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  1. if you have a small airbrush that has very little overspray, or you mask the rest of the mold that isn't covered by stencil with some plastic wrap or something, I don't see why spraying it before hand would be a problem, so long as you're using an opaque cocoa butter that will show up once you've put chocolate in the mold.
  2. I'm certain we've had this exact discussion relatively recently, perhaps @Pastrypastmidnight was involved? It was a while ago but I seem to remember someone doing tests with and without gelatine. Edit: a quick search and voila:
  3. this is exactly why it's so important to understand what the tempering process actually does, rather than slavishly follow temperature guidelines. You'll (generic you, not you specifically Jim :p) be much more successful at troubleshooting if you can pinpoint what the problem is, rather than just saying "well, the temperatures were all fine so I don't know what's going on" 😁
  4. Depending how much of each we're talking, coconut cream and heavy cream have quite different fat levels (24ish vs 35ish%) which could have an impact on your ganache texture.
  5. Might be this one: https://www.canadianliving.com/section/video/3799819159001 (I haven't watched it, just going by the page title)
  6. Could be that flavour is what he prefers over the well-conched-ness of it. Flavour profile changes the longer something is conched as more volatile compounds evaporate out of the blend over time.
  7. I don't see how recipe one above will give you a pH of 4.5, you basically have equal reaction quantities of acid (0.15mols) and base (0.29mols) (given one tartaric acid reacts with two bicarb) and the second recipe has vastly more bicarb compared to citric acid (which is a 1:1 reaction) (0.17mols of acid vs 0.4mols of base) so that one wouldn't be acidic either! my science brain really dislikes things like "neutralise the syrup" then the next bit is "pH must be 4.5" - that's not neutralised 🤣 (mols is a measurement in chemistry to compare the amounts of chemicals that are different sizes)
  8. There's no way (in my opinion) that's a transfer sheet, it has to be a specially designed stencil.
  9. Have you tasted cocoa mass / cocoa liquor? There's a reason why it has sugar put in it 😂
  10. I guess the question I have between yours and Teo's posts is: Are his photographs photos of chocolates that have been enhanced to look better, or are they completely fake and not techniques in chocolates at all?
  11. Some schools use the phrasing "pre-crystallised" instead of "tempered" to get people thinking about crystals instead of temperature, I can see how that would get translated to "slightly crystallised" - I mean, that's exactly what the tempered cocoa butter is after all!
  12. IMHO he's literally made one mold of that, and that's the only one that he can display. If I had the skill level to do that, I'd spray one cavity black at a time, then leave it to just set up enough to start drawing the lines, once that's done, careful airbrushing. Then move to the next cavity. There's no way I'd be able to do it though, I haven't got the time or patience 🤣
  13. What's the room environment that you're leaving those moulds to set?
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