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  1. sometimes, no matter what you do, you're going to get those marks. No-one else will see them, just you
  2. don't say that, say "I'm ahead of the curve, clearly" 😁
  3. yeah, I'm with Lisa - apply the tape, spatter white, spray black, remove tape, spray copper.
  4. It sounds like a lot of hassle to just get a lower quality version of couverture. I imagine the tempering will work the same way but I have no idea what the final product will be like. Your "chocolate" is going to be very fluid. You could be talking adding anywhere from 30% cocoa butter, which isn't a cheap ingredient, or rather, I can't get it any cheaper than couverture. Couverture is expensive, but you get what you pay for. I personally would rather use the correct ingredient than try what you're suggesting.
  5. keychris

    What mold / pan ?

    I imagine they've lined it with a strip from a silpain as well?
  6. keychris

    Alkalizing Chocolate

    I think perhaps you just need to find the right brand and blend for your palate. Some are pretty fruity, but I find some of the higher percentage varieties from Felchlin to be intensely chocolate without that fruity flavour. I'm really enjoying the 65% Maracaibo Clasificado at the moment.
  7. I wouldn't click that link for any money, sorry.
  8. Neither of those will be anywhere near the price point that @scott123 is looking for though, will they?
  9. applying guitar sheet over the chocolate you're coating the base with and then scraping over that to seal the mould is probably the only way to get perfect bases, but this is a real pain in the butt technique at times. I can't count how many times the plastic moves a bit, or gets a hole in it, or wrinkles, blargh. But it sure looks good when it's done right! I don't think I can describe how to do it properly, I'm sure someone here will have a video they can link to (I couldn't see one on youtube with a quick search). We had a whole thread talking about it few years back if I recall correctly.
  10. You deal with it by not scraping a spatula with solid chocolate on it over the mold 😛 Use a large flat scraper, like an offset pallette knife or paint scraper to scrape the whole mold at once whilst it's all still fluid. Much easier to clean things up when it's all still liquid. If you're dragging a lot of chocolate out of the molds doing this and it looks messy, the chocolate may be too cool or overcrystallised.
  11. I use Heilala, not sure if it's available in the US
  12. keychris

    Cacao butter sticks to mold

    CB sticking to the mold could also mean the chocolate you're using was a little cool or not properly pre-crystallised as well.
  13. they leak because the chocolate contracts as it sets, which squeezes the filling. Have you investigated pre-formed truffle shells?