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  1. Yeah, all sugar is beet sugar here. I mean, I can buy cane sugar if I really want to - but the standard stuff is made from beets.
  2. As it gets banned in more places, the replacements are more likely to be widely available. I guess there is little profit in selling these now.
  3. I've gotten air bubbles in mirror glaze without even trying - if you really want to incorporate air, I don't think it would be a problem.
  4. It's hard to say exactly with what it is, but I agree with gfron1. First it's chocolate, and the second layer is very likely some nappage based glaze, maybe with caramelized sugar to give the color and taste of caramel. I guess you could add some foaming agent to it to get some bubbles? You can see at the end of the video that it's not hard like a caramel layer would be. I guess Teo might show up here and teach us a lesson?
  5. The only alternative I've seen is from Chef Rubber, and I can't source it here. It's way too expensive. It's strange that PCB for example doesn't have an alternative, they're even a French company where it's forbidden these days
  6. There's a difference in spraying with an airbrush though. The amount of color is less than using a brush or whatever. Also, some would argue that you temper the cocoa butter while spraying.
  7. How do you temper the cocoa butter? 32° seems fairly warm. But with a room at 16-17°, having issues with too liquid butter when it's sprayed in the mould - the cocoa butter can't be tempered correctly.
  8. This is my saffron bonbon with orange and vanilla marzipan.
  9. https://www.novasina.ch/labstart-aw/ This one - https://www.novasina.ch/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/005371.00_Spec-Sheet_LabStart_EN.pdf The distributor thinks this low end version will be enough. I told them I don't need it to be PERFECT. An extra decimal is 800 EUR more.
  10. Btw, I also have a question. I've been looking at a unit for around 2000 EUR. But how do you even find reviews of these things? It's not like I can go to Amazon and read what people thinks about them. Like I don't want to put down 2000 EUR without knowing if the units measures well etc. @Muscadelle I don't know, it's jsut a guess. But I would mos def let it set for a day before measuring it. It should be in the temperature that it will be stored. Different temperatures give different aw readings, so if you measure it just when mixed it will be way hotter than when it wo
  11. I know I reply to a post which is super old. But a Pawkit for $500? Wow. Lucky you.
  12. I like it because I think it's fast. I can be sloppy and get chocolate in strange places, some times - but I also want to learn the other ways so I can understand and help others.
  13. So I was reading about invert sugar in ganaches. I also read that heating invert sugar above 70° will stop it from helping lowering the AW of the product. What happens above 70°? Does some sugar stuff melt?
  14. Not yet! But I will try it also, I want to learn all methods.
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