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  1. Pastrypastmidnight

    Suggestions for chocolate egg fillings

    Bob’s Red Mill makes a really fine unsweetened shredded coconut. It was much easier to cut because of the smaller pieces of coconut. I agree with @curls that it would be difficult to pipe—it’s super sticky and viscous, like cookie dough consistency. I’ve had no problem cutting it with a knife. It holds its shape really well. I think her idea of spooning it in is wise. Maybe for a molded piece, spoon the coconut filling in, then pipe caramel or caramel ganache on top and then close.
  2. Oh. My. Gosh. We just left Nathaniel Reid Bakery on our way through St. Louis. I would encourage everyone to make time to go when you’re there for the workshop. We ordered, like, 6 things and they were all fantastic!
  3. Pastrypastmidnight

    Chocolate tray suggestions

    You want to make a tray out of chocolate—so you need a mold that size? Or you want the chocolate pieces in a plastic tray within the box?
  4. I got some Cocoa Noel butter like that. I upped my machine all the way to 33.9 and it was still lumpy. I had to melt it all the way out, let it solidify, then keep my machine at 33.7. I think it must have been a little old and formed type 6 crystals. I freaked out when I got my Cacao Barry cocoa butter because at 33.7 it melted almost completely. I lowered it one tenth of a degree at a time and found 33.5 is perfect.
  5. I’d love to learn about sugar work as well. And I’m interested in panning, although I’m not sure if any of that kind of equipment is available. Also, if anyone knows how to keep a stupid candy bar with a caramel layer from exploding out any weak spot in the stupid enrobage, I’m totally all ears (grrrr ).
  6. Pastrypastmidnight

    Freezing bonbons

    At Melissa Coppel she said to just wrap the box they’re packaged in with about 5 layers of plastic wrap. Maybe try that and see how it goes.
  7. Pastrypastmidnight

    Best places to purchase couverture chocolate

    The workhorse chocolates (Satilia 35 and 62) come in 12kg boxes. If they make custom couverture it comes in 12kg boxes as well.
  8. I did have the thought the other day that I’d love to hear from anyone already in business how they track and manage inventory of both raw ingredients and finished products. I know it must be done, but I don’t really know how one does it.
  9. Pastrypastmidnight

    Beginner Chocolatier Investment

    I don’t know if it’s changed, but I do like the dark and 72% pound plus, taste wise. It’s more viscous than couverture, but I did shell with it when I first got molds almost 2 years ago. I don’t love the taste of their milk chocolate.
  10. Pastrypastmidnight

    Beginner Chocolatier Investment

    ChocoTransferSheets.com sells sample packs of cocoa butter (like, sets of 6 colors). That’s what I started with. They’re a pain in the rear to heat in the microwave because the containers are so thick, but they do well in a toaster oven on low heat. And if you have to microwave it’s not the end of the world. It’s jusr slow. The metallic set is gorgeous!
  11. Pastrypastmidnight

    Vent about your screw-ups

    Oh no! Best wishes to your KA for a speedy recovery!
  12. Pastrypastmidnight

    Jacques Genin Caramels

    Sigh. I guess I’ll have to get some liquid soy lecithin now. I’m running out of space in my house for specialty ingredients 😂.
  13. Pastrypastmidnight

    Jacques Genin Caramels

    But soy tastes better? Ugh. I’m so frustrated. I bought soy lecithin granules the first time I tried this last year because I didn’t know any better and they didn’t incorporate and they scorched. And I thought that batch tasted a bit weird too. I really don’t want to buy $20 of liquid soy lecithin just to try it out. Grrrrr. Oh well. Onward and upward.
  14. Pastrypastmidnight

    Jacques Genin Caramels

    So I made the 11/29 recipe (with a bit less lecithin than was called for) last night when I made 6 different caramel recipes/methods for comparison. The Genin one was the very least favorite. It just tasted off. I’m wondering if it was the sunflower lecithin. That was the only kind I could find locally in a smaller container. Does anyone know if sunflower lecithin tastes significantly different from soy lecithin? I was super disappointed.