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  1. They're chilled already. Sorry for being unclear. The only thing would then be to line the rings with butter or something else. But everyone claims that shouldn't be needed. I will try to work the dough less next time. I think that might be the problem.
  2. It's perforated metal rings from Pavoni. No oil/butter on the tart rings and the dough has been frozen for easy cutting. Sometimes I can lift the tart ring straight up, like they just shrunk a bit while baking. But the ones I tried today just were stuck on the ring itself. I just want to get a consistence result - need to figure out what I'm doing right/wrong.
  3. I missed that, sorry. Yeah, but like leaving them i the open will definitely cause it to dry out a bit. Question is like how much the "dry" surface will affect any readings. Well, I'm going to talk with someone about this later, someone who's expertise is food safety. She will know more than me for sure.
  4. This is so strange. It feel like it's dropping way too much. I'm currently talking with people working with these kind of things for a project of mine. I have to ask them about this. How do you store the sample for those three hours?
  5. So, I'm back making some tarts with all the nice berries now available. I have a problem with some tarts not releasing from the mould (almost sounds like I'm talking about chocolate here?). Am I overworking the dough? What can be the cause of this? Million things of course, but maybe there are things that are more common than others?
  6. My kitchen is 29,5°C at the moment. Maybe I should try make some bonbons? 😅
  7. I've made some experiments with heating the moulds and I don't really notice any difference. Maybe it could be an issue if you're working space is really cold? Like 18° or so? Not sure. But I don't get more glossy chocolates by heating the mould before moulding.
  8. I found a way to buy some, but it was a whole pallet of ~450 kgs. A little bit too much. But I solved this in a different way, someone helped me and will ship from US.
  9. From what I gather it's also that the chocolate have the best taste at these temperatures. I don't think that cold is a problem per se, we know that there are companies that freeze their bonbons and thaw them later in the right conditions to prevent sugar bloom and fat bloom which also can occur under temperature fluctuations.
  10. Haha nice update. Yeah, it's something hot there, that's for sure.
  11. Looking good Jim! I like the approach with Orelys.
  12. Seems really hard to find these malt balls in Europe? Anyone from Europe lingering around that know where you can source these?
  13. How? Okay, I should probably just try to ask some local vendors if they can source it or so. I have no idea what they are called in Swedish, maybe a part of the problem.
  14. I've been thinking of these malted milk balls or maltballs or whatever we want to call them. Can you buy these pre made and then coat them or do you make them yourself? My google skills are failing my brutally on this subject.
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