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  1. I'm a fan of the Felchlin 88%, but almost every non-chocolate obsessed person I've given some to taste has not liked it ("It's too dark")
  2. It's a very common issue with round moulds. You get even contraction in all directions, so there's space there for the chocolate to get in. You could fix it by trying to stop the chocolate contract as much, but then it wouldn't release from the mould You already posted a pic from Melissa Copel - if someone like that still gets it, I don't think it's worth worrying about
  3. if you're storing all the stuff in there... outside... why not just spray it outside without the box?
  4. Is a "bullet cake" a thing?

    chocolate bullets are (apparently) an Australian confectionery. A small licorice tube coated in chocolate. They're freakin delicious.
  5. Sponge Toffee by Greweling

    I understand the principle, but I'm not seeing the results in the pictures up there!
  6. Sponge Toffee by Greweling

    can someone tell me what the difference between this and honeycomb is? I don't see how the gelatin is doing anything for the structure of this, either. Has anyone made the same recipe with and without it to see? for what I'd call honeycomb, I just cook my sugar/water/glucose syrup/honey to 155C then dump in the baking soda, whisk, onto tray, cool. No problems
  7. Troubleshooting Caramels

    Powder or liquid? solid lecithin is very hard to dissolve iirc. Even with lecithin in it, you'll still need to stir the bejeezus out of it to make the emulsion!
  8. nice work @minas6907! To be honest, looking at all your other amazing work I'm pretty surprised it took you this long to get into spraying cocoa butter!
  9. I like the peace sign he's pulling in the reflection
  10. Pistachio Paste

    It's no worse than an Excalibur dehydrator!
  11. I'm not sure, I've never weighed my moulds after spraying to find out, but that would be an interesting thing to know. I would guess that it's a less than a couple of teaspoons.
  12. heating prior to capping won't stop that issue, because the chocolate has already contracted. If you heat it so much that it re-expands, you'll break it out of temper. It's more noticeable on circular shapes because you get an even contraction in all directions.
  13. I do mine out the back door of my laundry The side of my house is covered with little coloured blotches of cocoa butter where I spray the gun to check the cocoa butter
  14. Nice work. I agree - in fact, when you zoom in on that front ring, the right hand side, you can see that it looks like there's actually something behind the ring, some sort of support scaffold. I would have guessed paper or acetate but I can't think of anyone that would put that on a product for consumption.
  15. I love the shape of #1673, but only have 16 cavities per mould is a pain in the backside when you're making a lot.