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  1. crystallised sugar is very different to polish than chocolate. I remember when I did these in a class I was in it took about 3 hours to coat them with the sugar syrup properly, it had to be really slow otherwise the coating just fell off because it was getting too thick before it was crystallised properly. We then covered it with chocolate and polished that.
  2. keychris


    I have far too many body rolls, probably from eating things like cruffins 🤣
  3. keychris

    Tempering (Tabling vs Seeding)

    I believe the people who did Andrey Dubovic's Pralinarium course were told to keep room temperature around 18C. Still a bit higher than 62F though.
  4. keychris

    Callebaut Chocolate

    I would classify W2 as "gluggy"
  5. keychris

    Callebaut Chocolate

    tempering isn't as hard as people make out. melt the chocolate to 45C, then "cool it to 32C". How you melt it, up to you. Microwave it, leave it in the sun on a hot day, sous vide, stove top, bain marie... doesn't matter. How you cool it, up to you. Either table it 2/3 of it down to ~27C then add it back to the hot chocolate to get it to 32. I know a guy who tables all of his chocolate directly to the working temperature. Or you can seed it by adding callets, or add mycryo, or silk from something like @Kerry Beal's EZ Temper. That might sound confusing, but all I'm trying to point out is that there's so many ways to temper if you understand what the process is trying to do. If you don't understand what you're trying to achieve, all those combinations are going to seem pretty daunting. I'm sure if you want a crash course there's a tempering thread not too far away
  6. keychris

    Macarons – Baking

    It's funny how things are for different people, I use pretty much the exact same recipe as you've got there but get much better results on baking paper! Edit: compared to my baking on silpats, not your beautiful macarons in that picture
  7. As much as I like using my thermometer for bread, I do cakes by feel.
  8. In my experience it's extremely hard to not get moulding marks from those large block moulds because of the sheer amount of chocolate in the block and the amount of contraction it undergoes. When I use solid polycarbonate block moulds, there's sometimes a millimetre (which isn't huge but it is if you know what I mean) gap on the sides after it's set up overnight. I don't know how you can control that contraction rate to reduce the marks in a non-professional setting.
  9. When I saw the weather forecast for this weekend, I was pretty sure things weren't going to end as well as they did: 38C on Friday, at midnight it was still 28C in my kitchen... Had to get creative! (I dragged my piece of stone into the lounge room and tempered on the floor in there as that's where the AC is!)
  10. If it's printed on actual paper I feel that you're just going to have more problems!
  11. My recipe is easy. I make a normal ganache, then throw all the matcha in the bin, because matcha tastes like the devil's... Let's just say it doesn't taste nice and leave it there 😛
  12. keychris

    Quiet compressor for airbrushing

    Well, because they are quiet? I can use mine at midnight in my kitchen and no-one knows I'm using it, even if it does turn on every 30 seconds. But if you want this lack of noise, you're sacrificing power to pressurise a large tank to provide continuous flow for spraying whole moulds. You can make a small quiet compressor work, but the time you take to spray will be increased. I bought mine and made it work for me because I couldn't afford getting another compressor or a different gun. If I could go back and change it, I probably would try a larger iwata instead.
  13. keychris

    Quiet compressor for airbrushing

    can you define what you're doing when you're airbrushing? Are you looking to coat the whole mould in a short time or are you looking at individual cavities? If the latter, I have an Iwata SmartJet Pro which is very quiet, however it struggles to cover a whole mould, I need to wait for a few seconds after every pass or two before doing the next row of cavities.
  14. keychris

    Help with Almond Brittle

    you could also add a pinch of bicarbonate soda to help with the emulsification, but you still need to put in a bunch of effort mixing!
  15. Hah, I just bought 8kg of Felchlin SaoPalme 36% milk and 4kg Accra 62% dark today for tempering milk, do exactly the same but your final temperature you're aiming for is 30-31C.