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  1. I took a reading on another brand of that (and not vegan) and it was above 0,85, someone measured something else. I bought a new can of the same thing because I forgot to note down.
  2. Roxy and Rich and Chef Rubber both have replacements based on E170. It’s obviously not as good as E171.
  3. Hehe, if you read the instructions you can see that any machine have a repeatability range and a +- accuracy. So those combined will need to be taken into account while looking at repeated readings of the same sample.
  4. My bottle is in the fridge, but I measured at room temperature.
  5. I got 0,6347 for European made invert sugar, trimoline style. European made Heinz ketchup = 0,916. No sure why the reading is that much higher? Less sugar? Different sugar types?
  6. The Chinese one is pretty accurate based on its specs, but it takes like an hour to get the correct measure. And yeah, it's 0,02 in accuracy which is kind of bad if you get a 0,85 reading. Is it 0,85? 0,87? 0,83?
  7. Haha, this is funny. I can measure for fun too. I have a cheap meter from China and an Aqualab 4TEV Duo.
  8. Sorry, the guy decided to keep the moulds. But I got the same thing that "it can happen with the injection technique" reply. I guess it can, but it's annoying and I would like there to be more quality control.
  9. I measured AW on store bought dulce and it was above 0,85.
  10. This is just a regular ganache with cream and white chocolate. I let the vanilla infuse in the fridge for three days by mistake. Planned for one, but it turned out amazing.
  11. Nothing special here, raspberry and vanilla. Classic combo of course.
  12. I always use a stick blender. I believe it gives me a better emulsion. I guess it depends on what you're supposed to do with your ganache.
  13. Has anyone managed to get a pdf crystalized? I made a pdf like two weeks ago and covered it in saran wrap. The top of it now had a crust of sugar, really strange? I guess it could be some kind of "freak accident," because I've never seen this before.
  14. I'm also curious about the clear ganache!
  15. For sure! It might be so that I'm too slow, I don't have the moulds on hand yet. They're with a customer. But I'll let you know.
  16. Those scratches are way too large to be just regular mistakes if you ask me. I had 8 moulds like that showing up recently - the 2295 as well. Emailing with them and they want pictures of the chocolate moulded in order to move on with this - but I haven't had time for that just yet. Something is definitely up with the last couple of batches of 2295.
  17. It was such a long time since I posted something. I'm trying my guitar a bit. Made the "triple duja" or whatever we should call it, again. Recipe from Leroux. The gianduja is way too soft in his recipe. Need more cocoa butter or more dark chocolate. Almond and pistachio layers are better.
  18. I've made a marshmallow filling where I've used caramelized sugar as a base.
  19. Thanks. I'm going to try when I get my frames delivered. What about citrus pectin btw? I don't have any apple pectin but I have citrus, slow set (not sure if citrus or not), and NH.
  20. Okay, I will continue my monologue here with a new question; PDF with two different layers? Is it safe to pour hot PDF from a saucepan over a PDF that is already set? I mean, I guess so but it feels like the heat potentially could melt some of the PDF its poured on? Maybe I'm overthinking things here. 😂
  21. Gianduja something yes. They're working to make gianduja protected though, but I would be surprise if that protection is for more than Europe - as it should be only hazelnuts from Piemonte that makes gianduja. Europe have some weird stuff like that. You can't call cheese feta unless it's manufactured in Greece etc.
  22. I've talked about this and it's hard to get a perfect answer. Because the environment you work in matter. There's stuff all over in the air etc, but if you for some reason have loads of more staphylococci around you than normal for whatever reason, it might end up as a problem. When talking about these things it's about controlling the growth of stuff like staphylococci and fungus, and I think most people aren't prone to give you fixed numbers. Just as you can see in those numbers. 5 to 15 weeks? Wtf, how do I know which is which? I found bonbons which I made a year ago, which had been in 18° the whole time, I tried them and it tasted perfectly fine - not as good as when they were made though. But in the end it's about to know these things if you're going to sell your products, and if you can't guarantee more than 4 weeks of shelf life - don't. If you need to guarantee more, you should really talk with someone who work with these things to make sure that all is in order. Luckily you nor me don't live in the US where you would be sued for millions of dollars if someone ate a moldy bonbon or got sick because of something else. But it's still important, of course - your business could crash and burn if someone got food poisoned. Since I'm an idiot, and want to understand more - I just started reading this 😂
  23. The only AW meter I've seen that requires a computer (desktop, tablet etc) is AquaLab 3. The unit itself doesn't even have a display. The reason? Meter wants to move to SaaS, so they can continue to invoice long after you've bought your unit. I mean, it's a really nice piece of equipment. I got a quote for like 7000 EUR for it, where AquaLab 4 (which is the one I currently have) was like 10000 EUR. I think it's even more as of today. But that unit doesn't need a monthly fee. You can also look at Novasina, something like https://www.novasina.ch/produkt/labtouch-aw/ I think that one is 5000 EUR or so, but it uses a different way to read/measure the AW with some sensors that will need to be changed. How often? I'm not sure. I would say the most important thing is to check which accuracy the meter has. If it can give you a result which is +-0,02, something you measure that say 0,85 might as well be 0,87 for the worst. The latest I heard while discussing food safety with a professor (I really did, haha) is that staphylococci can thrive and multiple at as low as 0,83-0,84. So to be extra safe, 0,85 should be a thing of the past.
  24. Just to update here if anyone else have this question; just take the whole kg of puré and use the recipe from Boiron or whatever. It was the right amount. I made a pdf with green apple, 300 grams caramelized sugar (1050 in total), cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, and some butter essence
  25. So, I got a guitar cutter. The standard big size (whatever that means). How much product will one need to fill a full frame that's 1 cm high? The cutting area is 36x36 cm. How do you guys usually do? https://pavonitalia.com/professional/en/catalog/product/view/id/2997/s/chitarra/category/57/
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