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  1. Super scary, but thank you for the vote of confidence! Thank you! I am lucky to know a great graphic designer and I was so pleased with what she designed for me!
  2. Well, the story has only just begun and I’m not 100% sure where it’s going yet, but yes :). After a few years of learning and practicing and randomly showing up pretty much anywhere and everywhere with bonbons to give away, my mom and I recently formed an LLC and launched our chocolate company Bliss Chocolatier. It’s a cottage food operation out of my home at the moment, but we’ve been working with a real estate agent to find a commercial space. I have to get out of my house for a million reasons. I’m sure I’ll update as we move forward. For now, I have an Instagram @bliss.chocolatier and a placeholder website with absolutely nothing on it yet ;). I’m trying to just take the next step and not worry too much about seeing the end from the beginning right now. Which is suuuuuper hard for my risk-averse personality.
  3. I just thought I’d share my very first Christmas box because I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. The color scheme reminded me of The Nutcracker <3. Flavors are: hot chocolate, cranberry orange, milk and cookies, turtle, hazelnut crunch, speculoos butter praliné, salted caramel ganache, peppermint crunch, and spiced pumpkin caramel.
  4. Kind of this. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shouted, “Chocolate is a STUPID hobby!” when I’ve been frustrated by trying to work in my home kitchen Around my family’s meal schedule or traipsing all over the house to retrieve the equipment I have squirreled away wherever there’s room or trying to keep chocolate in temper for more than a handful of molds with just a melter or when I just haven’t had the right tool for the job. The reality is, it’s just really frustrating. I agree with everyone above. First purchase: more molds. Pick something easy to use, paint, and polish. I have 20 half-sphere molds and 15 dome molds and use those for almost everything. Second: a melter makes a huge difference. Third: the EZTemper legitimately saves me so much time. Good luck!
  5. I have his book but I didn’t see cranberry on my chart. I figured something out, though.
  6. Has anybody done a cranberry pdf? I can’t find cranberry on any of the, like, 4 different tables I have. Thanks!
  7. I think a better title for the production class would be “Recipes and Décor Techniques for Production.” I think the two classes are very similar but the production one only provides recipes with a 3 month shelf life and decor techniques that would be possible in a production setting. No suuuuuuuper tricky painting or super perishable fillings. The topics covered are really similar.
  8. The glucose prevents the sugars in the chocolate from re-crystallizing and the invert sugar is there to keep it from drying out, and both sugars bind water, leading to a longer shelf life.
  9. Wouldn’t jelly have less water than cream? So it reaches the final temp sooner because there is far less water to boil out?
  10. More cream. By the time your sugar caramelizes there’s probably not much if any of that initial water left.
  11. If your caramel is not fluid enough for you and you are not cooking it at all after adding the cream (i.e. caramelizing the sugar to desired color/temp, deglazing with cream/butter/etc. off the heat, and then using it), you don’t have enough liquid in your caramel. Putting it back on the heat will only make it stiffer as you will be cooking out more water. Are you starting out with a recipe for a chewy caramel candy or are you starting with a recipe designed to be a sauce or bonbon filling?
  12. It’s a praliné layer. So yes, it does
  13. You can make two ganaches with the exact same ingredients but in different ratios and one will spoil but another will not, based on the Aw. Desserts like cheesecake are not formulated to be shelf stable.
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