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  1. Yeah, that's a pretty good price I would say. I think a new Pawkit is like 2500-3000 EUR and this machine is light years better. One thing though; you need to change the sensors in these from time to time. Not sure HOW often though, but you should check how much that would cost you. Also make sure to source a filter that can handle all that you want to measure. Alcohol will influence readings quite a lot - but they have filters for that. I guess you're in UK based on the pounds - so just find the local Novasina distributor and buy what you need from them.
  2. I always make my own hazelnut paste with my stone grinder. Let it go for like 24 h. The viscosity is pretty low. If I were to buy some random brand it would probably be a lot thicker.
  3. One part hazelnut paste and one part milk chocolate wasn't soft enough? That's quite a lot of nut oil added to chocolate. I usually go with 60/40 and that's still soft. But yeah, to each their own. Of course it's not as soft as a ganache, and maybe that's exactly the the texture you want. The downside with adding to much nut paste to chocolate is that the nut oil can make the product feel a little bit "fatty", not sure what the expression is in English. But the oil from the nuts if totally different on your tongue compared to cocoa butter.
  4. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It could probably be done by folding in a caramel in your nougat and just roll it out in a frame. Or it could be a simple version of leaf croquant.
  5. I took a reading on another brand of that (and not vegan) and it was above 0,85, someone measured something else. I bought a new can of the same thing because I forgot to note down.
  6. Roxy and Rich and Chef Rubber both have replacements based on E170. It’s obviously not as good as E171.
  7. Hehe, if you read the instructions you can see that any machine have a repeatability range and a +- accuracy. So those combined will need to be taken into account while looking at repeated readings of the same sample.
  8. My bottle is in the fridge, but I measured at room temperature.
  9. I got 0,6347 for European made invert sugar, trimoline style. European made Heinz ketchup = 0,916. No sure why the reading is that much higher? Less sugar? Different sugar types?
  10. The Chinese one is pretty accurate based on its specs, but it takes like an hour to get the correct measure. And yeah, it's 0,02 in accuracy which is kind of bad if you get a 0,85 reading. Is it 0,85? 0,87? 0,83?
  11. Haha, this is funny. I can measure for fun too. I have a cheap meter from China and an Aqualab 4TEV Duo.
  12. Sorry, the guy decided to keep the moulds. But I got the same thing that "it can happen with the injection technique" reply. I guess it can, but it's annoying and I would like there to be more quality control.
  13. I measured AW on store bought dulce and it was above 0,85.
  14. This is just a regular ganache with cream and white chocolate. I let the vanilla infuse in the fridge for three days by mistake. Planned for one, but it turned out amazing.
  15. Nothing special here, raspberry and vanilla. Classic combo of course.
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