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  1. It was great for boots on the ground discovery of little known ethnic enclaves but the NY mods were a power hungry bunch often deleting posts for the slightest of disagreements, negativity and wrong opinions. I know he's been out for a long time but I'd still like to say "Leff has officially left the bldg".
  2. This came up in my Youtube algo today. Watching now.....so good (and bittersweet)
  3. I'm so outa the loop on NYC dining (or any dining) but are Michael White's places still considered good/special? - Ai Fiori, Osteria Morini, Marea, etc? (I see on Grub street he's no longer w the group that owned them, Altamarea, oh well). Pan, nice to see your posts after so many years.....(the NY boards were so much fun in the early/mid 2000's)
  4. Ooof, that's a relief. I spent much of the night worrying it would be deleted. And why gin? A dark rum or orange liquor (Grand Marnier) would be perfect. 😁
  5. I've had a double sided Nordic non stick for a few years. Maybe $30. The flat side works great over 2 gas burners but the grill did not fare well after a few uses and the teflon quickly wore off. Cleaning it too was a major PIA esp. The flat side, for the money and weight convenience was worth it. Fine for infrequent use.
  6. Not really food but if you factor his name..... (RIP)
  7. I always wondered how he came out unscathed from the Batali stuff. He knew.
  8. Incredible photos, Shain, thank you! Takes me right back. Now, can we talk about the Louis Vuitton cat jacket? 😸😸
  9. You do realize there is no difference (ingredients-wise) btwn collezione and regular? Maybe the cut is ever so slightly different achieved by 'using traditional Italian bronze plates for a homemade "al dente" texture'. Appears to be a (good) marketing ploy for new or limited release shapes. https://www.barilla.com/en-us/products/pasta/classic-blue-box/penne https://www.barilla.com/en-us/products/pasta/collezione/penne
  10. I remember Pai (the 'down town' area, where we stayed) to be pretty built up for tourists. - Lots of small hotels, garden lounges/restaurants and a 'look the other way' attitude to drugs (mostly marijuana and the like). That was 13yrs ago. No idea now but even in my late 30's it felt like I was close to my expiration date. A bit 'spring breaky' if you will. Still, a beautiful place with lot's of great hikes and stuff to do on the rivers. Enjoy!!
  11. Absolutely, nothing wrong with playing around with it. Sure, the the cask strengths/high proofers will have crazy heat but the complexities in the good ones more than make up for it.
  12. I have a Knob Creek 9yr 120pr Single Barrell store pick that I think would change your mind 😁
  13. I do remember a couple times a green bartender or server not getting 'neat'. I believe I followed with a 'straight up' which was immediately understood.
  14. She dragged 8 people to a ~E150 pp meal to invent a clever and funny account of a bad experience to drum up PR for her travel book or blog that covers everything from Jeff Goldbloom to Star Trek? Really?
  15. Haha, what @KennethTsaid. I think there's enough in the descriptions, food pics and facial expressions to make this very believable. And as a travel writer you'd think she's sampled enough avant garde/molecular food to know the difference btwn good and comically bad. This got me going: “I’m… I’m sorry, did you say rancid? You mean… fermented? Aged?” “No. Rancid.” “Okay,” I said in Italian. “But I think that something might be lost in translation. Because it can’t be-” “Rancido,” he clarified. 😆
  16. I'm only on the first place in the video and I want to go there now. Had no idea Parsippany had such an Indian presence (and It's only an hour from us). Will definitely try to get there esp this Dhaba Express. Thank you!
  17. I've always been curious about the offerings in Edison given the large Indian community. It's just a bit far for me to venture over less I had 'real' reason to. Have you guys ever been? Worth a trek?
  18. Cool thread! Any concern with how they raise and what they feed the farmed?
  19. I was thinking not fancy but too chain like. It's the Taconic prkwy now. (Taghkannic was obviously too challenging) I think I worked with Linda. Petit monde. 😁
  20. Treat it like a good tenderloin or fillet. I try to keep it simple like Shelby w traditional sears to oven (400F aprx 10 min depending thickness/desired temp). I've done straight broiler for thinner cuts and even strips or cubes for stir fries. It's hard to mess up unless overcooked. It's usually leaner than beef so can use a bit more fat - butter, oil, etc. Whatever pan sc you, peppercorn, brandy cream, etc. but a sweet fruit like blackberry or even figs works really well.
  21. The diner's I grew up on around NY were Greek run, had booze, some full bar, some beer and wine only. One of my first waitering jobs was at the Lantern diner in Long Island. Breakfast was the worst shift. Alota work for small chk avgs/tips. Lobster night was challenging. We had to fish them out of a tank up front, put them on a cocktail tray and bring them to kitchen. Remember it like it was 10min ago 35yrs later. Fun and stressful times for sure. Bobby Flay helps answer any q's. Looks just like the places I frequented then and now.
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