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  1. Eatmywords

    Steven Shaw

    What greater gift could one bestow than turning strangers, from next door to around the world, into lifelong friendships? I hope you knew the magnitude of what you were responsible for and how much joy you brought directly and indirectly to others. You (and Jason) created something special and we are all indebted. Thank you and peace to those close to you.
  2. Thanks for the education and lovely pics. I know little about Mexican agriculture and products. It’s nice to learn this way. Unfortunately my wife is not a vinegar or banana fan so I probably won’t be investing in a bottle though I am curious and will look out for a sampling (though I doubt any restaurants/taqs are using it in NY, esp in this way). Going through your site the Deserted Island sampler looks like a good first timer order.
  3. You buying that? I mean I'd like to
  4. I thought it very coincidental that the judges couldn’t come up with a loser on family night eventhough it all did look pretty good. Tho I was a little peeved how much praise Isabella received for that fregin simplistic gnocchi. Btw, has it been discussed that the final credits state (at almost subliminal message speed) that challenge winners and losers are chosen by the judges in conjunction with the producers?
  5. Pacificana is in Brooklyn so I assume it's for all the boroughs? Nothing from Flushing? Thats farcical. And when I see Philippe but not Grand Szechuan I turn off completely (regardless what novices it was created for or derived from). Though I do agree with Oriental Garden.
  6. Yep and aside from the degree of creaminess/texture I have a feeling he would not have been judged so harshly had his veg been limited or plated separately. (And I too can confirm from recent travels to Northern Italy that risotto isn’t always or doesn’t have to be creamy/soupy). Hey Fabio, welcome to the Americanized Italian food paradox where you get more points for triggering memories of overly simplified bastardized Italian cuisne than producing a dish which is technically superior and more authentically Italian. Steamed mussels (a la Francais) anyone? Forgedaboutit
  7. Laureen - season 6 went home as FOH during restaurant wars So did Radhika - Season 5
  8. it's a 10min walk from the last 7 train stop.
  9. Below, the specials a poster translated a yr and half ago (I bet not much has changed). Separately the ground cumin lamb, scorched rice w/seafood, preserved beef w/white chilies and fish head should not be missed (as well 10 other dishes). Bring and army and go crazy. (Perhaps their most popular dish is the Steamed Pork w Rice Powder but it was boring and texturally weird from the rice powder being steamed. It must be a locals thing. I wouldn’t order it again). 1. Here are the current twenty specials at Hunan House: 最新推出 (Zui Xin Tui Chu) Latest Specials 1.) 湘山老媽夫子肉 (Xiang Shan Lao Ma Fu Zi Rou) $14.95 “Hunan House Old Master Fuzi Meat Dish” Steamed Pork with Rice Powder 2.) 油淋醬板鴨 (You Lin Jiang Ban Ya) $21.95 Lean Dry Duck with Soya Bean Paste 3.) 蘿蔔干白椒臘鴨 (Luo Bo Gan Bai Jiao La Ya) $17.95 White Pepper Smoked Duck with Dried Turnips 4.) 蘿蔔干白椒臘雞 (Luo Bo Gan Bai Jiao La Ji) $16.95 White Pepper Roasted Chicken with Turnips 5.) 空心根炒河蝦 (小魚干) (Kong Xin Gen Chao He Xia) $10.95 Water Spinach Roots with Baby Shrimp and Fermented Black Beans 6.) 湘水雞 (Xiang Shui Ji) $12.95 Hunan House Hunan Style Roast Chicken 7.) 香味滷豬耳 (Xiang Wei Lu Zhu Er) $12.95 Fragrant Pig Ears in Aromatic Sauce 8.) 小炒螺片 (Xiao Chai Luo Pian) $14.95 Lightly Stir Fried Pieces of Conch with Vegetables 9.) 爆炒游水魚肚 (Bao Chao You Shui Yu Du ) $14.95 Flash Fried Fish Stomach 10.) 干炸土泥鰽 (Gan Zha Tu Ni Qiu) $12.95 Dry Fried Loach 11.) 家常小炒鴨舌 (Jia Chang Xiao Chao Ya Shi) $18.95 Lightly Stir Fried Homestyle Duck Tongue 12.) 冬筍牛肉絲 (Dong Sun Niu Rou Si) $14.95 Shredded Winter Bamboo Shoots with Beef (Seasonal – only available in the spring) 13.) 小炒豬香皮 (Xiao Chao Zhu Xiang Pi) $9.95 Lightly Stir Fried Pig Skin 14.) 香辣蹄花 (Xiang La Ti Hua) $9.95 Spicy Fragrant Pig Trotters 15.) 洞庭火爆田雞 (Dong Ting Huo Bao Tian Ji) $19.95 Flash Fried Lake Dongting Frog These additional five House Specials are listed on the wall: A) 清淡大盤菜花 (Qing Dan Da Pan Hua Cai) $8.95 Large Plate of Lightly Stir Fried Cauliflower B.) 瀏陽黑豆豉牛角椒 (Liuyang Heidouchi Niujiaojiao) $8.95 Liu Yang City Green Chili Peppers in Black Bean Sauce C.) 衡州府滑豆腐 (Heng Zhou Fu Hua Dou Fu) $8.95 Hengzhou City Silken Tofu – Men Style Stewing* D.) 美極筍殼魚燜白豆腐 $28.95 (Mei Ji Sun Ke Yu Men Bai Dou Fu) Beautiful Sand Goby Fish with Tofu – Men style stewing. E.) 蒜苔炒臘肉 (Suan Tai Chao La Rou) $13.95 Stir Fried Smoked Pork with Garlic Sprouts * Hengzhou is the ancient name for Hengyang. Men or 燜 style cooking is food that is quickly blanched in a small amount of oil. Stock is then added and the dish simmers until done.
  10. Ooh, I forgot about those wood ear mushrooms. Great texture. They do them justice. I gotta get back too. Try the tea smoked duck on the back page specials next time (or anything on that list). You won’t be disappointed. Nice blog btw. Enjoyed the Convivio and Yakitori Tori Shin reports very much.
  11. Hunan House is the real deal and excellent. http://www.villagevoice.com/2009-06-17/restaurants/flushing-s-hunan-house-welcomes-you-to-mt-fish-head/#
  12. The restaurant is beautiful as well the food. The mid-week tasting menu looks incredible and at a very enticing price point. That rabbit loin and foie terrine is making me want to call Aer Lingus. While we’ve visited many European countries, Ireland and Scotland have eluded us. Including a couple visits to your place(s) will only make the trip more special when it finally happens. Hopefully w/in the next couple years. Looking frwd to checking out the new site.
  13. Nice itinerary Patrick. Congrats on making it to as many as you did. Disappointing to hear about your Aldea meal. I’ve heard such great things. What type of restaurant do you and your brother work/operate in Ireland? (Is there a website or any info you care to share?) Thx
  14. Ok, just a few more and then I’ll stop: Kin Shop Marc Forgione Nuela ABC Kitchen John Dory Vandaag Seasonal Balaboosta Millesime Colicchio & Sons Tamarind Marlow & Sons Diner Prime Meats Vanderbilt Char #4
  15. Same boat. Baby, budget, residing outside Manhattan. We are sad spectators. The upside is I’m cooking a lot and increasingly experimenting outside my comfort zone. Itching to get to (In no particular order): Tulsi Aldea Takashi Breslin Brooklyn Fare Ma Peche Corton SHO Morrini Fatty Que River Park Minetta Tavern Of course this is just scratching the surface…..
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