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  1. Thank you!!! @Jim D. It really requires a ton of trial and error, doesn't it! I've found some of the color experiments I do in watercolor have helped inform choices on the chocolate side.
  2. Here are the other examples I have. Having trouble loading in some photos... not sure why.
  3. These are the closest approximations I've achieved, to what Monde du Chocolat creates. It really seems to require close attention to color combinations and intensity. I've played with different techniques, but the most successful seems to be a loosely gloved finger, swirling dropped in colors. You have to watch for colors that, if close to each other, will turn muddy. And subtler color combos seem to do better than sharp contrasts or intense ones.
  4. I bought a grown up airbrush! This is the model I got. https://www.midwestairbrush.com/neoforiwtrsi.html Plugged it in, poured in some colored cocoa butter and it coated things incredibly quickly - except that the overspray is insane! I'm still using my 3 year old Point Zero 1/5 hp tankless air compressor, which seems to run consistently between 40 and 60 psi. Can't seem to get it cranked down to run lower. Is over-spray caused by the psi being too high?
  5. lironp, I'd like to thank you, profusely, for having this lengthy dialogue about this subject. AND apologize for ever recommending the Paasche H. πŸ™„ I just watched some older links ya'll posted in this topic. Just for reference, when you are a serious introvert, with social anxiety, you learn most of your skills alone. I had NEVER realized just how effective a good airbrush should be until watching those videos. *sigh* If I told you guys how long it takes me to just coat one set of molds with my paasche - well, you'd pat me on the head and show me what the real professionals use. Then if you saw what my hands are like, one week into December... All that to say, I just ordered a grown up gun from Midwest Airbrush (local company with really good prices on them!) and can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for all the help!
  6. Hi there! I do approximately that amount of mold painting, during a given week. Higher during Christmas production. I do most of my detail work by hand, and use my airbrush for gradients, solids and combining taped sections for straight lines. My Paasche H single action has worked really well for me, for the last 3 years. I use that and a basic air compressor. I think the total cost was abotu $160
  7. Transfer sheet, or possibly a well designed stencil. I've come up with a way to turn stainless steel shot glasses into nice stencils to airbrush through - but you have to have access to a micromachining person.
  8. Having pursued the illusive all-natural beauty goal for nearly 3 years now, here's what I've come up with. 1) I would never try making dyes myself, because even the companies that have all-natural powders that work in fat-based applications, have had very little success creating fine enough powders with strong pigments. For the plant-based powder routed, only Sensient has come close. They do sell vibrant, well-dissolving colors, but you have to purchase huge quantities, that expire within 12 months, on average. 2) Pur Colour makes amazing metallics that are mineral based and do a really good job - they are a staple in my work. 3) Chef Rubber has cracked the code with their new all-natural, organic colored cocoa butter line. I'll post some pics of the valentines day products that I did with their stuff. IT is truly incredible and since I tend to play with color mixing a lot, they have the best options for varieties to work with.
  9. I'm pretty sure that's not a bonbon. The reflection of his thumb on the surface is all wrong. The reflective nature of even the shiniest chocolate surfaces shouldn't have the reflection that deep.
  10. I wanted to come to this so badly, but it looks like this year is out. We've got some mental health issues with one of our kids that hasn't been resolved like we'd hoped, and end of the school year means stress will be even higher. It would be a lousy time for me to be gone. Have a ton of fun, folks!
  11. I've bee trying to hold my breath, and sort of assumed that was enough. Until the last few months, I wasn't using my airbrush much. Now I have a wholesale customer that vastly prefers that look. When I started blowing my nose and it was a bit blue... 😏
  12. Super cool way to do it! Pretty kitchen. 'be a shame for something to happen to it. πŸ˜‚ Sorry. Channeling my inner mobster. But for real, it's wonderfully practical. Thanks for the pics.
  13. Can you post a picture, so I can try to inspire my better half? πŸ˜„ I've been using my little Paasche H without a booth. Don't mind steaming the walls of the chocolate kitchen, to get them clean, but starting to worry about my lungs. πŸ™„
  14. Sorry I never got back to all of you. Thank you for all the amazing brainstorming! I ended up going another direction, because I had real misgivings about the customer wanting me to recreate another chocolatier's V'day flavors and designs. Went with Passion Fruit Mango. But will definitely hold onto this thread for future work!
  15. Yes! I'm buried under V-day production, but I still love their stuff.
  16. That's a good idea. Should I reduce the champagne some, to get rid of the fizzies?
  17. But Marc de Champagne seems to be nearly impossible to find on this side of the Pond. The request is from one of my wholesale customers, specifically for Valentine's Day. I tried searching back in the other threads, for ideas, but this ingredient keeps coming up. Any way I can achieve this sort of flavor combo with a substitute? I've only ever had a mimosa once... it was yummy, but I'm not going to be a terribly good judge of whether the truffle tastes like it or not. Gonna need help from some experts on this one. Lol!
  18. Based on the syntax of the accompanying sentence... πŸ€”
  19. Here are pictures of the bottles. The semi-clear is perfect fine, unless you really need a true white and it's seriously less expensive.
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