!
  13. Eatmywords

    Dinner 2020

    Thank you! Bananas? Wow, better ripe or green?
  14. Eatmywords

    Dinner 2020

    Can you share the recipe? Thanks!
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