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  1. I made a tart with whipped vanilla ganache, some marzipan and financier dough. It's my interpretation of the "semla".
  2. Rajala

    Tempering with mycryo

    I've tried it, but I think the chocolate sets way too fast with it. Maybe I did it wrong, but that's my experience.
  3. Rajala

    Fun DIY Chocolate Bar project

    Resin machines are a good choice, it isn't that expensive anymore. I could get one for ~475 USD excluding taxes, so it should be available at around that price in the states as well. Build volume is not that good though, that's the bad part with resin machines. I'm getting one when I can get a build volume of 20x20x20 or so, at the price above. My standard PLA printer works well, but new gadgets are fun.
  4. Rajala

    Fun DIY Chocolate Bar project

    Yeah, I can imagine. You'd really need to print at a much higher quality to use it for this. Whenever I print, I print at 0.1mm per layer - and even that will show in my silicone moulds, however, using it for mousse which you glaze / spray - it doesn't really matter.
  5. Thanks for the tip!
  6. Rajala

    Fun DIY Chocolate Bar project

    What about the sous vide thing, I always thought you needed movement to get the right crystals? Feels like it takes way too much time to play around with it though.
  7. I made a tart with caramelized apples, zéphyr caramel ganache, salty caramel and hazelnut praliné. Three different ones, at first I kinda liked the one with the red/pink background the most, but I kind of lean towards the one with the apple crisps on top right now.
  8. I made this today, recipe from Leroux's "Praliné". Super soft, had to put it in the fridge in order to cut it. I guess I shouldn't have used extremely smooth praliné, but something with a bit more texture to it. Also got stuck in the guitar sheet. But yeah, it tastes amazing though. Next piece of expensive equipment needs to be a guitar cutter (if I continue making things like this.)
  9. Rajala

    Melanger experimentation

    I've done this twice. Once with blackcurrant powder and once with mango. I ran the powder with caster sugar until the sugar was a powder as well and added melted cocoa butter after that. No issues, viscosity got a bit weird though, but I was able to mould bonbons with. So in the end I guess it was pretty successful.
  10. Rajala

    Matcha Truffle

    Not sure to ask, feels stupid do create a new thread... Matcha ganache? What kind of ratios do you guys use? I have no idea how much matcha I should have in a white chocolate ganache.
  11. That's good. I would wake up my neighbour with mine.
  12. Rajala

    Candy cane in ganache?

    Cover them with cocoa butter.
  13. I've never ever let it sit. I fill the mould and empty it within 30-60 seconds after I've shaken it a bit on my countertop to get any air out. I guess you could argue that those 30-60 seconds is letting it sit, but it's just the time it takes to get everything in order to flip it. It's probably more of importance how warm/cold the mould is.
  14. Rajala

    Favorite white chocolate

    Haha, no. I fond Opalys for 54 EUR per bag, and thought "this is a really nice price", only to discover that they wanted 50 EUR in freight if I placed three bags in my basket.
  15. Rajala

    Favorite white chocolate

    You seem to have way better pricing on Valrhona than what I can get. But maybe your quotes for Zephyr is high as well? Zephyr is around $17 per kg, where Opalys is around $28 per kg.