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  1. No, I don't think I've ever seen that brand around here actually. 😮
  2. Madirofolo is lovely. It's one of my favourite dark chocolates. Can't go wrong with that.
  3. I can't see that you'll notice any difference for a few months at least. And they have a best before date on their bags if I don't remember it wrong. Not like a "use before" date or whatever. We have two different dates here, where one is just a recommendation where as the other type of date needs to be strictly followed.
  4. Seems like you need to pay a hefty extra for Valrhona, by living in the USA.
  5. I'm not sure why each vendor gotta make up their own tempering instructions. Really stupid. I do it almost as Bentley, but Coppel have updated her methods a bit. Probably after meeting Dubovik. I go 45° > 26° > 29°. I tried it after watching a video. Better shine than ever, but it might also be might little chocolate fridge helping. Can't say for sure.
  6. Nice. Whenever, if ever, I get my own place for pastry and chocolate, I'll definitely get one of those incubators. Must be so nice when it's ready to go.
  7. Rajala


    I've been trying like 10 times, and it always break for me. I'm using Greweling's recipe. 10 times is probably not much, but I never feel like I get close - so it's a bit annoying. But I guess I need to keep trying and trying. That recipe is not really butterfingers, but the technique is the same. Leaf croquant. Do you know which recipe I'm talking about, if not - I'll get the book.
  8. Rajala


    I reached out to that university, but wasn't really the place for it. Hmm, I guess I gotta keep trying and trying more. Maybe I'll manage some day.
  9. Rajala


    Thanks, I sent them an email.
  10. Rajala


    I really can't succeed with this. Would love to go on a course where this is on the agenda, but I think it would be hard to find? The question is really; do you guys know anywhere where I can learn this technique?
  11. I'm getting a delivery of 2 kgs tomorrow, so I'll try that as well. It's the wild ones. The REAL blueberries. Those weird large American "blueberries" are trash compared to these. Sorry guys.
  12. Thanks both of you! I'll check Wybauw and try that, and also try to go just to 107° as well with less cream. At 115°, it feels like I have a part for a filling of a future blueberry and lemon bar, or something.
  13. I'm thinking, that I might be looking at this the wrong way. Maybe caramel is the wrong word. You know? I'm looking for a semi fluid product that's extremely fruity. I'm not interested in the caramel taste, but its texture.
  14. The first attempt I made yesterday, even though Jim told me different, was to just add it all execept the butter and I brought it up to around 115°. I taste the blueberry pretty well, but it's still too much cream taste in there. I want it to be a burst of fruit flavor rather than butter/cream. 115° was too high though, probably need to be at 112° or so. But with the blueberry purée I have left, I'm going to try a ganache with white chocolate and no cream added. Can be interesting. Buying more blueberries at the farmers market on Saturday though.
  15. Hmm, so looking at the recipe above. You would bring that up, and kind of deglaze with the fruit purée and the butter? Is that what you're saying?
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