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  1. dscheidt

    Anova Nano --- New

    I don't need three sous vide circulators. I miht have kept it, if the clamp came off.
  2. dscheidt

    Anova Nano --- New

    I have one in my basement. No, wait. I have two in my basement, one of which is going back. What do you want examined? I doesn't come off. I looked at it, and was worried it would break if I poked at it too much. I'll take some measurements tomorrow.
  3. People with bluestar: Does anyone know how hot do the sides of the range get? I'm in the market for a range, and the way our kitchen is arranged, the left side of the range is open to the room and the doorway to the kitchen. I'm worried someone (like my four year old) will burn themselves on it.
  4. dscheidt

    Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    The deals aren't in the data [laces like CCC can get (without scraping the screen).
  5. I have an assortment. I use cheap utility brushes (of black china bristle) for thick gloppy stuff (bbq sauce, etc) and better natural bristle brushes for pastry stuff where precision is important.
  6. I spent several hours in the kitchen today, doing pretty mindless work that I've done before, I got to thinking about stuff that's in the kitchen (or at least used there) that wasn't specifically intended for kitchen use. Some things are pretty obvious, like a decent paint brush instead of a crappy and expensive 'pastry brush', or a plumber's torch for setting stuff on fire searing and browning. I've got a few things, like industrial filter cloths for sieving, but I wonder what others have and use. Here's the particular tool that got me thinking about this. Albion are a maker of stuff for dispensing caulk; I believe this is a tool for smoothing and shaping caulk joints. (I didn't buy it, I found it on a windowsill while walking around). I mostly use it as a screed, to strike measuring cups and spoons level.
  7. dscheidt

    Prerinse faucet in home kitchen

    the big advantage is that you can turn the faucet off, but leave the taps on. When you need to spay something, you just grab and squeeze. Works great, uses little water, and is generally superior to the normal set up (like you have, or an old-fashioned side sprayer) where you have to leave the water running out of the faucet to be able to use the sprayer. I expected my wife to hate the one that is currently installed (it came with the house), because I had tried hard to get her to let me replace the old places faucet with a pull down or pull out faucet, and she wouldn't let me. She decided she likes it, though she thinks the roto-flex behemoth in the basement is silly. (I fully admit it is overkill, but I got a smoking good deal on it, because it was old stock, not low-lead certified, and can't be installed in a commercial kitchen. we don't drink out of the faucet, so I don't care. It works great for all the utility cleaning things you do at a basement utility sink.)
  8. I need to replace the faucet at our kitchen sink. It's currently got some unbranded chinese faucet, with a separate prerinse sprayer. I'm considering replacing it with a real commercial unit, possibly this one. I have a different style (mine has an add-on faucet) in my laundry sink, and really like it. Anyone have one in their home kitchen? We don't have a huge sink (two bowls, about 30" wide), so I think one with a short hose would be a good choice.
  9. dscheidt

    A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    I had knife rack in cabinet door. Nothing ever fell off, and i'm not terribly gentle about closing them.
  10. dscheidt

    A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    Inside an upper cabinet door?
  11. dscheidt

    A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    @weinoo Looks great!
  12. dscheidt

    A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    A roofer who was working on the roof of the shop I used to work in said "They are two kinds of flat roofs. The ones that leak today, and the ones that leak tomorrow."
  13. dscheidt

    A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    In almost every market, you will not get your money out of doing repairs or upgrades. In some market conditions, a few small changes (paint is the most common, easy one) will make a house sell faster, but probably not for more money. If there is something like a leaking roof, though, fixing that will prevent damage, and is a selling point.
  14. dscheidt

    Inverter Microwaves

    A magnetron that will work with an inverter power supply costs more; the power supply is somewhat less reliable. I think there are also complications with the fan that changes the resonance of the chamber (it exists to prevent hot spots). Panasonic's patents may still be in force, which complicates other manufacturer's efforts. I have one, and went to some effort to get one. I'd get another if it broke, but I'd replace it if I could find one that had a door that opened to the right...
  15. dscheidt

    A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    Wait, you don't go to parties to talk about dielectric unions? You're missing out.