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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I am not familiar with most of these suppliers. I love the variety of beans sold by a lot of these websites. I will definitely be ordering a fun variety of beans to try this time around. I am really grateful for all the feedback!
  2. I want to hear all about your vanilla bean experiences! I just ran out of beans and before I order my next batch, I would love to hear if you prefer one brand/grower over the competition. In the past, I have always bought bourbon vanilla beans from Neilson Massey. They are easy to come by where I live and reasonably priced (for vanilla anyway). This time, I am considering Valrhona's sister company and their Norohy beans. I have also seen that Kriss Harvey endorses Laie Vanilla company in Hawaii. I would love to try those Hawaii-grown beans, but they would cost me about $40 extra just to ship to Canada, making the substantially more pricey than the local options (Neilson and Norohy). Have you tried all or any of these? Can you detect a difference in the flavor or the quality of the beans? Are there any other options you would recommend. I would love yo hear about it! Christy
  3. I thought it was funny that I couldn’t find it as a bar. I guess that would be why, haha. These days it’s just chocolate making for fun and not for business, so I think that may be why it’s harder for me to justify. Maybe I’ll find it around sometime!
  4. Thanks for that feedback, @Rajala- I get the sense that it’s what I’m looking for in a chocolate. I thought about getting some from Chocosphere, but it looked like it was going to be expensive to ship it to Canada (maybe more so because I wanted it quickly). I’ll explore that option again.
  5. Hi Fellow Chocolate-Loving Folk, I’m wondering if anyone has experience with Valrhona’s Orizaba milk chocolate? What do you think of it and how does it compare to Jivara (my go-to) or your other favourite milk chocolates? I noticed Kriss Harvey mention that it’s his preferred chocolate for enrobing/shells because of its “plain taste.” I’m enticed by the description of it being very milk-forward in flavor. I want to make a saffron pistachio piece and like the idea of pairing it with a very milky chocolate with a less assertive chocolate flavor. It seems to be generally unpopular in my neck of the woods and my supplier doesn’t carry it so sourcing it has been a challenge (they can special order, but I don’t need that much).
  6. @Jim D. Thank-you for the feedback about the course! It’s good to know that I could take it for the learning experience and not have to commit to the certificate. I’ll take some time to review this thread. Definitely sounds like something to explore more once the holidays are over.
  7. To follow up on the book, @Rajala - you say it’s still good for learning the technique? It’s unfortunate that it is of a low quality, but is the information quality? I was looking at getting the book, but I can’t find a copy for sale at the moment. I want it to learn technique and was going to ask if anyone here is selling their copy (say they’ve taken the course and feel the no longer need it). I want to take the course, but am unable to budget that much time and money this season. So I thought the book would be a good way to support Dubovik sharing his knowledge and also learn some new decorations. ETA: now that I read back a little, maybe the Savour online would be an affordable way to start.
  8. I am trying to find boxes like these pictured below, with matching candy trays and candy pads. They are about the size of a piece of paper and about 2-2 1/2 inches high. Haven’t had any luck finding them domestically. Anyone else use something like these? How do you store/package your bulk chocolates?
  9. Thanks for the reply, Kerry. You have the answers to everything, it seems. And I am grateful! I’m going to a European market for some speculoos cookies so I will ask around for dextrose, otherwise a brew store will be easy to find.
  10. I am now in possession of Ramon Morató’s Chocolate book. I am very intruigued to try applying his formula to my recipes and see what happens. I know there was another thread about this, but have other’s applied his formula with positive results? I want to try some of his recipes as well. And that means I am looking for dextrose and possibly sorbitol. Does anyone know of a Canadian source for these items? I could order from the USA as well, though it is less preferable. Many thanks! Christy
  11. My thoughts exactly! Thanks, @Jim D.! I should have thought to tag them.
  12. Any updates on the results of the Grex brush from Chef Rubber? Thinking about either that or a Paasche until the Fuji package is in my price range.
  13. Hi All, I think this is a long shot, but I'll put it out there. I'm wondering if anyone in the Greater Vancouver area has an EZ Temper that they would be willing and able to loan/rent out for a couple days or up to a week? I am super curious to try it out and if the results are as wonderful as I expect I'm hoping I can find it in the business budget. Feel free to message me privately.
  14. I have not made an olive oil ganache myself. However, I think I recall coming across one in the book Couture Chocolate by William Curley. I am not home right now, but I will try to look it up for you.
  15. These chocolates are so neat! I love seeing the fantastically creative designs other chocolatiers come up with. I am constantly torn between the old fashioned natural chocolate look and then the newer, modern cocoa butter painted masterpieces. I think my ideal selection would have a bit of both. Balance. I feel like decoration above would be easier if you could get custom stickers made in that shape and size (ones that do not leave a sticky reside and peel off easily - the glue would probably have to be considered food safe too, but I have no idea if masking tape is either). I think it would take way too much time to cut pieces of tape if you wanted to do a large amount. But I will definitely be trying it at home with masking tape.
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