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  1. What kind of silicone are you using? Feels like it needs to be kind of hard? The silicone I use to make moulds is 28 shore, feels a little bit too soft to use for chocolate moulds. But maybe I'm wrong.
  2. Rajala

    Favorite white chocolate

    I recently bought a bag of Opalys and unfortunately it's the best white chocolate I've tried. I've bought some white chocolate at the taxfree shops while travelling that tastes like it, but no idea if those are "couvertures". However, I think Michel Cluizel's Ivoire is good enough.
  3. Made a blind test with two colleagues just now. 1. They liked the most expensive brand the best (Felchlin), 2nd place for Michel Cluizel and 3rd place for Casa Luker (one of the Casa Luker chocolates scored high though). 2. The variations that I liked the most were the ones that they disliked the most. 3. Takeaway = Sweetness wins over taste with this test with two people.
  4. Rajala

    Melanger experimentation

    I love nuts, so I've made lots of nut pastes and pralinés with mine. Walnut praliné is amazing with a touch of salt. I also made a pecan praliné, but that felt like a bit of waste of good nuts, doesn't really do it. Can't remember if I did it 50/50 or 60/40, but would mos def go with 60/40 if I tried again.
  5. Rajala

    Melanger experimentation

    How small is this small drum? 🤔
  6. Rajala

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Yeah, we see it differently. I'm thinking more vitamin than drugs. The chocolate cigarettes I had as a kid are long gone. I'm also driving things off topic at the moment. You're staff, tell us to stop. I have that mold, (if it's the Pavoni one by Bachour) and thought about that the taping of it must be quite tricky.
  7. Rajala

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Sorry to jump into this discussion. I see where you guys are coming from, but wouldn't most people see a pill as something that's good for you? That's exactly how I see it. Pills = good. Is it something with two colors that immediately makes you think of some pill full with flunitrazepam or is it just pills over all that triggers something for you?
  8. So, I've tried around 10 different variations from Casa Luker, and you're right. Almost all of them have some alcohol taste to them, one of my colleagues think so as well. I did find one of their chocolates that I liked. Tumaco 65%, it have nice biscuity taste to it. I think I might use that for cheap things, since the price for 10 KG is good. One colleague thought all the samples were good. This was Casa Luker, Michel Cluizel and Felchlin. So I guess that it is like some of you wrote, people don't really notice a difference. And we can add to that, that the bonbons will be filled with something as well.
  9. Thanks for explaining @chromedome So I got seven Felchlin samples today. I tried them all, to much remorse. They're all bloody fantastic. But on a brighter note, they pushed Valrhona off their high horse for me. For anyone who's interested and doesn't know; Original Beans seems to be associated or maybe even owned by Felchlin, the "callets" from Original Beans carry the same logo as the ones from Felchlin.
  10. Oh! Must've misunderstood what they said to me. Haha, thanks for correcting me. Makes more sense One layer is almond mousse, the other is a pistachio mousse and the center is vanilla mousse with pistachio praliné and raspberry in its center. There's also a hazelnut sponge and a crispy hazelnut layer at the bottom. Lots of nuts!
  11. Thank you! I was told that you always need to glaze a mousse in order to prevent it from absorb moisture. Eh, I think that I misunderstood the intent of the question. One of the mousse layer is really thin and I didn't really want to pour over it, and from experience - pouring neutral glaze over a frozen mousse often give you a way too thick glaze on the petit gateaux/entremet. This is what this thing looks like when a piece of it is removed, as you can see from its structure, I wouldn't be able to dip it either.
  12. I haven't even tried the standard varieties from Valrhona, maybe I should. Will get some Felchlin samples tomorrow!
  13. This is the final result! It went really well.
  14. Haha, I’m not saying it’s not. White chocolate usually is cheaper than real chocolate from all other brands. I guess Valrhona is going to Valrhona.
  15. The thing with Opalys is that it’s crazy expensive for being a white chocolate.