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  1. that's a beautiful mold and it's a pain in the butt as it only holds 16 (!!!!) chocolates. You have to have so many molds to do a run of them!
  2. Honey comb versus honey

    you want to put honeycomb (with wax) into a dough? I'm not sure of the edibility of beeswax, I'm sure it pass straight through but ... I'd rather not.
  3. "The customer is always right"
  4. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Have you tried steam? My oven was terrible for holding steam (the front seal is basically gone) but I could get around that by baking loaves underneath a cloche or another bread tin or a cast iron pot for the first 10-15 minutes of my bake. This hugely improved my golden glossy colours on the loaves
  5. Pavoni egg mould - these things are pretty big. I don't think I've ever received an egg this large
  6. ... I do that too But it's more because I prefer to keep track of all those minor details and I'm interested to know exactly how much I spend (read: how much I'm losing with this hobby)
  7. heh, yes! I just didn't have any white chocolate tempered up on the weekend A special order for a conference out of state - shipping chocolates at 32C temperatures is fraught with problems
  8. You sure can here in Australia... I just made it a little bit easier Getting lots of people commenting on them so hopefully they're a hit!
  9. I charge $2.50 for mine when I'm selling at markets and whatnot. So, nope I don't think that's expensive
  10. so do you still describe yourself as just a "hobbyist" @kriz6912 amazing as always, thanks for those videos
  11. Bloomed truffle shells

    if they bloom, a liberal coating of shiny metallic powder should fix that