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  1. Pastrypastmidnight

    Cookies spread more when doubling recipe...?

    How long are you chilling them? Could it be that they’re not getting as cold because of the greater mass of the dough?
  2. My husband made me one with foam core, duct tape, a filter and a box fan that is collapsible .
  3. Pastrypastmidnight

    A thread for "unusual" recipes

    That’s a great book. I remember that dessert description—it was Michael Laiskonis, right?
  4. Pastrypastmidnight

    Favorite white chocolate

    Zéphyr is my second choice, but you’re right, it tastes nothing like Opalys. If you find anything that compares, let me know!
  5. Pastrypastmidnight

    Chocolates with that Showroom Finish, 2012 –

    They look great!
  6. Pastrypastmidnight

    How do they do that? (the bonbon thread)

    Yeah, those Maserati ones are just wrapped I think. https://goo.gl/images/TKCMK1
  7. Pastrypastmidnight

    Chocolates with that Showroom Finish, 2012 –

    Spider webs with dark chocolate salted caramel ganache. I get very very few truly original ideas, but this was one of them. I’m sure someone else has done this, but I’ve not seen it before. Didn’t turn out quite like I thought it would but they’re pretty fun anyway .
  8. Pastrypastmidnight

    Shelf life of marshmallow cream?

    I don’t want a set marshmallow. I just want a soft creamy marshmallowy flavored thing that stays creamy and soft. I haven’t been able to get the texture I want with gelatin. It’s not a vegan/vegetarian thing. It’s just a texture thing .
  9. Pastrypastmidnight

    Shelf life of marshmallow cream?

    Thanks! Ingredients on the Kraft Marshmallow Creme are: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Water, Egg Whites, Artificial Flavor, Cream of Tartar, Xanthan Gum, Artificial Color (Contains Blue 1) I wonder if I can get out of using gelatin if I use some xanthan gum and still end up with something shelf stable.
  10. Pastrypastmidnight

    Shelf life of marshmallow cream?

    I have used your tips for pipable marshmallow—it works great for a set marshmallow, but it wasn’t the texture I was looking for in this case. I’m looking for something that remains soft and creamy permanently. Thanks!
  11. Pastrypastmidnight

    Shelf life of marshmallow cream?

    Have you been able to make a marshmallow with gelatin that was soft like a marshmallow cream, rather than set like a marshmallow? Most actual marshmallows made with egg whites still contain gelatin to make them set up firm, etc.
  12. Pastrypastmidnight

    The Horror of Sourcing Decent Vanilla Extract

    I’ve heard good things about Slo Food Group: https://www.slofoodgroup.com/
  13. Pastrypastmidnight

    Shelf life of marshmallow cream?

    I want to put a soft marshmallow fluff into a bonbon. I’ve made this recipe lots of times for my s’mores macarons and it’s great but the recipe says it will only keep 2 weeks in the fridge (but it is actually fine much longer—at least no one in my family has died yet ). https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chowhound.com/recipes/homemade-marshmallow-creme-30296/amp Does anyone know of a soft marshmallow cream recipe I can pipe into a bonbon and leave at room temp for a couple of weeks? I know the commercial stuff will separate long before it goes bad (don’t ask ).
  14. That’s the order of preference I assumed in my head . Thanks!
  15. As I expected! Thanks for the review! Does the yuzu seem to be priced higher than the other flavors? I wondered because (where I’m at in the States at least), yuzu is very hard to come by. Have you been able to try the raspberry yet?