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  1. it's GREEN eggs and ham, not blue And just what is that blue goo that they like to chewy chew
  2. Thanks for the reply I'm not your target market then, I haven't bought commercial bread for almost a decade, for exactly the reasons you mention. Except the cotton taste. I would go with cardboard I'll check out your kickstarter when it goes live though!
  3. How does your product achieve this? Or do you simply mean better than mass produced bread?
  4. When is a baguette a PITA?

    I use Reinhart's one in BBA, if I forget biga or poolish or whatever it is the night before I just put in a little sprouted wheat flour to get some nice enzymatic action you see from using those.
  5. is it a crack in the couverture or just the cocoa butter? If it's a thick layer of white, perhaps it had fully contracted and then the couverture contracted as well and caused some sort of crack? I have no idea really, just throwing ideas out there
  6. only one specifically christmas themed item this weekend from me, then just a few things that will last more than a week or two in our summer
  7. Nougat is too soft, any remedies?

    I was taught that in addition to having your sugar at the right temperature, it's important to test the nougat as you beat it, if it's cooling down and still not making a nice firm consistency when you put it in iced water, you need to apply heat to the bowl to evaporate more water from the mixture until you get the consistency you want.
  8. Long shot, but could it be metallic powder suspended in an alcohol he then applies it to each one with a pipette or something?
  9. Edible helium balloon

    There was a challenge on MasterChef Australia that included one of these, by Christy Tania. You may not be able to see the video but you should be able to see the recipe here: https://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/masterchef/recipes/ice-cream-float They use xanthan gum, methyl cellulose and isomalt to create the balloon. It looked tricky to do, but not impossible!
  10. The only difference I can see between @Anna N's and @Raamo's loaves there is that anna's was perhaps rolled out thinner (there's more spiral in her loaf) - I wonder if this contributed to the tunnel.
  11. IMHO if you can taste the cocoa butter or the colourant, there's something wrong.
  12. A big factor might be how irritating you find an australian accent I just a quick count, there's 18 videos for what I would consider bonbons, including moulded and enrobed chocolates and truffles
  13. If you're only after bonbons, you're probably going to be disappointed. But if you're interested in pastry techniques in general, I'd definitely have a look. I've been subscribed since the start (mostly just because I like to support local businesses now!) and still enjoy watching the videos. The Melissa Coppel one from last week was excellent, and there's another one coming out soon. The forum is a little quiet compared to here!
  14. What sort of bread are you making in a centrifuge