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  1. I've always sprayed at 86-88F (30-31C) with no problems. This is the method they teach at Savour in Melbourne. The cocoa butter in @eglies original post - if it's thick enough to chip, it's too thick as @pastrygirl said.
  2. I believe the nibs are added to a clean mold, but because it's not a solid, even layer, some of the chocolate comes through and spreads out as you see there. I've had exactly this happen when creating easter eggs with inclusions on the shell.
  3. keychris

    Chefsteps gummies

    it really depends on the bloom strength of your powder. I'd go by weight though, it's easy enough to find the weight of different strength gelatin sheets online.
  4. keychris

    Beginner Chocolatier Investment

    whilst an ez temper is helpful, it's definitely classified into the "expensive toy" category for me (sorry @Kerry Beal). But that's mostly because Australia is a long way to ship one and the exchange rate is horrible. I think if you want to experiment, you'll need a few polycarbonate moulds. You can temper in the microwave or by seeding, I did that for a year before I invested in a large piece of stone to table my chocolate on. I didn't have melting tanks for a year, I just did everything in bowls with a heat gun and as fast as I could. It's possible All the toys just make it easier. If you're looking to actually create things to sell, then you'll want some of the things that make it easier, because time is money. If you wanted, you could also enrol in an online class, there's a few around with a relatively low month to month cost which will provide you with heaps of info on the basics.
  5. It is a lot! It's actually really useful information, as some of the pieces I do for Easter always ended up with super thin walls, I guess I was underestimating the amount of chocolate I needed by a looooong way
  6. heh, my technique. Except I don't have the snow 😂
  7. How are you going to spin it?
  8. keychris

    how to heat chocolate moulds?

    I feel that unless you have active cooling for your moulds (cooling tunnel, refrigerator), you probably don't want to add heat to the system, as the more heat you have there even at the same temperature as the chocolate is more heat you have to remove for the chocolate to set, and you'll be more likely to get bloom due to heat from crystallization pushing it out of temper.
  9. it seems to be saying that you can have 0.5% of alcohol in your product that is only from "flavoring extracts" so I guess... like vanilla essence? Are the alcohols we use classified as flavoring extracts? Probably not. But this page itself isn't talking about labelling, it's saying that what you're producing is classified as an adulterated food.
  10. How much kahlua is in the 2.5g? and what is the weight of the finished truffle?
  11. Need more numbers. Total ganache weight, amount of wine in that ganache. Here come lots of assumptions. Let's assume 60/40 chocolate/wine ratio. Also assume each chocolate weighs 12g, but 2g is the shells. Leaves 10g of filling, which is 4g of wine. Let's say 12% alcohol content in the wine, leaves you at 0.48g of alcohol, which is 4% of the total product weight. Very rough figures, but I think you're going to be significantly higher than 0.5%. Is it as simple as just relabelling correctly or is getting the alcohol license a pain in the butt?
  12. keychris

    Callebaut Chocolate

    I remembered this topic when I found this graph in a book I was reading recently. I thought it showed nicely why you don't have to cool the chocolate lower than the working temperature, the other crystals don't start forming until under 28C. So if your temperature is higher than that, you're only working with Type V crystals and the amount of them. Of course, other fats are going to interfere in milk and white chocolates.
  13. keychris

    Cleaning chocolate from floor

    A scraper AND elbow grease AND warm soapy water.
  14. keychris

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    I'd recommend contacting savour directly via the email on their website and asking if they know of anyone else that has any issues in argentina - they may be able to help you subscribe successfully. Disclaimer: I've been part of their online classes since day 1