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  1. What sort of bread are you making in a centrifuge
  2. I need friends like yours, Anna!
  3. My guess is repeated hot dishwasher cycles. I have a small polycarbonate grinder that goes on my stick mixer that has done exactly the same thing from the dishwasher.
  4. use a more fluid ganache so it self levels
  5. Vanilla sticker shock

    Yes, there's a midge or fly or something that can locally pollinate in Mexico - but they still get a better strike rate when they hand pollinate, apparently.
  6. If you have a sourdough culture that's working, why would you want to add commercial yeast to that? The whole point (IMHO) is that you don't have that yeast in the culture! Can you tell me what you mean by that? A week is a long time to retard the dough, mine always go too far after three days retarding in the fridge.
  7. Thanks Kerry! If I could rustle up that kind of cash I'd change that Soon!
  8. $110 shipping to Australia Apart from that, looks amazing!
  9. Vanilla sticker shock

    I was at a vanilla farm just last week in far north Queensland (Australia) and they said a few things: A disease has wiped out a lot of production in one of the main countries, I forget which, sorry! Weather conditions (in Australia at any rate) have not been conducive to a good crop ( no clear wet and dry season the last year) Indian markets are buying up large quantities of vanilla at the moment, with a view possibly to controlling the market in the future (expect higher prices)
  10. Quality Cocoa Butter

    Sorry, no! I buy the 2.5kg bag and vacuum seal it into smaller packages, around 500g each for long term storage.
  11. Quality Cocoa Butter

    I have no problem with the flavour for the felchlin chips, I use them for all my cb needs as they're so much cheaper than mycryo
  12. Quality Cocoa Butter

    If you have a bad taste, perhaps it's absorbed water & smells from the air. I don't know if cb can go rancid or not.
  13. I've lost count of the number of times I've sliced into fingernails... If I didn't have them my fingers would be significantly shorter