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  1. Rajala

    Favorite white chocolate

    Haha, no. I fond Opalys for 54 EUR per bag, and thought "this is a really nice price", only to discover that they wanted 50 EUR in freight if I placed three bags in my basket.
  2. Rajala

    Favorite white chocolate

    You seem to have way better pricing on Valrhona than what I can get. But maybe your quotes for Zephyr is high as well? Zephyr is around $17 per kg, where Opalys is around $28 per kg.
  3. Rajala

    Favorite white chocolate

    It will be my life's mission to find an acceptable replacement.
  4. Rajala

    Favorite white chocolate

    I have a bag of that, I've also tried Cacao Barry's Blanc Satin, not a super big fan of that either. I like the more milky taste of Opalys.
  5. Rajala

    Favorite white chocolate

    Is there anything out there that's close to Opalys in taste? I don't care about if it's more yellow in tone etc.
  6. Well, you have other amazing produce available fresh, which I guess we're jealous of - I know I am. Aren't there quite a few cocoa plantations in Indonesia? Should at least be someone selling chocolate from those farms?
  7. Rajala

    Marble tempering

    Ouch, must be pretty big chips.
  8. Rajala

    Alkalizing Chocolate

    Valrhona have at least one retail version of their cocoa powder. I know, since I bought some earlier.
  9. Rajala

    Sesame praliné

    Oh, of course there's one in the book. Thanks, will look at that.
  10. Rajala

    Sesame praliné

    So I've been trying to find a recipe for sesame praliné. In my mind it's just 50 percent sesame seeds 50 percent sugar, but while searching the web, people seems to use butter and almond? Anyone got a good recipe? Is almond a question about cost or just to get a balanced taste? What's your experience?
  11. She’s doing it in a Savour video. Probably on instagram somewhere.
  12. Rajala

    Tempering Chocolate

    Yeah, but it feels like it takes way too long. I'm going slightly lower next time then. 25 as you suggest.
  13. Rajala

    Tempering Chocolate

    Okay, got a question; if the chocolate doesn't come out easily from the mould - what should I do next time I temper with the same kind of chocolate? Let it get a little bit lower in temperature, before brought up to working temperature? (I know I need to learn to do it without a thermometer, but that's in the future) The milk chocolate I'm working with at the moment seems to take forever to set - but it's snappy and shiny when it do. I'm not sure why I have so many issues with this. Dark chocolate works every time. 🤔
  14. Mango chocolate (inspired by Kerry), pineapple compote with vanilla, coconut ganache and a coconut/almond insert. Edit: My bonbon got moved here? There's no showroom finish on it. Reveal yourself, mod!