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  1. That looks great. Love the green/gold combo. All the lines look a little bit middle eastern to me.
  2. Rajala

    Melanger experimentation

    Shouldn't the seeds just turn to "atoms" by the melanger? However, I added more cocoa butter and managed to get it fluid enough to mould with it. I'll post some pictures when I've filled the mould with a ganache, I'm thinking mango. Very fruity bonbons!
  3. Rajala

    Melanger experimentation

    It's more about texture. The color of the blackcurrant is really dark, so you don't really see anything. Here's a picture of it when it was running;
  4. Rajala

    Melanger experimentation

    I ran it even longer, not much change in viscosity. The particles are still noticeable, unfortunately. Not sure why. But rather than throwing it away, I'll at least try to make it more fluent by adding more cocoa butter and mould it. This is what I did; Caster sugar and blackcurrant powder, running for around 2 hours in the melanger. I added the cocoa butter, and let it run for many hours more. No more steps than that. Any suggestions on what to do to improve before I try again? I don't understand why there would be particles here - when I make a praline I can get it suuuuper smooth.
  5. I'm finally done with my new cake. Lesson learned; do not let it sit outside of the fridge for two hours. It will lose its shape. Edit: why not let you know what it's made of? Top to bottom; Gianduja mousse Hazelnut mousseline Hazelnut praliné Hazelnut crisp Hazelnut sponge
  6. Rajala

    Melanger experimentation

    Okay. It’s been running for 12 hours or more, and it’s more like a praliné than chocolate. I guess it needs to run even longer, or that I did something wrong.
  7. Rajala

    Melanger experimentation

    Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep it going and see what happens. I added 30 grams more of cocoa butter, doesnt seel to change the viscosity very much though.
  8. Rajala

    Melanger experimentation

    Btw, should I be concerned about that it's constantly 50 degrees? How will the cocoa butter be affected by this? Also, the machine itself, do you guys know if it's safe to keep it running for hours and hours at this temperature?
  9. Rajala

    Melanger experimentation

    Experiment is on. 200 gram of blackcurrant, 330 gram of cocoa butter and 470 grams of sugar. It's super thick though. I guess the only option is to add more cocoa butter, little by little? Thought its viscosity would be much lower based on the ratios, but I guess I'm wrong.
  10. Rajala

    Tempering Cocoa Butter?

    Yeah, that's it.
  11. Rajala

    Tempering Cocoa Butter?

    Yes, that's written in one of those books that everyone have. Not sure which. I never temper the cocoa butter except going down to 30 degrees or whatever, can't remember now. That guy in Belarus temper it though, cool it down to one state, and then heat it with a heat gun.
  12. I made a new test, on a white mousse though - maybe I should've colored the mousse just to see. But I think the main issue was the 0.8mm nozzle. With 1.5mm, I seem to get a much better result.
  13. Rajala

    Glazing problems

    I can't see how the color is the source of the problem. Could be, but seems far fetched. Probably difference in temperature, the produce used etc.
  14. Another thing... Anyone know some good base recipe for a mousse? Like, cream and creme anglais? Need to do one more practice run and wouldn't want to waste vanilla etc here...