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  1. keychris

    Melanger experimentation

    you mean you would have spelled it correctly then huh
  2. That shape is amazing! Did you make the mould for it?
  3. keychris

    Buttermilk as A Substitute for...

    I often substitute yoghurt / buttermilk / milk for each other in cake recipes with no ill effects, it really just depends on what I have in the fridge on bake day!
  4. keychris

    Melanger experimentation

    Viscosity should decrease as your particle size gets smaller, iirc
  5. keychris

    Tempering Cocoa Butter?

    To illustrate @Tri2Cook's point, I always temper my cocoa butter by heating it to 45C, then cooling with plenty of movement (i.e. stirring) to 31C before use.
  6. I did! The gun you pictured is the exact one I have, works great.
  7. I've seen a Krea hotCHOC in action, IMHO it's for spraying cakes. We tried it on moulds and it just was spraying far too much. I definitely wouldn't buy it if you wanted to do moulds, unless someone else on here says they've managed to make it work. We only tried for less than half an hour though!
  8. They look fine on my phone, but you have some great bloom in there 😛 probably because they were a bit thick!
  9. my reason for using the cap is simpler - I spill it everywhere if I don't have the lid on
  10. keychris

    Chickpea enzyme in bread

    Try a batch without the chickpeas and see what happens?
  11. I need to see a video of it (hint, hint @Kerry Beal)
  12. I feel like this technique is another one that's just too time consuming to do on anything other than a special occasion - whilst it looks amazing, it just doesn't look practical!
  13. keychris

    Making colored cocoa butter

    I use regular (non-metallic) colours from PCB
  14. keychris

    Making colored cocoa butter

    remember it has to be fat soluble powder