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  1. Pastrypastmidnight

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    I just thought I’d throw out there in case anyone was interested that Andrey will be teaching a spray boot camp with Melissa at Melissa Coppel’s studio in LV January 12-15 and then a second class called “Colorful Chocolates” January 17-18 of next year. Melissa just emailed me next year’s class schedule.
  2. Pastrypastmidnight

    How do they do that? (the bonbon thread)

    The Running a Chocolate Production class would be more accurately titled Rrcipe Development and Decoration Techniques for Running a Profitable Chocolate Production. The recipes are formulated to last at least 3 months and the decor is one or two steps. You need smallwares and a spray gun/compressor, but you don’t need special equipment for the molded bonbons. Enrobing is always going to be more efficient/profitable and that’s what is going to cost $$$ to set up.
  3. Pastrypastmidnight

    How do they do that? (the bonbon thread)

    Melissa Coppel offers that class. I just took it in July and she has another one this month.
  4. Pastrypastmidnight

    Mini marshmallows: fun or gross?

    Real homemade marshmallows with actual vanilla bean and a pinch of salt can actually taste buttery. Fruit flavored ones with real fruit juice or purée and a touch of citric acid and bright and just lovely. Give them a try! But, beware! I’ve burned out more than one KitchenAid making marshmallows, so just be careful!
  5. Pastrypastmidnight

    Mini marshmallows: fun or gross?

    I guess I’m weird, I big puffy heart homemade marshmallows . I do like the idea of having them as an add-on for those that care about them.
  6. Pastrypastmidnight

    Cream cheese ganache?

    I’ve used this one: https://www.cacao-barry.com/en-OC/chocolate-recipe/2021/red-red-pepper-strawberry-confit-white-chocolate-zephyr I did not have lecithin or yogurt powder, and I replaced the sorbitol with invert sugar. I made sure they were all gone in about 10 days. They stayed fresh for that long even with the substitutions.
  7. I’m in KC (well, 30 minutes out) and I can probably help with small assignments. I would like to do more, but we are dealing with some big family challenges right now and I’d hate to drop the ball on something.
  8. Pastrypastmidnight

    Favorite white chocolate

    “Unfortunately”!!! Bwahahaha!! Exactly .
  9. Pastrypastmidnight

    Streaks on hand-dipped chocolates

    I’m not putting them in the fridge. I don’t even know how I would time that since they’re already setting up when I do the 5th of 6th one after that. I honestly didn’t know that was something people did when hand-dipping. Thank you, Jim. I’ve worked hard on my neatness with hand-dipping . I’ve wondered a bit about what is realistic without an enrober and automatic tempering machine. What I wouldn’t give for a vibrating belt and a blower! So, I do reheat the chocolate in the side of the melter where I scrape my fork before mixing it back in if it looks thick. I only dipped 64 pieces—took less than an hour—and the chocolate hadn’t thickened significantly. But maybe that is the issue. How often do you typically reheat the surface of your chocolate when you’re working? Thanks for all the feedback!
  10. Pastrypastmidnight

    Streaks on hand-dipped chocolates

    I’m wondering why I keep getting pieces with streaks when I hand dip chocolates. I use a Mol d’Art melter and temper by heating the chocolate to 45-47C, cooling to 32C and adding 1% silk. I never start until I have a perfect temper test. I stir the chocolate after dipping every 4-6 pieces, and I retest the temper every 10 minutes or so. I hand enrobe by placing the piece in upside down, flipping it over with the fork, tapping it on the surface of the chocolate 3-4 times, then scraping the bottom of the fork on the edge of my melter. Room temp is usually 19-20C. Last night all of my temper tests were perfect but I still have random pieces with streaking. It’s not bad, it’s just not a perfect matte like the other pieces and I’d like to understand why. Thanks, guys .
  11. Pastrypastmidnight

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Do you melt them in the microwave or some other way?
  12. Pastrypastmidnight

    'Ruby' the Fourth Chocolate frontier?

    It seems like everyone I have heard a report from has been somewhat ambivalent about it. But, man, they marketed the heck out of the stuff.
  13. Pastrypastmidnight

    How do they do that? (the bonbon thread)

    I’m intrigued by the mention of a liquid fudge. Is that something you could achieve with invertase? I’ve not used it yet and im a little fuzzy on the science. This is something I haven’t see before and I found it interesting to think about.
  14. Bwahahaha!! Go for it! Thank you and you’re quite welcome .
  15. Chocolate mud cake with Valrhona Caraïbe chocolate, filled with salted caramel, frosted with ganache, and topped with toasted macadamia nuts, macnut toffee and a brittle with more macadamia nuts, and Hawaiian lava sea salt. For my 14-year old’s birthday. Served with passionfruit sorbet .