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  1. That looks like a cambro (or similar) food pan. If you get a lid, you can drill a 2 3/8 inch hole in it. That's the diameter of the metal part of the annova, and so it will rest on the lip that the clamp does. Works great, lids fit tight, can be taken on and off in the cook, and is much easier to deal with than plastic wrap.
  2. I am not allowed to store food containers in the bedroom.
  3. 4 quarts is just a little to small, 6 quarts is a little too big. So six quarts is probably the right one.
  4. camsquares fit better on the shelf. Smallest is two quarts, though, which is too big for some thing.s
  5. Ingredients via Internet

    Chicago area people might be interested to learn that Tom and Patty Erd are giving a lecture 'The Lure and Lore of Spices' at the Albany Park branch of the Chicago Public Library on Jan 31. event link. I'm planning to attend, as that's my local library.
  6. Freezer Storage

    My problem has always been other people not keeping things up to date, and for inventories that give a location, moving stuff around.
  7. The vollrath tribute stuff is made in the USA. sur la table's pans are Chinese.
  8. Freezer Storage

    It appears you need to be a member of that forum to download the spread sheet.
  9. Cuisinart Recall

    Not unless it failed to include the string 'cuisinart' in it. I did check, before submitting another request, using my work contact details. That got an email pretty much instantly.
  10. Cuisinart Recall

    Mine showed up today. I have a 14 cup model. The blade is marked DLC 001BIB. It looks like Rotus's. I suspect they've got different factories making them, with different designs. Incidentally, I never got any confimation that they'd received my replacement request, until the blade showed up. j
  11. Loose neutral is what the symptoms sound like.
  12. Small eggs

    That's where most small egg production goes in the US, as well. Consumers of fluid eggs don't care what size the shells were, after all. It costs the producer about the same to package and transport eggs to market whether they're large, xl, or small.
  13. Cuisinart Recall

    It's the 21st century. Differential hardening of tools is pretty well established technology. (it's how the Oliver Chilled plow, the plow that caused the dust bowl, was made, in the 19th century, for instance.) so are various welding methods, to put a hardened cutting edge on a softer tool body.There's no reason to think the solution is a blade that won't stay sharp. For that matter, we don't know that the problem was caused by too hard a blade in the first place.
  14. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Is there a pointer to that formula? I need more reasons to use my pullman pans.
  15. Cuisinart Recall

    http://www.cuisinart.com/recall redirects to http://recall.cuisinart.com/ which does not answer to http or https requests. I suspect they're seriously underprepared for the response.