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Help me think of another word for bonbon


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I'm trying to come up with a one line (read: few words to fit on a menu line) to describe a petite dessert selection.  We are introducing two new ones (there are 20 other selections on the  menu, clients can pick up to 5 different selections for their menu) because there's a lot of demand for gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options.  Some of our selections hit all 3 (oat milk panna cotta for example) but we need to add more vegan options because there's not much to choose from.


I'm buying the Very Berry Osa from Felchlin.  You can melt this stuff and use it as a tart filling, or a glaze; or you can whip it on a mixer and pipe it into shapes and it will hold that shape.  Basically it's a vegan confectionary mass that I am going to whip and then pipe it with an open star tip. 


Normally I would call it a bonbon.  I would prefer to use another word but I'm at a loss for one.  I worry that if I suggest calling it a "truffle" people will think "chocolate" and it's not.


Anyone out there got a better idea?




an example of the menu a client would see is:

(vegan) Berry BONBON (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry), hint of lemon


The vegan tart petite pastry is listed as:  (vegan) Forest Fruit Tartlet, seasonal berry garnish 

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To me, bonbon connotes chocolate as much as truffle does.  Either could be white chocolate, but the Osa doesn't even have cocoa butter so those terms are a stretch.


Based on shape, berry kisses.  Based on texture, berry meltaways.  Or go French with friandise.


BTW, I got some Felchlin vegan white chocolate recently, it's surprisingly good.






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