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  1. Doesn't whistle, as best as I can close off the spout (using a heavy oven mitt over a soft washrag; then jammed a bit of old rag in the spout--helped maybe a tiny bit, but not enough; and steam is definitely coming from the back of the lid/pot junction. I got a reply from the company, pursuing that now.
  2. I believe that is the inside of the whistle slit.
  3. The light spot blue spot is the slit on the inside of the whistle part of the lid, with the whistle passage lit by light from the outside of the lid. The dark spot is a bit of tarnish that looks original, like from soldering or welding that inner bit of the whistle in place. It is not a hole.
  4. D'Oh. Just reread. So the whistle is the hole in the lid, and insufficient blockage by the ball valve in the spout, letting too much air out that way, would not allow the whistle to sound loud enough. So back to my original idea that the valve and/or lid seating may not be tight enough. The lid rim and pot rim are now spotless, so no scale there to encourage leaks; the spout....hm...
  5. This is the hole from the front of the lid and this is the hole on the inside of the lid, with a light aimed from the front hole to make it more obvious.
  6. The whistle is a ball-valve in the spout, so steam is supposed to exit there. That ball does rattle as usual when I shake it suggesting it moves freely.....my first idea was scale where the ball sits so it doesn't sit as tight and the ball lets steam out at too low a pressure. Looking again, there is also another valve in the lid itself....which would seem to permit free exit to steam, so lid fit can't need to be that tight when this hole is clearly part of the design.
  7. I took a closer look and the lid does not fit quite as snug on the front and back near the handle. Perhaps this is a warp issue.
  8. I prefer not to add to pollution & climate change by bottling, shipping & filtering water when what comes out of my tap is perfectly fine to drink.
  9. My 10 year old Simplex kettle stopped whistling. It now makes a sadly muffled croak, not the sharp piercing sound that makes it easy to hear from any room in the house. Online searches haven't gotten me very far. I did find an official looking use and care guide PDF that says nothing about fixing this issue, but does warn against what would have been my next step--boiling some vinegar in it: The ball in the spout rattles when I shake the empty kettle, so it's not completely stuck or jammed. I presume it's something to do with scale or rust or something keeping it from
  10. A fabulous invention this morning: Rosemary-Raisin Walnut Scones Preheat oven to 400 degrees If you have a mill, mill these together: 250 grams soft white wheat 50 grams brown rice (makes the scones a little crunchy on the outside) 1 teaspoon dried rosemary 1/2 teaspoon thyme (optional) 1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds (optional) 1 clove (optional) 1 inch vanilla bean, cut into bits [If no mill, consider 2 cups of all purpose flour or whole wheat pastry flour or blend of these, substituting up to 1/3 cup of rice flou
  11. Try it, I think you'll love it
  12. Had to redo upload, processing wasn't ever going to finish Corrected link above
  13. ZAP YOUR GARLIC seriously: faster, easier, better taste. TRY IT! I haven't chopped garlic in DECADES. And I use a lot of it. Microwaving whole cloves of garlic makes prepwork a breeze, takes less time than peeling and chopping, and a whole a lot less time to do it than to show how to do it! It gives oven-roasted mellow garlic flavor in a few minutes, and makes the garlic press an instrument of joy. Many cooks turn their noses up at pressed garlic because it is 'crude' or makes the garlic 'too strong' compared to larger pieces that cook more gently. Zapping it first TAMES TH
  14. I haven't tried any of the recipes yet, and I'd love to have some opportunity to try some of these things to know where to invest limited time--would I really find them appealing enough to justify setting up a fermentation chamber? Does anyone know of any commercial sources for something like the lower sodium nontraditional misos in the book?
  15. The problem wih the saltines is that they're so darn good they disappear FAST. Even double or triple batches. The butter is definitely part of the reason. I've only recently started to work on this due to friend's celiac diagnosis, and the 'Tangy Aromatic Crackers' from Alice Medrich in Flavor Flours, are by far the best yet.
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