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  1. Coincidentally, a few days ago, I threw out visiting the US side to which my wife (who's been a few times, me never) said emphatically there's no point in going if the Canadian side isn't open. Good luck, hope you find something!
  2. Virginia looks to be about 45min away. Is that an option? There aren't many reasons that would cause me to seriously contemplate moving out of my state but this would be one.
  3. I remember a Chef's Table episode cpl years ago featuring a pastry shop in Noto - Corrado Assneza's. If you haven't seen it (Netflix On Demand), I highly rec. Whether you want or able to get there it's a beautifully shot episode that will get you super psyched for the area in general.
  4. Thx, yes, I found out about the added sugar post purchase but I don't mind. It's not overly sweet and has an enjoyable complexity. Recently tried the Ron Zacapa 23 and did detect added sugar but it was still pretty good esp if you think of it as a cordial 😁. I do want to try the Doorly's as well Appleton (also no added sugar).
  5. Does the ec really need to taste every can (from the same lot) for qc? Tough job. I always thought of him as the Robert De Niro of chefs. Calm, collected, charming but with a don't f w me presence. "This is my exec chef, he's Canadian, good with fish so they're ok"....LOL
  6. Yep, wild west out there - state to state, store to store, prices can range drastically. I picked up a George Dickel BiB for $40 in NY. A couple months later, in Myrtle Beach, I saw it behind a counter for $80. Doesn't make sense. Honestly, even if I did come into big money I'd feel silly dropping big bucks on premium stuff. My palate appreciation to cost is just not there (yet : ) Being that it's summer, I scaled back bourbon and enjoying more tequila and rum. Was recently gifted a craft bottle of mezcal - Ray Campero Jabali - distilled in clay pots and 97pr. Unlike any mezcal I've tasted. Earthy, caramel, lime, funk, velvety. Just amazing. Not cheap (~$100) or easy to find. A recent rum I'm enjoying is El Dorado 12yr. The nose has bourbon notes, like a Basil Hayden but with pronounced coffee and vanilla flavors. Also enjoying it very much as a sipper (only 80pr : ) and a nice price at under $30.
  7. Forget staff treatment (I mean we're talking kitchens and over 15yrs ago). This, "He is probably the modern equivalent of Norman Mailer or Muhammad Ali in the 1960s and ’70s,” the New York Times’s Pete Wells wrote in 2018 “. I mean c'mon.
  8. Haha, I remember those days. It was always tense in there. No smiles or laughs. The open kitchen/counter concept had to make it even more stressful for someone who wasn't quite the 'people' person.
  9. '...a series of dishes that served the American palette' aka the beginning of the apocalypse.
  10. Guessing the older chef stamped stuff was made a bit better. Mass production, cheaper materials, wasn't as easy as today. Who wouldn't want this lavender set? Plus matching spatula and slotted spoon? Damn, you pretty!
  11. Isn't the general rule the more famous the chef (or tv personality who can boil pasta) the shittier the quality?
  12. Who said only for tourists or that they were closed off season? How's heavily impacted by tourists? The pop of Wellfleet swells 5 fold in the summer - 3,500 to 17,000. You know what kind of havoc that can wreak per execution/consistency/quality.
  13. Love the pics esp the eggs against the beach! The resto food too looks better than one might expect for a seasonal tourist area. Enjoy! And how bout the lobster farmer who wasn't tasty enough for the humpback? I happened to come across this: https://nypost.com/2021/06/17/cape-cod-divers-believe-lobsterman-was-swallowed-by-whale/
  14. You don't think 'fussy' and 'picky' is judgmental? You might as well call it "Western brats who eat but nuggets/fries and the parents who allow it" When westerners began making enough money (middle class?) to afford options eventually it trickled down to the children allowing for the dilemma we're in now. Does your observation include the children of the affluent? It will change there too. Give it time.
  15. Great pics and detail! The beet salad is whispering to me.....'come here now'. So pretty. Love that your visiting the non touristy areas.
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