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  1. i believe wybauw recommended 0.1% (presumably by weight) for centres after adjusting the pH to 4.5. i'll dig around in some food journals to see what else we can find.
  2. jimb0


    ah. it didn’t occur to me that this would be problematic for a batter.
  3. certainly there are also preservatives you can add that won't impact flavour but will drastically improve shelf life. it depends on how label conscious your consumers are. some will care, some won't. to be honest i don't have a lot of patience for people who drone on about naturalism while eating a bonbon but it's not my opinion that matters in terms of sales.... that's wild. was the cinnamon 'just' a ganache with cinnamon added?
  4. also: the potential for functional slave chocolate aside there’s not necessarily shame involved in using something that isn’t absurdly expensive. it’s certainly not cringeworthy. i use a local chains storebrand chocolate a lot: always for practice and often just because. it’s totally fine and closer to the expensive stuff in taste than it is different. this goes double for anything where you’re adding a lot of flavour from something that isn’t chocolate since you’re going to flatten the distinctiveness anyway.
  5. jimb0


    the counter issue is a fair criticism but a little dish soap and blending would remove any batter issues imo.
  6. jimb0


    fair, but i'm not sure how the vitamix turns it into a bigger project than the stick blender. it certainly doesn't take any longer to clean up. if you do decide to try pre-grinding the oats, the vitamix at least would be a good solution there, in part because you could just do a pound and keep them in a bag in the cupboard or freezer.
  7. jimb0

    Sweet bones

    i also thought about chicken bones though i personally find them unpleasant. to the point of the topic, though, i think chocolate- or cocoa butter-coated broken sugar shards would be the way to go
  8. jimb0


    given that it's a batter, how much does the blending affect the cooked texture, out of curiosity? have you tried powdering the oats dry, first, before attempting to make a batter with them with the stick blender? obviously a different price category but this is something i'd probably turn to the vitamix for. incidentally, if this batter is the main sticking point, you might be able to just purchase pre-ground oat flour and use the bamix for everything else.
  9. jimb0


    i like doing them in an ethiopian style, which is basically dal with different spices - chicken broth, onion, garlic, tomato, niter kibbeh and berbere. i usually like the flavour profile better than the indian versions.
  10. not really. as i mentioned before, commercial descaling solutions are mostly citric acid. there's often a couple of other things; dezcal, for example, adds sulfamic and sulfuric acids, but even it's still more than half citric acid. you can just buy a 5 pound bulk bag of citric and dissolve it in water for your appliance descaling. you can usually find out what's in them by looking up their msds.
  11. i’ve not done a sauce like this in the instant pot but i do do sausage from time to time (usually five to ten minutes at high pressure followed by a natural release) and don’t find the texture to be problematic. out of curiosity why would you cook it for an hour at pressure? also personal opinion but i’m not sure i see the point in doing a parade for a ground meat sauce (versus folding into burgers, meatballs, or meatloaf). side note: heavy cream freezes great in ice cube trays for what it’s worth, after which it stores well in a freezer ziploc.
  12. canada post stopped doing deliveries that require ID checks during the pandemic, unfortunately, so you'd just end up making them go pick up their bud at the post office, haha
  13. imo i'm not sure it's worth a special order because at the end of the day, it's just a pea soup
  14. depending on province, there's also a growing craft beer and wine shipping movement, though these are often limited to the province in which they're found. i'd also be on the lookout for birch syrup, not just maple. and maple butter (which is like a whipped, crystallized maple syrup - amazing to spread on buttered toast). you'll often find nun's farts for sale, especially from QC producers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pets_de_sœurs and there's always the montreal bagels from st viateurs: https://www.stviateurbagel.com
  15. for chocolate there are a couple of blog posts i've come across that talk about small time makers. some of it is good, some of it is just ok imo http://ultimatechocolateblog.blogspot.com/2014/01/canadas-growing-bean-to-bar-craft.html https://jojococo.ca/blogs/discover-more-about-our-chocolate/canadian-bean-to-bar-partners
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