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  1. A quick trip through a chamber vacuum sealer makes cucumber salad even better.
  2. dscheidt

    Food recalls

    Tracing the origins isn't the problem, it's cross contamination and lot size. You start a shift, and grind beef. At the end of the shift, the machine is sanitized. If you grind a piece of meat that's contaminated with e. coli, everything that goes through the grinder afterwards is possibly contaminated. But you don't know what was before and what's after, so the whole lot is condemned. A big industrial meat processor has huge lots, your local super market does not.
  3. I wonder if you have a heat transfer problem. Poor coupling between the thermocouple and the metal plates. have you considered using some grease? a copper anti-seize would be good for 550F at least.
  4. More likely that the emissivity of the steel doesn't match what the instrument expects.
  5. dscheidt

    Anova Nano --- New

    Also helps to get ones they bothered to weld shut.
  6. Hotel pans are sized according to a EN standard, EN 631, called universally "gastronorm", which is in turn based on slightly older US practice. A full sized hotel pan is a GN 1/1, and is 530 mm x 325 (that's a 1/4 mm less than 20 7/8 x 1.1 mm less than 12 3/4 inches, for those playing along in US units.). they're subdivided into 1/2 (325 x 265; 12 3/4 x 10 3/8) and 2/4 (530 X 162; 20 7/8 x 6 3/8 ). Those measurements are the outside of the pan, the interior is somewhat less (25mm less, according to standard, which for those playing along is just very slightly less than an inch). 2/3, 1/3 , 1/4, 2/8, 1/6 and 1/9 pans also are specified and are the expected sizes (1/4 is 1/2 pan cut on the short side, 2/8 cut on the long). the spec also covers tapers so that pans nest properly, and don't get jammed in equipment, depths, and probably what you're allowed to curse when you drop one out of the oven. there's a different standard, called "euronorm", which is used for baking sheets, that's 600 x 400 mm for the 1/1 size. (That's almost, but not quite, the standard full sized US sheet pan...).
  7. dscheidt

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    The new product shelf had a new variety of Joe-Joe. Neapolitan joe joes https://www.traderjoes.com/digin/post/neapolitan-joejoes They're not bad. Vanilla and chocolate cookies are the same as they are elsewhere, the filling tastes of strawberry, and is only 50% too sweet (To my taste, any way, I had a few, and put the box out at my office where it was devoured.), not as sweet as I recall the regular ones being.
  8. dscheidt

    Anova Nano --- New

    It's also discontinued.
  9. dscheidt

    Anova Nano --- New

    max width of the clamp, with the rubber bits installed, is about 11/16". The screw and rubber tip on the screw come right out, which gives you about 3/4". The rubber bumper on the other side comes off, which gives you a bit more. It is enough that you can shove it with a great deal of effort, over the lip of a Cambro food pan. But the required amount of water is so high, you can't actually use one, because adding food causes it to over flow. the top of the clamp, which limits how far it can go into a container, to the minimum water line is to short to be useful. Total fail. -5 of 5 stars.
  10. dscheidt

    Chamber Vacuum Sealers, 2014–

    Which makes it four point loads of 12.5 pounds each. Again, not much of a load, and way less than the expected loads on a pantry shelf. I might worry about sagging over time, but it sounds like the stiffeners the OP has installed would take care of it.
  11. dscheidt

    Chamber Vacuum Sealers, 2014–

    50 pounds is nothing for a pantry pull out. Think what a shelf full of canned food weighs.
  12. I have mine on a filing cabinet type thing. I have it sitting on two pieces of 5/4 deck board, running front to back. To change the oil, I slide it back so the drain is off the edge, and when I'm done, I just push it back. The boards have felt stickers on them, which makes it easier to slide.
  13. dscheidt

    Anova Nano --- New

    I don't need three sous vide circulators. I miht have kept it, if the clamp came off.
  14. dscheidt

    Anova Nano --- New

    I have one in my basement. No, wait. I have two in my basement, one of which is going back. What do you want examined? I doesn't come off. I looked at it, and was worried it would break if I poked at it too much. I'll take some measurements tomorrow.
  15. People with bluestar: Does anyone know how hot do the sides of the range get? I'm in the market for a range, and the way our kitchen is arranged, the left side of the range is open to the room and the doorway to the kitchen. I'm worried someone (like my four year old) will burn themselves on it.