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  1. dscheidt

    The Hot Sauce Topic

    Speaking of Rooster brand stuff, this ran today: https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2019/01/16/681944292/in-home-of-original-sriracha-sauce-thais-say-rooster-brand-is-nothing-to-crow-ab tl:dr Thais who sample it don't think it's very good. Too much heat, not balanced.
  2. dscheidt

    The Hot Sauce Topic

    It seemed pretty clear to me, as a Chicagoan, that it was a transparent ploy to extract money from them. The complaint (singular, as I recall) was from some relative of a politician....
  3. Was. They've all been turned off, even the upgraded eLoran stuff, that was intended to work with GPS. That does mean he can use his stove at sea, without worrying that he'll confuse the navigator!
  4. dscheidt

    Plastic wrap improvement

    There's probably a reason they're not still sold...
  5. dscheidt

    Plastic wrap improvement

    The current kitchen has a granite shelf on top of the radiator. It's not really a useful space (except for drying stuff in heating season, then it's wonderful), but the stretch tite dispenser sits on it, and it works out very well.
  6. dscheidt

    Plastic wrap improvement

    Plastic wrap boxes all suck, don't they? I haven't tried that style. About five years ago, I gave up and bought a stretch tite Snap Wrap 7500, which sounds like something that should be for sale on late night tv. (maybe it is, I don't watch much tv). But it works very very well. My wife was furious that I'd bought a thing for the ktichen wihtou discussion, but she has converted too. We've since given six or ten of them as wedding presents.
  7. I paid less than $700 for mine; I assume much of the increase is due to tariffs? I have not yet used up the oil it came with, and I've changed it two or three times. Probably do for another oil change.
  8. Amazon's USA deal of the day (sunday 18 November ) is on USA pan bakeware. https://www.amazon.com/apb/page/?handlerName=OctopusDealLandingStream&deals=97e7d9dd I have a couple of their pullman pans. they're very nice, and two are $35, which is a pretty good deal. Don't know about any of the other stuff.
  9. I have used the 800W Anova to do 20 pounds of pork shoulder in a cooler about that size. Worked fine. Did not monitor power usage, so I don't know if it ran the whole time or not, but it had no problems maintaining the temperature. I don't remember how long it took to pull the water temperature back when I put the meat in, but it wasn't outrageously wrong.
  10. A quick trip through a chamber vacuum sealer makes cucumber salad even better.
  11. dscheidt

    Food recalls

    Tracing the origins isn't the problem, it's cross contamination and lot size. You start a shift, and grind beef. At the end of the shift, the machine is sanitized. If you grind a piece of meat that's contaminated with e. coli, everything that goes through the grinder afterwards is possibly contaminated. But you don't know what was before and what's after, so the whole lot is condemned. A big industrial meat processor has huge lots, your local super market does not.
  12. I wonder if you have a heat transfer problem. Poor coupling between the thermocouple and the metal plates. have you considered using some grease? a copper anti-seize would be good for 550F at least.
  13. More likely that the emissivity of the steel doesn't match what the instrument expects.
  14. dscheidt

    Anova Nano --- New

    Also helps to get ones they bothered to weld shut.
  15. Hotel pans are sized according to a EN standard, EN 631, called universally "gastronorm", which is in turn based on slightly older US practice. A full sized hotel pan is a GN 1/1, and is 530 mm x 325 (that's a 1/4 mm less than 20 7/8 x 1.1 mm less than 12 3/4 inches, for those playing along in US units.). they're subdivided into 1/2 (325 x 265; 12 3/4 x 10 3/8) and 2/4 (530 X 162; 20 7/8 x 6 3/8 ). Those measurements are the outside of the pan, the interior is somewhat less (25mm less, according to standard, which for those playing along is just very slightly less than an inch). 2/3, 1/3 , 1/4, 2/8, 1/6 and 1/9 pans also are specified and are the expected sizes (1/4 is 1/2 pan cut on the short side, 2/8 cut on the long). the spec also covers tapers so that pans nest properly, and don't get jammed in equipment, depths, and probably what you're allowed to curse when you drop one out of the oven. there's a different standard, called "euronorm", which is used for baking sheets, that's 600 x 400 mm for the 1/1 size. (That's almost, but not quite, the standard full sized US sheet pan...).