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  1. Off topic - but ... Netflix, School of Chocolate
  2. Well - understand I'm new to this - I'm thinking a thin coat. Like a clear coat on a car or wax job. And can you flavor cocoa butter? - Say rum ganache filling, then a little rum in the cocoa butter. And of course any mistakes must be made to "go away".
  3. Ah! Yes, now I can see it. <sigh> I was hoping there a method ... I suppose one could cut the plastic cover and ... but not much flavor.
  4. So my news feed had this story - https://www.nbcnews.com/news/asian-america/korean-american-chocolatier-makes-unique-treats-are-rare-western-shops-n1136996 They look like they have a transparent outer shell - a clear coat? Daydreaming I'm wondering if I were to fill the mold with cocoa butter and, ?within 3 seconds?, dump. So that the shell is 1/64" rather than the usual 1/16". Then chill, then while cold: spray, splatter, swipe, paint - chill again - refill with chocolate at at low temp - 86 deg F ??? and dump quickly. - Then fill with ...? whisky ganache ? and cap. So unless someone comes back with "I tried that and it trust me you don't want to even try..." I plan on giving it a shot.
  5. Didn't go through my mind above: Coffee Don Juan - (in dim room - this is 80% show) Take a Chardonnay glass, moisten rim and dip in sugar. Rotate glass(es) over flame (sterno). Sugar will harden and glass will get hot. Add shot of rum and swirl heating rum. After several seconds return rim of glass to flame. The glass should develop a very beautiful blue flame - raise to shoulder height and continue to swirl until flame dies out. Set on saucer, add coffee, top with whipping cream, twirl napkin and wrap around base of glass ribbon style - present.
  6. No, just enough to act as stickem. Heatgun o.n.l.y. just enough if th mask won't let go.
  7. Can't stand un-quite places. Back in the 60's, 70's 80's there was place, Golden Belle, in Billings, Mt. 1880's decor. The kitchen has "a" chef and several high school age helpers. During their sophomore year their tasks were: pearl diving, peeling veg., bussing. Junior year they learned to cook in the kitchen - think puppets on a string. In their senior year they learned table side - 7 flaming dinners and 7 flaming deserts. No talking, no listening, un-busy hand at the small of the back. Liebfraumilch, Caesar for 2(tableside), Butterfly (sauce diablo base)(flamed ts), wild rice/baked pot. Crêpes Suzette(flamed ts), and Coffee Don Juan (flaming). The Chef reviewed the school Report Cards before the parents did. In my book the food was 5*, the service was 5*. Every year the maitre d' - "Do you remember [name] from last year? Received a postcard, he's a sous chef/woking at [name] in San Fran/Denver/NO". ----------------------- Second on my list is the Shadowbrook, followed by Sudpfanne.
  8. Oh I've got 'dipped with stems' down. I just can't find cherries small enough to use in my molds.
  9. (as a nubie) there was an earlier post about not being able to get tape to stick to a mold. What if you were to coat the underside of the mask with a very thin layer of coco butter, warm and apply. Then if it sticks too well hit it with a heat gun just enough to peel it loose.
  10. Years ago (I'm now retired) my work took me to Germany several times - once for 90 days, once overnight. Pils, eh. Hefeweizen, ya, OK. Alt, omg I've found my love. Asbach Brandy Cherries - now I understand the word "addiction" (my drug of choice). Now I have a problem - no one in Colorado Springs carries them. On-line they're about $1.50 per (plus shipping). A few weeks ago, searching the web for CCC, I ran across a video - roll your own. "L", I can do that. (little did I know, but hey I'm not that smart). So Amazon: a couple of polycarb. molds, Walmart for wafers, cherries, etc and a week later - I guess the rule is "one must hide one's mistakes by eating them...". But after raising my blood sugar to around 780 and 27 youtube videos - hey those look ... passable. So, right now I'm looking for advice, direction: ie. even if I cut my cherries in half they just fit in the mold - sans fondant. If I make 2 batches, empty, add cherry and seal 2 half shells together... I don't have tempering down as they're not as shiny as they should be and my attempts at coco butter (colored) have been a disaster. That's why I'm here.
  11. Just getting started making bon bons - choc covered cherries, ganache filled etc. I want to do coco butter art - what is the best temperature for: finger wiping, toothbrush splattering, air guning? thanks
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