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  1. This is what I can get when it comes content 73% sugar in it. So I guess we're talking about 27% water in this product? I just noticed that they offer trimoline, which might be the correct name for the product I'm used to work with? That have 81% sugar. But can't see how 8% more would make it that much thicker. However, the main question, if anyone know; can I use this product in the same way if I take the different water amount into account? Below image is the product that they call invert sugar trimoline.
  2. Regarding inverted sugar... I bought a big bucket of inverted sugar a year back. Some French brand. I used that up. Recently I bought inverted sugar from Sosa in a 1,4 kg bottle. However, this inverted sugar doesn't seem to be close to the same product. The French one's viscosity is very high where the inverted sugar from Sosa is more like a maple syrup and transparent. Can't come up with a better example, but you can pour it out of the bottle. Have anyone worked with the Sosa product? I guess there's a lot more water in this one, so just thinking of how to use it compared to the other one. Whenever I see someone working with inverted sugar, it's more the thick nontransparent one.
  3. Yes. Really. Haha, my chocolate eggs turned in to a mess earlier.
  4. Just saw an ad for EZtemper in a Swedish magazine. 😮
  5. I feel stupid when I read that. Why have I never thought of saving the peel when I eat oranges? 😂
  6. Hmm, candid orange peel. Makes me think - will peel from blood orange taste any different? I love blood oranges, some of them have red peel - but not sure if the peel will taste any different.
  7. Italy was my offer. 😈 Jokes aside, I hope you're safe!
  8. Haha, I've heard this one before. One thing though, I've heard/read (maybe even here) that shells that are too thin, are prone to not retract enough. Anyone know if this is correct?
  9. This is great! Thanks a lot for sharing. I was in contact with Luis about his lessons, and he mentioned some three day class where you only were 3-4 people. I guess this is it? Tempting to go for one of these.
  10. Yeah, I recall that! You're probably right, it's probably hard to get each shell perfect. It's just annoying haha. But I've been seeing this for the 2-3 years I've been playing around with chocolate and haven't cared too much about it. But it's always interesting to know why things happens. What's more annoying is when one totally random bonbon decides that it won't demould for whatever reason. Maybe that's something we should discuss as well? 😂
  11. I bought a separate fridge for this (~USD 140,) I guess I'm a little bit crazy after all. Not after 20 minutes, no. Looking at the "bottom" of the mould, the chocolate was still "stuck" to it. An hour or so later most of them were lose. One thing though, they had let go from the mould, but there were still stuck as in there were some kind of "vacuum" between the chocolate and the mould. Not sure how to describe it better.
  12. That's what I did, at 16°. This is a standard hemisphere mould from Chocolate World. I think it's 3 cm in diameter. It doesn't bother me that much, just so everyone here doesn't think I'm crazy haha. But I figured I would ask since there are lots of people who knows so much here.
  13. De molding marks is a new one for me. Haha. But good to know that my mould isn't dirty at least.
  14. So one thing I encounter some times, but just never asked about, until this very day... When I mould shells, sometimes some of them get some weird lines etc. What can be the cause of this? Is it just that the mould wasn't clean enough or is it something I'm doing wrong? Look at the left one. Above the reflection of my lamp, you can see some lines. What's up with that?
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