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  1. I disagree (respectfully) - you can see some chocolate that's over the gold leaf, so it's been added to the mould prior to the shell being created.
  2. 100% made with bubbles somehow, I have no idea how...
  3. Don't forget about moving something that weighs 100lb 😂 Unless you're constructing on the balcony!
  4. I made a filling with 2:1 ratio white chocolate:cream last weekend and it was juuuuuust firm enough after some time cooling in the fridge. Next time I'll go 2.5:1
  5. Or pay AU$12.95 for savour online one month and see how Kirsten makes that design 😂
  6. not much from me this year, just eggs for kids as we weren't allowed to see the family
  7. why can't places use recipes by weight, your US cups are different to ours 😭
  8. No. I find my sourdough dough generally doesn't last more than 3 days in the fridge before the gluten starts getting degraded and you end up with rubbery bricks. But sourdough is more enzymatically active than commercial yeast (in my anecdotal experience) so YMMV.
  9. packaging companies here market boxes with inserts specifically as chocolate boxes, for example: https://www.packqueen.com.au/6chocolateboxes I imagine the options outside of Australia are probably endless! I'm not sure that a box is cheaper than a bag tbh! But if you're saving on labour expenses, then it might be worth it. Those boxes come flat-packed so assembly is required but I think I can probably fold a six pack box faster than someone can wrap 6 truffles...
  10. if you have a small airbrush that has very little overspray, or you mask the rest of the mold that isn't covered by stencil with some plastic wrap or something, I don't see why spraying it before hand would be a problem, so long as you're using an opaque cocoa butter that will show up once you've put chocolate in the mold.
  11. I'm certain we've had this exact discussion relatively recently, perhaps @Pastrypastmidnight was involved? It was a while ago but I seem to remember someone doing tests with and without gelatine. Edit: a quick search and voila:
  12. this is exactly why it's so important to understand what the tempering process actually does, rather than slavishly follow temperature guidelines. You'll (generic you, not you specifically Jim :p) be much more successful at troubleshooting if you can pinpoint what the problem is, rather than just saying "well, the temperatures were all fine so I don't know what's going on" 😁
  13. Depending how much of each we're talking, coconut cream and heavy cream have quite different fat levels (24ish vs 35ish%) which could have an impact on your ganache texture.
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