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  1. Self-leveling dark chocolate ganache?

    And it’s the coconut oil and the nut paste that makes things soft and the cocoa butter/chocolate that makes it set up, right? So if you upped the praline paste that should soften it and you would use less oil not more? Forgive my ignorance—I haven’t made meltaways, but I’ve noticed that with praline.
  2. Question about fillings in molded chocolate

    Maybe try a deodorized cocoa butter.
  3. I don’t have all the answers for you, but my guess is it’s easier to control the amount of caramelization of the sugar (how dark/bitter) with caramelized the sugar (either wet or dry) and then adding the fats. I haven’t made many of the “kitchen sink” style, but I have made caramels of all consistencies (sauce, soft, teeth breakingly chewy, fruit flavored) by cooking the sugar first.
  4. Question about fillings in molded chocolate

    I take my piped caramels to 107C/225F. It’s able to pipe and it self levels at room temp and it keeps just as long as any of my ganaches. I also process my set/slabbed pâte de fruit with a little glucose to pipe it. Cut it into chunks and do very short pulses until it starts to loosen up so you don’t burn out your food processor .
  5. Confections! What did we make? (2017 – )

    These are beautiful! I have wondered about pear pdf. Pear is such a sweet and mild fruit that it seems like all the pear-ness of it would get lost in the sweetness of the pdf so I haven’t tried it yet. But I love pear! Does much of the pear flavor come through or is it more of a neutral fruitiness that just goes well with the caramel?
  6. Callebaut Gold chocolate

    I haven’t tried Callebaut Gold, but the CB Zéphyr Caramel is fantastic. I found Valrhona Dulcey smoother but with a less pronounced buttery caramel flavor. The Zéphyr Caramel explodes on your mouth but the texture was just slightly gritty to me. I have only caramelized white chocolate once, it was Callebaut W2, but I much prefer both commercial versions to what I was able to make in my own.
  7. Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Greweling says the melting point of IV crystals is 29C, so maybe as long as you stay at that temp the IV crystals stay melted out? The reheating to 30C could be extra insurance? I don’t know. I tried it with the molds I painted, sprayed and shelled last night and so far so good. I’ll report back once I fill, cap and crack them out. I have a history of everything looking perfect at this stage and then the shells readhering to the mold .
  8. Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Kriss Harvey has also advocated a much cooler temperature than I usually see recommended. He melts the cocoa butter, then tosses it back and forth between two cups until it reaches 29C, then sprays. I haven’t tried that method yet. For those taking the class, let us know what you think of it. I wish I could take it with you—alas, life right now. But I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences after you complete the course.
  9. A little cliché but my 3-year old loved it . Chocolate cake with raspberry coulis and swiss meringue buttercream. It was my first real time doing anything with fondant (ears and horn).
  10. Chocolates with that backroom finish

    It won’t let me react with a “like,” a “ha-ha”, AND a “sad” reaction. But that’s my reaction. Lots of tears. Some from laughing. Some from crying .
  11. Chocolates with that backroom finish

    Thank you for the tips! I’m sorry it happens to you, but I’m glad I am not completely alone .
  12. Overly viscous ganache—what am I missing

    This is the pro: Chocolates and Confections: Formula, Theory, and Technique for the Artisan Confectioner and the home baking version: Chocolates and Confections at Home with The Culinary Institute of America Enjoy the new book!
  13. Overly viscous ganache—what am I missing

    By Peter Greweling? I do have that one—actually two (the pro and the amateur versions)
  14. Chocolates with that backroom finish

    I feel like I’ve read a few places to chill the shells for a few minutes in the fridge once they start to crystallize. I’ll have to look around and see. But that’s what I’ve always done and I’ve never had so much trouble .