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  1. Name that mold!

    Better view of it:
  2. Nobody else knows except you that it's not supposed to be like that, that's why no-one has complained
  3. it's simply called "chocolate showing you who's boss"
  4. Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Just to clarify, only as long as you stay enrolled Can be a little be delayed in answering questions on their forum though!
  5. Andrey Dubovic online classes

    It's not really any different to other online subscription models, I guess.
  6. From memory, I think that cacao used to mean a product that was removed from the beans before a particular part of the chocolate making process - fermentation, perhaps? But I suspect that marketing and labelling people have taken over and that cocoa / cacao butter are used interchangeably as the market for their particular product requires. E.g. your packet has that bloody buzzword "organic" on it - I daresay that is why it says cacao instead of cocoa. Simply because it sounds better to people buying it. All that is to say my opinion is you can probably use them interchangeably with no real difference in the final product.
  7. Andrey Dubovic online classes

    way too pricey for me
  8. if you look at a regular KitKat, it won't say chocolate in the ingredients list either, I imagine. "Cocoa mass" is the pink ingredient in this case.
  9. Are you keeping it sealed up? Nougat absorbs moisture from the atmosphere like a sponge in a sink, makes it soften and go sticky.
  10. It sounds like the formulation I tasted in January had a similar profile, I think. I wasn't very excited by it - slightly acidic, but fruity, the closest thing it tastes like to me is white chocolate with berries. Not for me, I don't think - but I'm not in the target millenial market
  11. Sweating pdf is also caused by storage conditions, if you've got a humid environment I think it's practically unavoidable.
  12. I guess pipe in white, then toothpick through it. definitely not a professional look to my eyes though - I've made worse though
  13. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Thanks @ElsieD!
  14. I would prefer an EZtemper, if I say so on my instagram can I get one sent down under