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  1. Well that I never would have guessed! Thanks
  2. This is really helpful and does explain why cutting with the metal string is probably superior to a knife (besides the whole uniformity and efficiency thing). At this point, it's just a hobby, and a first attempt at that. So while I'm aiming for the best final product possible, I'm not expecting anything near professional quality. I was intrigued by @pastrygirl's silicone mold suggestion, but now I feel almost challenged to try the lyre just to see how it works Who knows, it could end up being the ultimate small-scale/cheap guitar cutter alternative.
  3. This is good information, thank you. Well, this is my first time. So I'm more just trying it out than aiming for any kind of quantity yet. I was thinking I could set it up so my ganache was narrower than my cheese lyre and maybe it would be easier to cut cleanly than using a knife. A silicone mold might not be a bad starting point though.
  4. So a question about guitar cutters. I can see why they're a superior method for cutting ganache in terms of uniformity and efficiency, but I was wondering if there's something about cutting with a metal string that's superior to cutting with a knife? Perhaps a ganache would stick to the string less than the knife? Where I'm headed with this is, as someone who's just starting out and not ready to invest in a guitar cutter, I'm wondering if using a cheese lyre to cut ganache might be better than using a knife?
  5. No, sorry, I should have clarified. I haven't tried it yet. The only experience I have thus far airbrushing is applying the velvet effect to some entrements. I just upgraded to this airbrush and haven't actually used it yet, so it was more of a bonus when I saw your conversation suggesting it might be possible. I'm just getting into chocolate (taking the Ecole Chocolate course), so maybe I'll give it a go on my bonbons that are due in October. I will let you know if I'm able to pull it off.
  6. I think I have that cap too. Would love to hear if you have any luck splattering with it.
  7. Maybe I've imagined it, but is the Delta a new version of the ChocoVision Revolation X3210?
  8. By digital meter, do you mean one with a digital temperature reading vs. a dial?
  9. Thanks! This is making me want to drive up tonight. I'm only about 4 hours away from Montreal.
  10. Hi all, Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but I was looking at the 6 kg Mol d'Art melters on a couple of sites today and I noticed they seem to be marked down by about $100/$150 USD. TCF is selling them for $545 USD, while Technobake has them for $550 USD. Ordinarily, I'd have figured it was just a sale, but I noticed that on the Technobake site, at least, they seem to be in the clearance section. I'm relatively new at shopping these, so I could totally be misreading this, but I figured I'd ask. Does anybody know if there's something going on with them? Are they being discontinued? Are these amazing deals or just the regular price? They seem to be in stock and not discounted on the actual Mol d'Art site.
  11. So melting in a crock pot wouldn't work, but would it work for holding chocolate with a thermostatic controller? I have one of these (below) for sous vide cooking. The crock pot plugs into it and it has a thermometer that goes into the crockpot. When the liquid in the crockpot hits a certain temperature it turns the crockpot off and when it drops below the temperature, it turns it on again. I've actually used it to sous vide cocoa butter silk before.
  12. Thanks @Kerry Beal, good to know!
  13. Ok, reviving an old topic with a question. For those who use a chocolate melter to melt their chocolate over night or several hours, does it not matter that the chocolate isn't being stirred? I know the other methods discussed here are melt the chocolate faster, but they also seem to require semi-regular stirring to avoid burning the chocolate. Also, could you use a crock pot in place of a chocolate melter to achieve the same thing?
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