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  1. Hmm, so looking at the recipe above. You would bring that up, and kind of deglaze with the fruit purée and the butter? Is that what you're saying?
  2. So, I understand it as this place = use old threads, do not create new ones. Here I'm bumping a 6 year old one. Kerry or anyone else - I've been trying to make a fruit caramel that has a nice smooth texture and consistency that can be used to fill moulded chocolate shells, using only fruits and sugar, and that doesn't seem to work very well for me. Of all threads I found these seems to be the caramel one mentioning fruits a bit... What would the best approach be to create a raspberry caramel that taste more raspberry than caramel and that I can pipe? Looking at the ratios here, it seems like I should go with 200 grams of cream, and 300 grams of raspberry puré and bring it up to maybe 115-116° or so? Do you think that would be a good start? Sugars + water + honey + cream + fruits, and then add the butter when the mass reaches the temperature that I want to have?
  3. This should be food grade, it's for tobacco products you have in your mouth. I guess I ought to ask, but since I'm just playing around for myself - I'll go with this for now, already placed the order. 😮 Thanks Paul, I'll try with lecithin as well - I have that at home. Only liquid form though, but that might work as well I guess. Since this polysorbate product is liquid.
  4. Hah, that's a good suggestion. I immediately found some where I live, much cheaper. Thanks to these people doing weird tobacco products at home.
  5. I've been looking at this recipe https://www.chefsteps.com/activities/dairy-free-pistachio-gelato but this polysorbate thing for food seems kind of hard to source. I can only find one source of it and that's in US with shipping and customs etc. Any other substance you can substitute it for?
  6. Yeah yeah, I can easy do this myself in Cinema 4D, it's a simple shape with a texture. Faking itself isn't hard at all. We've had a discussion earlier about fake stuff, so that's why I thought it would be a funny discussion.
  7. Team fake or team real? I'll go for fake.
  8. I don't think you can get Swedish apricots. But these are from France, if I trust the guy I bought them from. Not sure I do - they're probably Turkish haha. But they do taste good.
  9. I'm in some kind of tart mode. This is pistachio, apricot and caramel.
  10. Yes and almost, I guess. Lengthwise on a mandoline, and hot syrup poured over the rhubarb strips. I let them rest for a few minutes in the hot syrup, to get them more flexible as you wrote.
  11. I make a regular caramel by pouring 100 grams of water in a saucepan, followed by 300 grams of caster sugar and 50 grams of glucose. Deglaze with 200 grams of cream when you get that dark amber color and it's basically ready. I don't boil it anymore after that, it gets a nice consistency as is. This is a great base I believe, I used it for my hazelnut caramel where I add 50 grams of hazelnut paste. For the salty liquorice caramel, I just add q.s. of this https://lakridsbybulow.com/products/salty-liquorice-syrup/170g
  12. Bonbons with salty liquorice caramel. Most likely very few here would enjoy these?
  13. Yeah, the bacon is there - but I would probably try to enhance it more if I were to make this again, like you say; with fat in the ganache as well. The lingonberry chocolate is 100 grams of freeze dried lingonberry, 380 grams och cocoa butter, 520 grams of sugar and 5 grams of lecithin. The potato crisp is "grinded" potato chips that I mixed with some almond butter, salt and cocoa butter to get a better and more solid texture. There's a dish called "raggmunk", from where I live, that's potato pancake served with a few slices of fried pork belly and lingonberry jam, so I tried to make that into a bonbon.
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