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  1. @a_pinch_of Looking at that instagram feed, I have two theories - the first is that there's just a heavy instagram filter being used. The second is perhaps the product is being frozen? There's what appears to be moisture on some of the chocolates in some of the pictures, freeze/thaw may adversely effect shine perhaps?
  2. if no-one else does before next weekend, I'll give it a go
  3. I envisage a solid flexible piece of plastic or silicon with the star pattern cut out of it, or even some sort of piping nozzle, you spray onto the pattern, you get diffusion at the edges of the spray depending how far the stencil is from the mold. You can see there's very little diffusion in the centre, with more out to the edges, so the stencil could be against the centre of the mold and is away from the edges. The diffusion could also simply be spraying from a slightly further distance away and not getting full coverage. IMHO you can't get that pattern with a stamp which you coat and place into the mold, but I've never done that so can't really say @Bentley, once you've sprayed the red, applying white with a finger once the red has set will create the highlights of red, then when you create the shell in dark you'll accent them against the darker red colours. If you add the white whilst the red is still setting you'll get a more smeared effect which is not what I'm seeing in that picture. I notice someone has posted a link on the instagram photo to this thread, we might get a direct answer
  4. I would assume pretty much what has been stated above: star shaped pattern is sprayed with white into each cavity red sprayed white applied in a swirl with finger create the shell in dark.
  5. Name that mold!

    that mould is particularly shallow, but it is a very pretty mold. I just wish they could have engineered it to have more than 16 cavities.
  6. Someone just asked this exact same question in another forum I'm on and the answer they were given was too much moisture in the oven as they baked - perhaps try cracking the door open whilst they bake with a wooden spoon?
  7. Chocolate Class for kids ?

    Bit late to the party, but I've always had great success making a whole bunch of eggs and spheres ahead of time and then letting the kids make their own chocolate sculptures, then decorate by piping.
  8. if you absolutely must freeze them, and I'm not sure I understand why you do yet (are you serving them frozen?), try vacuum sealing them so they're not absorbing moisture when you take them from the freezer.
  9. the finish on that is simply gorgeous.
  10. that's a beautiful mold and it's a pain in the butt as it only holds 16 (!!!!) chocolates. You have to have so many molds to do a run of them!
  11. Honey comb versus honey

    you want to put honeycomb (with wax) into a dough? I'm not sure of the edibility of beeswax, I'm sure it pass straight through but ... I'd rather not.
  12. "The customer is always right"