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  1. jimb0

    Dinner 2019

    Tarte tatinesque. Instead of apples, beets. Instead of pears, onions. Instead of sugar, vinegar. Well, okay, and sugar, too.
  2. Finally got around to doing this. I steeped and blended some unsweetened coconut into 2% milk. Strained (kept the mush out and made a coconut curry with it for supper last night), added sugar, cream, ground cardamom, ground mace, about 10g of milk powder, and a pinch of salt. Outstanding flavour; together it almost has a lemongrass note (probably mostly due to the eucalyptol in the cardamom).
  3. I rarely add much in the way of stabilizers (notwithstanding eggs in custard or the occasional starch) to home ice cream since it rarely sticks around for very long - and stabilizers aren’t going make a huge difference if you’re eating it that day. Absolutely, just like adding vanilla beans is evocative of vanilla, even if the taste isn’t necessarily that different (if you make your own vanilla, this is a great use for the grains you can strain out of the extract). You could probably bump up the roast flavours with a little toasted nut oil; that might not add too much in the way of brown colour.
  4. I wonder, if the glutathione is denatured by simple heat, whether one might also quick toast the instant milk powder to achieve the same or similar results.
  5. jimb0

    Dinner 2019

    Instead of heating up the kitchen further, I cooked the pizza on the grill. Roughly: 100% ap flour, 90% preferment (1:1), another 25% by weight water, salt. Toppings: roasted tomato, bacon, caramelized sweet onion, brie.
  6. Left them to proof a bit in too warm a spot, so there was a fair amount of butter leakage pre-bake, which you can see a bit in the shape and texture. Still lovely and salty and crunchy and buttery, though.
  7. Also went for a more savoury take on peanut butter cookies. Salted butter, added salt, milk powder, and blackstrap molasses.
  8. Yes, sorry. Honestly a new favourite flavour combo; I polished it off for breakfast with some biscuits, haha. Thinking I might try for a coconut cardamom today...
  9. Unfortunately no libraries in the province seem to have it, at least not in lending circulation. Plus, the ILL program here just had its funding slashed besides, alas.
  10. I find the pancakes an especially good use of these alternative flours; they don't need to rise very high, cook before they collapse, and you never want a tough, glutenous pancake. When I do cakes and muffins, I usually end up adding some xanthan and extra leavening, but when I tend to nut flours it's usually to the exclusion of wheat entirely. Have you tried coconut flour? It works well, too, and (for me, personally) a little faint coconut flavour makes everything better.
  11. I've had this effect happen in gluten-free breads that I have a lot of protein in, do they discuss protein profiles for suggested nut milks? Really hope I can check the book out someday; the site still recommends this forum for alternate resources, haha.
  12. Three-day cold ferment turned into a quick supper focaccia. Focacci...ish? Out of olive oil, refined avocado worked as a sub.
  13. Apologies if y'all have discussed this but I searched and didn't see anything. Apparently it came out in 2017 but I just discovered it earlier this year: I haven't read the French version yet but I assume the English version is basically the same book. The book covers pretty much most if not all classic French pastries and techniques; it's definitely helped me step up my game. Honestly, I have to assume that if you successfully manage to bake everything in this book, there's basically nothing you can't handle when it comes to pastry, given the skills it encompasses. Many of the recipes are organized with three different takes - "Level 1" is the classic / simple version, "Level 2" is a more demanding take, and "Level 3" is often (wonderfully) absurd with a specific variant often created by a named pastry chef. Like with any cookbook, especially one requiring such a high degree of technical skills, there are a few issues (most of the criticism you see on Amazon can be ignored, as it's not the book's fault you can't whip up 3 egg whites, but not all of it). I do think whoever did the layout should be fired, though, as the instructional pages span the two pages horizontally - which means you'll have step one on the left, step two on the right, step three on the left, etc. I find it very frustrating, but whatever, that's a small gripe. Highly recommended if you aren't a pastry chef and want to take things up a notch.
  14. jimb0

    Dinner 2019

    My friend’s grandparents owned a little Sodexo bar when I was little. My favourite thing in the hot, sticky summers was to sit in the walk-in and drink pickle juice.
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