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  1. That might very well be one reason. Most of the times when I cap, I end up having way more than I need on the mould itself. When I looked at a video of Melissa Coppel, she used very little. I always take extra to make sure that it's enough. I'll try with a little bit less next time. Thanks for that suggestion.
  2. Pistachio Paste

    I got a quick question regarding the stone grinder. How much noise does it make? The video someone posted with the pistachios didn't seem that bad, but it's hard to know from a video. I'm thinking about getting one to, yeah, make my own pralines etc.
  3. Haha, I think we discussed this elsewhere I see, that makes sense. I wonder what you could do to make this result being less visible. If you're capping with a guitar sheet, what about placing it surface down on a flat surface?
  4. No, I didn't. I never do that. Maybe I should try that a bit. I have one, guess I'm a bit lazy, huh?
  5. I've had it happened with other moulds as well, but not this much - so it's possible that this one is more prone to have this happen - as we've discussed.
  6. No, it gets between the moulded shell and the mould when capping. Look at the picture, you'll understand what I mean. When the shell including the coloured cocoa butter together contracts, there's a tiny tiny amount of room between the shell and the mould, allowing some chocolate to slip in.
  7. I have it standing on some styrofoam at the moment, but I don't believe that it's enough. I should probably, as you suggest, put it on a chair or so as well. I have thought about asking him next time i run in to him, but I hardly ever see him. I can hear him play his guitar occasionally though. But as long as I do this lifting thing, I couldn't be bothered to go knock on his door - he might hear a sound for around a minute maybe four five times over ten minutes(?). I've been using it once a week since I bought it, so it's not like I'm spraying 50 moulds at 11pm on a Tuesday evening.
  8. I have no idea how much he can hear it. I actually do it like this at the moment; lift it up - start it. Put it down when it's filled and unplug. Then spray a layer and start it up again holding it in the air, to refill the tank. It's like 56 dB or so, so it's not super noisy, but the vibrations is probably a problem.
  9. Yeah, it's a demisphere. When you mention it, I never had as much chocolate showing on the edge as with this one. I thought it might've been that I scraped some of etc, but it doesn't seem to be the case - and the suggestion I got was that small amount of chocolate manages to get between the mould and the chocolate shell. It kind of make sense, and if you look at the picture below (right side), you can actually see that there's a small layer of chocolate on the edge of the shell. It wasn't dislodged easier than usual this time, but I've had times where the shell moves around when capping.
  10. So I've been trying a bit with spraying my moulds and an issue I have, that isn't related to the mould spraying itself, is that when the shell contracts from the mould, I get chocolate over my cocoa butter when I cap my bonbons. Any suggestions how to avoid this? I got the suggestion to cap earlier, before the chocolate contracts too much - but when would that happen? What's your experience with this? See the image, this is what I'm talking about, around the edge of the bonbon.
  11. Ah, I was in a rush. Forgot to mention that I live in an apartment, I'm thinking that my neighbour below me don't want to hear a vibrating sound all the time. But with the 1 gallon tank, I think that would be enough without going below the wanted pressure - since you need to wait short moments for the layers to dry.
  12. After getting a compressor which seems to be made for a spike gun (you're welcome to correct me, it's probably called something else), I would argue that one of the most important thing except the noise it makes, is the tank volume. You can follow my old posts and see that I write that it's no problem if you need to wait a little bit etc. But truth be told, you don't want to wait and you don't really want the compressor to start working when you've sprayed for a few seconds. If you're super patience, sure go ahead and get something small, but if I upgrade in the future I will go for something with a big tank. The 1 gallon I have today should be at least 2, maybe even 3 or 4. But I wouldn't really need that unless I start some kind of production. However, the 1 gallon tank is a waiting game even when spraying a single mould. Just so you know. Based on your budget, however, I would follow Kerry's suggestions.
  13. Okay, thanks. Need to learn how fast each layer set I guess. I did four layers the other day, but still not a solid color (used titanium dioxide and moulded with milk chocolate -- so white). Maybe I should spray closer to the mould when I'm using 30 PSI? Have to experiment a bit during the weekend.
  14. How are you guys spraying your moulds? Do you just "blast" your mould in one go? Or do you spray a nice layer, let it dry and do that until you have enough butter in the mould?