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  1. I think I'd be more with you if there was a purported benefit or problem they claimed the pink pineapple addresses. Is there? 🍍🍍
  2. Holy sheatzou, I've never seen a soup pool before. Outdoor no less. Amazing. Too many questions. (Like why's that bone getting tossed in so late in the dish and did the pool have to meet any 'health' standards before using it this way etc, etc.)
  3. haha.....there's an app for that! 🙃
  4. It's like Monsanto slipped Del Monte a mickey and this is the result.
  5. Yep, appears a house cleaning is in order. I wonder, over the last several years, internet related or other, if the awards hold the same prominence they once did. Maybe just me, but I hardly think of them anymore.
  6. Sad state of affairs and a nice (thorough) piece by Bonjwing (aka Ulterior Epicure) https://www.eater.com/2020/10/13/21509303/james-beard-awards-2020-results-canceled-controversy
  7. The best Indian (of the ubiquitous Punjabi variety) I've sampled was in London, followed closely by Christchurch, NZ. The worst was in Bangkok. The best up-scale/fusionish place was here in NYC. A place called, Devi, which many considered ground breaking and the start of new genre. I'm not sure this thread has any clear direction but I like it all the same ðŸĪŠ
  8. Wow, beautiful place and the samplings look de-lish! One day I'll get to all 3 spots. I want a baked potato w caviar, a porchetta sandwich some wings followed by some vegan stuff for cleansing. Samosas perhaps? Really amazing how you juggle all this! Nice going and good luck! 💊ðŸ‘Ļ‍ðŸģ
  9. Was thinking about this story. I wonder the public reaction here if the case had made it to the US supreme court.
  10. Eatmywords

    Dinner 2020

    Oooh, that looks handy and why did you have to show me this? Given our tofu consumption (not so much) and assorted gadgets not often used, I don't know if I would win the 'need vs cabinet space' argument. Might be worth fighting for, we'll see. Thank you! 👍
  11. I digress (ever so slightly). The taste of the bread is not as horrifyingly offensive as the smell of it baking. Go figure and I'm sorry about your deli options. Chris, don't tell us what's in the cold cuts. I haven't eaten lunch yet.
  12. Eatmywords

    Dinner 2020

    Thank you all for the tofu comments/advice! I feel better prepared for the next dish!
  13. You're not missing anything I promise you. I used to work near one so I was confronted daily. Constantly wondering what shit ingredients/preservatives could cause it. Not quite on par with what Jared did but still a crime.
  14. I never thought the smell of bread baking could be foul until I walked by a Subway.
  15. Eatmywords

    Dinner 2020

    Shain, All, what kind of tofu do you use and how do you treat it before marinating or cooking? I typically use a firm or extra firm like Nasoya then cube and dry with what seems like half a roll of paper towels before anything. Do folks do this or have other methods? Once I baked at a low temp for almost an hour but those little sponges were still wet. For a stir fry I sear them in a bit of veg or peanut oil to get a crust so they don't fall apart, remove and than return when the dish is close to complete. Am I wasting time? I love tofu but haven't used it enough to get comfy. Tofu,
  16. Nice guide, very funny! I remember that spirt. We drank a decent amount on our trip. Reminded me of the worst bottom shelf vodka w just a whisper of sake. One night, after a few too many shots, I remember my vision blurring and thinking I might go blind. Always wished to get invited to a meal like this but it doesn't appear likely given burb's life and limitations on meeting new people. The kids are our only hope. I encourage them to be-friend anyone who isn't American, especially Asians, for just the chance to cozy up to the parents and get them them to cook for us. Is that
  17. Eatmywords

    Dinner 2020

    Amazing pics, both frame worthy. If you zoom in, just next to the house, you can see the tops of extremely wild portobellos aka 'Gros champignon avec du sable' ripe for the picking!
  18. Eatmywords

    Dinner 2020

    Orecchiette w de-cased pork sausage, cubed chick breast, spinach, red pepper, G&O pesto sc topped w a blasphemous shaving of smoked gouda w added an interesting profile (largely a result of someone forgetting to replenish the DAMN GRATED CHEEESE! : )
  19. Oh, didn't see that. I'm confused. it's ok to bring a 20lb (bbq) propane tank indoors? Or in my case, if you use a propane stove, disconnect the line and plug it into this baby? Or get a separate line for the occasional use? Who would do that?
  20. I think the pic misleadingly implies you can use it indoors.
  21. Yes, that's it. Would really love to see someone try and plate that spaghettis w them as shown in pic 5. But, really, the burger, it's like "Attn, dumb Americans, since burgers are about the only thing you can make now you don't have to worry about dropping them the 1' or 2' from the skillet to the plate, as you very often do!" You're welcome!
  22. Yes, I think. I tried them once and couldn't grab anything. The amazon ad shows them being used to pick up a burger. Apparently the spatula will be a thing of the past. ðŸĪŠ
  23. I was given these 'catch all' tongs (apparently the latest must have per boss). Can't for the life of me find a reason to use them. Storage too is challenging since they're one piece and can't slide an arm down the side of the utensil jar like the normal tongs. (Up for re-gifting)
  24. I tried the Nashville and Philly and let me tell you they're really reaching with these names. The Nashville was like a subtle bbq w an overlay of old bay and a burnt aftertaste. The Philly had a sour cream & onion profile finished w a cheese-doodle like dusting. Both pretty bad w too many ingredients. Neither addictive. It's been a while since I had them and I don't know if they even make them anymore but these were the last chips that I truly fell in love with:
  25. I hear you. We are spoiled here w our 'ethnic' options. Milan sounds like Paris where we noticed an onslaught of chinese/thai/vietnamese/cafe takeouts specializing in cold pret a manger. What we tried was pretty bad but the french seemed to be going nuts for it. They were always busy. @weinoo what do you think? You were there just before covid like us?
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