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  1. amazon, crappy, and best buy, i've seen so far
  2. hmmmmmm looks like the creami is on sale in canada for $170 for the next week or so
  3. for sure, mostly because thats one of arnold's major interests, but you can use it for any number of other preps where you might want to isolate things
  4. i think there must have been some backend configuration issue that they fixed today because magically out of nowhere (despite doing the same things repeatedly) it was finally able to download the new firmware and has since then remained connected to the app. gave it a brief trial run with some sirloins on 100% steam to medium-rare. microwaved some fingerlings for a few minutes until soft, then put them in to brown while i took the steaks out to the ir burner on the grill. pretty good overall, though i found the steaks seemed to dry out a little bit on the exposed end (admittedly i left them in for a little bit).
  5. i think there just may be not much in the way of qa; it seems like a looooot of bugs make it through. at least one redditor found that they’d stopped paying for some cloud api at one point for a while, which meant that nobody could link up their apps at this point in the lifespan of the product offering the experience should really be a lot tighter imo and it’s kind of a letdown. they’ve been owned by electrolux for five years now so it’s not like they’ve got no support. but given the quality of electrolux appliances i’ve had maybe i shouldn’t be surprised.
  6. thanks guys, i appreciate the help. i’m generally pretty tech savvy and i’m confident that the problems stem from the oven and/or bad software versus a network problem on my end. my network infrastructure is pretty solid. clearly it’s got some love here but it’s a poor experience so far, and i’m not sure i trust it going forward. oh well, we’ll see if support comes up with something.
  7. lol i think i already regret this. terribly buggy setup, and now a probable failed forced firmware update. not sure i want to bother getting it fixed versus just returning it.
  8. that's rad, i'm glad you got some cash back! righteous, man. i also like to experiment with koji, etc., and hadn't considered that the apo might actually be a useful tool for this purpose. ah! well,
  9. are we still bullish on the apo? i see they're having a 10% off sale off the ovens, plus an additional 20% off sitewide (and 36% off their basic circulator + 50% off their higher-end circulator) i'm surprised at how big the discounts are
  10. haha sure do. that's tight, nice going currently really into a washed mexican from oaxaca. really thinking of whether i can justify a kilo roaster, whether forced air or something like the jake kilo when it comes out. i think i could probably sell enough to justify it but it would be a slog to get there
  11. if you just want the powder to make the water, it's available here, too: https://tkbtrading.com/products/carmine-powdered i will say beet can be pretty hit and miss. i bake with beets periodically and i find that the pigment can be pretty unstable at heat and various pH levels. the surface of products will often remain red, say, while the internals of a cake will be bright yellow.
  12. i’m sure they would be delicious!! i’d argue that a yeast leavened ball of dough fried in duck fat would be much closer to a touton than an english muffin, all the same. especially since modern english muffins tend to the denser nook and crannies sort of crumb while toutons are fluffier like a bun.
  13. perhaps. ime though a touton is generally thicker and is explicitly fried in grease (often rendered salt pork fat, but not always) while english muffins are usually dry-fried some restaurants will also do deep-fried toutons, like a savoury yeast doughnut (though newfoundlanders find this controversial)
  14. agree, i haven't looked up the chemistry but i'd wager that the increased alkalinity of dishwasher detergent plus extended exposure to pretty high heat does a number on the anodic coatings. then once that was screwed up i bet they tried their darnedest to scour the discoloration
  15. quick pizza since it was cool enough to bake inside today. rapid ferment, added a pinch each of molasses and sodium ascorbate to add a little complexity and extensibility that helps with single day ferments
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