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  1. Don't show her these: http://www.highendhardware.ca/Scalimera-Toe-Kick-Ladder--BLACK-POWDER-COATING_p_21.html (I've been in a kitchen that had something similar in several places. The person who'd buiit it was very short, and she used them to use the counters!) We have a little two step folding step stool, stored next to the fridge, which is useful for me to get stuff off the top shelf in the panty (~7 feet, and I'm going to install another set on the other wall, above the door, which will be 7'6" or so.). My wife uses it for the lower shelves, too. My three year old uses it to reach the counter.
  2. Sous Vide Cooler Hacks

    2 3/8" holesaw is the correct size, though your gasket is pretty nice.
  3. Most places in the US, you simply cannot install a commercial stove in a residence, because the manufacturers do not list (certify they meet UL or other suitable national testing standards) them for that purpose, and the model fire code requires equipment to be listed for the use they're being used for. I did some network installation work at a lake mansion in Michigan about a decade ago. The owner had a giant commercial sectional range (10 feet long), a grill, and deep fryer installed. I asked the building dept inspector that was around about that, and he said the builder had paid for the equipment to be certified on-site, and had spent ~50K to do so. That didn't include the equipment, nor the hoods, fire suppression system, etc; just the engineering work and testing. The owner did not cook, the kitchen was for the staff brought in for parties. The previous mansion had a separate kitchen building, but he didn't want one there. (I also told the guy I was working for he should have charged more...)
  4. They're about 100 bucks higher than the going rate for the 215, looks like. Didn't check other machines. I have had a 215 almost two years. Run a couple thousand bags through it. Works fine. I've changed the oil twice, and should probably do it again. Takes me about ten minutes, and the machine came with a decade's supply at my rate. the other difference between the 112 and 215 is the shape of the chamber. the 112 is not as deep, but it's wider, and use a 12" wide bag. (I think.) the 215 can take a 10".
  5. The replacement product will have Chris Kimball's voice telling you it reached the point he thinks you should cook to, not what you programmed.
  6. Features the vp215 doesn't have, that some other machines of the same physical size (but not price) do: 1) controls that let you pull a particular vacuum level (instead of just by time) 2) gas back filling 3) the ability to seal retort pouches After that, it's mostly size. I have a vp215. I want a bigger machine a lot more often that I want the others. (I also want my wife not to kill me in my sleep, so I have not looked at machines since I bought the vp215...)
  7. Plastic wrap

    I bought a Snap-wrap 7500 (or whatever it's actually called) a few years ago. When i brought it home, my wife yelled at me for buying something so stupid. Since then, we have given at least six as wedding presents, plus a few others to people who clearly needed one.
  8. there are low temp models that use chemicals for sanitizing. Current ones even work well. There are also booster heaters that will heat the water from domestic temp to 180F.
  9. The calculation for that is more complicated than you'd think. A lot depends on how much energy is used moving your water around. If you're in California, where water is pumped long distances and over mountains there's a lot of electricity in supplying your water (20% of all electricity used in California was used pumping water around, as of a few years ago.). Saving a few gallons of water can save more than the dishwasher takes to run. Temperature of hot water when it comes out of the tap maters, too. My hot water is 140 F, and the dishwasher doesn't heat it much if it all unless I run one of the sanitize cycles. If you wash dishes by hand in colder water, the dishwasher will use more electricity heating it up. Sewage disposal matters, as well.
  10. Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    wow, I'd buy it for that.
  11. Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    It's the day amazon has a garage sale, basically. Probably some good deals on stuff worth buying, good deals on crap you don't need, and lots of fake deals on stuff. The Anova BT cooker is currently on sale for $99, which isn't a bad deal, if you need one. It's about what it was around giftmas.
  12. Costco membership

    the pharmacy is open to all comers. there's a federal law or regulation that requires that.
  13. Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    I ate two, and gave the box away. They're good, and I can see why people like them. Not enough chocolate in the cookie to balance the very strong (and good) coffee in the filling. so far, the only joe-joes I actually like are the peppermint Christmas ones.
  14. Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    The mocha joe-joes are back in stock at my local TJs.
  15. Cuisinart Recall

    Mine showed up yesterday.