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  1. i don't really buy things like these any more but these are basically right up my alley. reese's has always been my vice. i super love the white chocolate ones. they are effing sweet, though.
  2. back in the before times, when i still left the house, i noticed that the last couple of years has seen the local supermarket start carrying green, yellow, and purple heads, all sitting in a row
  3. ahhhhhh. want. i'm always paranoid about my nut ganaches setting up, but they always do, eventually. usually after i've convinced myself it won't work.
  4. i didn't suggest you were making mashed potatoes, merely pointing out what they're probably good for. gnocchi might be another option. i would personally rather try and find a use for something like than waste more gas returning them. obviously others feel differently!
  5. i just need a big spoon and to be alone with my shame thanks
  6. it's less well known outside of potato growing country but the peel and the flesh aren't necessarily connected. there's nothing wrong with the potatoes, they're just not the variety you're used to (more common at farmers markets) and have a different starch ratio than the ones you normally have. they're probably great in other uses. mashed, perhaps.
  7. unpopular opinion but i'd probably prefer mushy potatoes in salad. i hate toothsome potatoes. also if they become too much of a pain you might try adding calcium (e.g. pickling lime, or similar) to your boiling water to crosslink your pectin molecules in the potatoes
  8. jimb0

    Breakfast 2021

    fun write-up. i love to bloom fenugreek in butter for indian food.
  9. jimb0

    Breakfast 2021

    whoa, those look great. really interested in exploring such a long bake.
  10. jimb0

    Breakfast 2021

    those look great. i'll take their portion since i like eggplant. though i personally would add ricotta instead of crème fraîche i think
  11. jimb0

    Breakfast 2021

    i don't really like eating food in the mornings. i also don't really like being hungry. ' i tend to go between various proteins and additives. this is hemp protein with whole flax. so many omegas. so much fibre. edit: not sure why this is sad; they taste kind of like a milkshake and keep me full until lunch without much effort.
  12. jimb0

    Making Pizza at Home

    yeah this is generally how i approach home food in general. is it good? okay, goal achieved. nice. reminds me of the pizza places in rome.
  13. i don’t think this is telling anyone what to do; it’s about giving more information to a cook. the device itself doesn’t seem to be too smart without use of a phone which afaict is entirely optional. a capacitor would be a good solution to this given the temperatures involved. the meater folks insist they use a heat-rated battery, and the slow nature of its charging leads me to believe they do; seems like a cap would be a ballyhooed feature to tout. i think the risk in a pressure cooker is less the metal construction tbh than it is the pressures involved and i expect
  14. good. grief. how old is that monstrosity?
  15. those look great! whereabouts are you, if you don't mind my asking? yeah one might say the puff on top is a bit dark but between you and me i actually like that. when you say your bottom pastry is a little thick, and you want it to be crispier, do you mean that it's soft and doughy? do you blind bake (that is, bake the crust first, empty) before filling and rebaking the pies?
  16. yeah, exactly. it's coming out regardless, and there's no way to pay in early. i actually went and signed up for their email list (https://cutt.ly/wlKiSZ6). they're doing a common schtick wherein you get people to sign up and save progressively more off the purchase of the item.
  17. i usually end up paying around $4/block for butter (mostly but not always store brand).
  18. keep an eye out at the kitchen aisle at winners
  19. i have similar questions but as to the last it’s got several temp sensors in it so it knows the temp in the middle, the temp at the surface, and the temp of the cooking environment. presumably it assumes the latter will be static. edit: i see that @ChefChrisYoung is browsing the thread so perhaps he’ll chime in 🙂 edit edit: fun 404 image on their site (which, incidentally, is well done).
  20. well, the wifi is presumably only in the base station which sits on the stove. i didn't see it anywhere, but i'm assuming the protocol is some kind of BLE implementation mostly because i dunno what else they're gonna use that offers anything approaching reasonable battery life. your point remains, though; i expect it'll work pretty much fine for an oven; there's enough glass, metal support meshing aside, that it's probably fine. i dunno about pressure cookers but i imagine sitting the base station on top would be okay. do they mention whether it's compatible with a pressure cooker, though?
  21. cheers. i'll keep it in mind, thanks. i have a 6qt bowl-lift that i need to take apart; i'm pretty sure it's sheared a gear or three inside, but i expect it'll be fixable. in the meantime i've been using a 5qt kenwood.
  22. great idea! i was totally unfamiliar with strozzapreti.
  23. first, this isn't about the palm oil, really, as i'm not concerned about that. strictly flavour. but to the point, organic butter tends to be expensive. cultured butter is expensive. organic, cultured butter is, as you might expect, very expensive. you can pick up a litre of good cream, culture it on the counter, and then whip it into butter and make a superior product for eating - again, we're talking about small amounts of butter like you might spread on bread, not the pounds of butter you cook with. if it's a pain to do, it's a pain to do, that's fine and dandy. but
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