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  1. yeah, that pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter.
  2. I think that’s a reasonably impressive stat, though Anova’s I believe goes up to 60L. Both are more than enough, really. I read in the manual that it’ll take timers of up to 99 hours, so that’s my stab at a maximum run time (can it overheat pushing 90C for that long, though, idk). I’m sure this will be targeted at mostly restaurant / commercial lines with the polyscience branding - I’m aware that there are a few here who buy the stuff, but I’d wager they are more exception than rule. Don’t get me wrong, I’d probably buy one if I were wealthy, haha. (I did manage to snag a r
  3. I didn't read all of the post but I would point out that the biggest determinant to egg flavour is what the chickens themselves eat (ah i see nyleve pointed this out just above!). It sort of doesn't matter what kind they are. High fat diets can create some insane eggs. I listened to an interview with one dude who started letting his chickens gorge themselves (not forced at all, they'll be happy to eat) and he said that the eggs had giant, rich yolks. of course a downside was that the chickens were slightly more prone to cardiac arrest when a plane flew over, or something. but i mea
  4. PolyScience has been doing some instagram teases. At first I thought this might just be the first time this is coming to this part of the world, but it seems to be a whole new product. Immersion circulator with networking, touchscreen, and probe. But they're being sly and using the product name in the hashtags if people pay attention. The design reminds me a lot of the Anova premium model. The probe is interesting, though, and they'll sell little sticker blocks you attach to the outside of your bags, then drive the probe through to maintain integrity. i als
  5. jimb0

    Dinner 2020

    thanks, man. when i roast poultry i always stick my hands under the skin and loosen it so that it's really only attached at the edges, then i shove butter underneath and rub it around. this works best if the bird isn't too just-out-of-the-fridge-cold. i don't remember what was in this, but i was regrettably out of sage so probably just some oregano, salt, maybe garlic. then just brush a little rice bran oil (any oil is fine, this is just my standard cooking oil) on top and roast 'er up. i salted before the oven but peppered after since i figured the pepper might get burnt.
  6. perfection. this year i was lazy and only made eight rolls out of a normal batch of dough for first thanksgiving. i think i'll just do it this way from now on; anyone who eats one dinner roll is probably going to eat two, anyway :V
  7. jimb0

    Dinner 2020

    i didn't get a chance to post first thanksgiving: it's tempting to have second thanksgiving with at least one other couple, but i'm not sure we'll end up doing it. edit: incidentally, as always, spatchcocked that bad boy. cooked in less than an hour. heritage bird from local place.
  8. psh, i’m down. honestly i cook (and pre-cook) most of our vegetables in the microwave. fast, easy, like steaming but much quicker. as long as you don’t really over heat, it’s great. we have space for it so i’d never personally give up the microwave.
  9. I’ve seen these all over North America, too, and you’re right - which is why, I think, they’re still the domain of boutique or upscale products. i sort of assumed op was making a chocolate and chili bar based on their name :v
  10. Yeah I do it for five minutes, and the natural release for at least ten, though it isn’t strictly necessary. it’s also a great opportunity to start adding anything but water to cook your rice in.
  11. If nothing else I’m pretty sure it would be a different shape were the dimensions reversed
  12. wheat belly is, like many of these books, based on faulty science, whether that's on purpose or out of ignorance, i couldn't say. https://www.cbc.ca/news/wheat-belly-arguments-are-based-on-shaky-science-critics-say-1.2974214
  13. They explicitly spell it out on the website. The interior dimensions are 16.9 inches wide (429mm) x 12.4 inches deep (315mm) x 10 inches high (254mm). https://anovaculinary.com/anova-precision-oven/ (the dimensions have been mentioned before, just pointing out they specifically say WxDxH)
  14. I don't bother. I'll add a cup of rice to the normal pan and approximately 1 3/4 cup water more or less, depending on whether I'm adding anything else. It's very difficult to put bowls inside, but glass ones with straight sides will work; i don't think you'll be able to fit bowl and a full cup of uncooked rice in, however.
  15. I thought the same thing. I have an awesome 6-qt bowl lift KA that I bought refurbished for about $150 usd shipped, like 12 years ago. It’s finally stopped working, and I’m pretty sure something, somewhere has shorn. Taking it apart should be fun. On the subject of dough making, I never really have a problem regardless of quantity. I do take the hook in hand and do a rough mix first before engaging the mixer. Alex and aki at ideas in food are firmly convinced that the paddle does a better job of kneading dough than the hook, though I'm not entirely convinced either way.
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