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  1. Hi guys. Just as the title says, where can I find some decent ganache/filling recipes? I love all the chocolate based and fruit flavoured fillings, but don't know where to look. Its a hobby so don't need recipes with enormous quantities. Thanks
  2. Yeah. I don't think it is basic either. But I'm gonna give it a shot and see how I go. Thanks guys!
  3. What about this? How would these be recreated?
  4. Thanks lisa!! I think they look absolutely amazing. Just like a galaxy...
  5. Hi guys. Came across these amazing bon bons on Instagram. How would you say I could replicate the design? thabks.
  6. Thanks guys Any ideas for me that i can easily and inexpensively source in the UK? Thanks
  7. Fantastic looking chocolates!!! can I ask where you got this mould from? I've been looking for one everywhere...reminds me of the spaceship from Flight of the Navigator...
  8. Hi guys. First post here. Just wanted to ask what you guys would recommend for a novice chocolatier to use as an airbrush for my chocolates? i want a fairly inexpensive (Badger??) airbrush that you can use with compressed air can, rather than the expense of a compressor. Is this possible? I only use it very sporadically for chocolates for friends etc, so don't really want to be splashing out. Thanks!!
  9. I made some dark chocolates at the weekend (cherry and chambord) to go with the white chocolate (milk chocolate and passion fruit). The dark blue colour with lustre dust (2nd row from the bottom) is my favourite.........
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