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  1. if your authorities are anything like ours, they won't have a template, and they won't have any idea on how you should produce the SOP. Trying to get assistance with labelling regulations that my health authorities wanted me to comply with was like getting blood from a stone!
  2. Melisa Coppel actually uses that as a technique to make one of her designs iirc
  3. cheers Jimbo. UNfortunately looks like allulose isn't approved for use in foods in Australia at the moment... I'll have a search on here for those other topics
  4. Hi all, Does anyone have experience with making a bean to bar using a sweetener other than sugar? Not sure I want to jump in and waste my beans if the road has been troden and found to be a mud track to nowhere... If you've had success, can you share so I can copy you shamelessly Chris
  5. The first sentence says that you don't temper then the second sentence says you do 😛
  6. when I was starting up (I'm not anywhere near running a small business), renting kitchen space to prepare in was cost prohibitive compared to registering my own kitchen as a food safe area. My council also required me to register my kitchen regardless if I was making product there or not if I was storing the product in my house, so it was just register the kitchen in the end, because storing the product elsewhere was also cost prohibitive!
  7. I would be interested in hearing that story! (if you can be bothered typing it )
  8. I just have a generic HVLP gun which has a dial, twiddle the dial and go from fine spray to spatter, no changing PSI: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-2AnEKj4nC/
  9. I disagree (respectfully) - you can see some chocolate that's over the gold leaf, so it's been added to the mould prior to the shell being created.
  10. 100% made with bubbles somehow, I have no idea how...
  11. Don't forget about moving something that weighs 100lb 😂 Unless you're constructing on the balcony!
  12. I made a filling with 2:1 ratio white chocolate:cream last weekend and it was juuuuuust firm enough after some time cooling in the fridge. Next time I'll go 2.5:1
  13. Or pay AU$12.95 for savour online one month and see how Kirsten makes that design 😂
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