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  1. Do we have one? (I forgot fine poetry doesn't appeal to everyone : )
  2. Been many years since I had shad. I think it was smoked and so good. How are you making it? Makes me think..... . My friend Chad asked if I ate shad. I said no and it made him sad. I called my monger and they had. Chad was so glad I would get to eat shad. Days later he asked if it was bony. I said a tad. Still, it was totally rad.
  3. Eatmywords

    Dinner 2021

    A simple baked/steamed salmon, lemon, rose, new sage and thyme from garden, (yay, fresh herbs are back), couscous, greek salad. Can I put my guess in for 'Drunk Westerner'? @liuzhou? From the same company that brought you 'Grandma's Tease': (Past it's prime for wearing in public but a nice souvenir and reminder of our China leg : )
  4. Your probably right, Ken, expanded privately. But the result is the same. It got dumbed down to simplify and standardize execution for volume I went several times to the midtown locations and other than the name was nothing like the original.
  5. Eatmywords

    Dinner 2021

    Great info, thanks but I was referring to the papaya condiment, the relation to the name, if Mama is being teased or doing the teasing, etc.
  6. Eatmywords

    Dinner 2021

    Can we talk about the name of this?
  7. They were smart to franchise. The Bourdain visit gave them a nice little boost. I guess I was spoiled having experienced the original Golden mall location several times because the offshoots sucked.
  8. Looks like dumbed down salsa. Pickles (or plain cucumber?) replaces raw onion, peppers and cilantro? Sounds pretty boring but hey, good for them for trying. My little one loves 'sushi sc'. My version, mayo, siracha, ketchup and a dash of fish sc. Nice on sandwiches or anything battered/fried.
  9. I'll give you one hint. You used yours to post the question. (link up there)
  10. Eatmywords

    Dinner 2021

    Lentil kielbasa stew - rice, tomato, spinach, smoked paprika, red wine, etc. The smoke from the kielbasa and paprika made it very good. Nicely paired w a J Vineyards Pinot gifted from the eg wine gods.
  11. I saw plenty in Laos not Cambodia. We visited a couple chinese pharmacies. My wife was elated to learn she didn't need a script for codeine or maybe vicodin. Not sure but it was something strong. She was ready to move there....w or w out me.
  12. Yes, the wiki says invented in China. Congrats. We just didn't see it there or the other 7 Asian countries in quite the abundance as Vietnam. It was everywhere.
  13. Inspired by the Vietnamese? (Sadly, after the requisite tourist samplings can report no obvious 'stamina' boost)
  14. This is our AC HA1 non stick set my wife surprised me with (a year ago). She'd been stalking it for a while and caught it on sale for $300 (claiming she'd saved us hundreds......whata girl). I don't love the pan handle design feel and the higher vertical angles. Don't know if they're supposed to be shitty/cheap line compared to previous releases but they distribute heat nicely and have performed well under regular use. Time w tell I suppose.
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