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  1. A guitar cutter sounds like a good idea. But there are sooooo many thing to pick from.
  2. I love the discussions in this thread! I'm with pastrygirl, sometimes it feels like I lost all my experience when some chocolate doesn't temper. I had that happened to me last year(?), in this thread I think.
  3. No, I never use food grade while experimenting. Too expensive.
  4. Yeah. I couldn't find the correct size though. So I had to make the mould on my own.
  5. I piped some passion fruit marshmallow in the shell, and then placed a small hemisphere of passion fruit gianduja on top of it. Gently pressing it down. Let the marshmallow set and then close with a layer of chocolate.
  6. My ganaches with dark chocolate usually look like that in the beginning when I use my stick blender. After a while, it goes away and I get a smooth shiny result.
  7. Yeah, that's a trick when the filling is very very soft. And then scrape the mould "through" the sheet. As Jim describes. I really don't think it's hard though, I succeeded with it on my first attempt. Maybe there was some chocolate left around one of the bonbon, but nothing that I really recall. Just make sure that the mould isn't cold.
  8. I can't get 35% cream here I think. 36% is what I'm usually using.
  9. I can try that recipe and run it in the meter for science. However, based on the experience I've had so far, I would say that this ganache is closer to 0,85 than 0,87. But I'm not saying that I'm correct. We'll see! It will be interesting to see. I'm doing some vegan ganache testing at the moment, but can try this when I'm done.
  10. Interesting. Yet I don't understand anything. I should've read more math courses? 😂 I'm happy to have a AW meter, so I know that I can be pretty sure about the AW in a ganache when I tell someone that it is 0,814
  11. You can fit a mould in there and if you use an airbrush rather than a spray gun... I dunno, I'm intrigued and as I wrote; I know it won't be great - but maybe it'll be able to help a little bit. Hoping someone have tried it.
  12. Did anyone ever try something like this - https://www.amazon.de/dp/B078GMLVZQ/ ? I know it won't be a great solution, but maybe it could help a little bit. I have to do some airbrushing now and thinking some of the cocoa butter will get stuck in its filter, rather than all of it in the kitchen.
  13. This is a good place to start - https://forums.egullet.org/topic/84834-spraying-chocolate-equipment-materials-and-techniques/
  14. I always temper with these figures. Never an issue
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