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  1. Sweet Impact Mama

    How do they do that? (The bonbon thread)

    Excellent close-up! These are extraordinarily beautiful, Kerry! (Now I'm going to have to see if I can figure out how to get close to that result through experimentation.
  2. Not sure if I told you this on Instagram, but this cake is brilliant!!
  3. Looks and sounds INCREDIBLE! I'm drooling over here!
  4. Sweet Impact Mama

    Chocolate Workshop 2018 Niagara on the Lake

    They are all so pretty! Can't wait to see mine IRL. :-D
  5. Sweet Impact Mama

    Shells cracking

    It was an accidental method of adding "water." This was several months back. I had posted over in Ecole's forum, asking how to get it to come together. I'd added more cream than I thot necessary and it wasn't working. While trying to fix it, and waiting for answers, I ended up adding alcohol (as a preservative) and it came together all of the sudden. Kerry suggested that it was because the cream was adding more fat and the alcohol better imitated water. The general suspicion at the time was that this chocolate was so much higher in solids that I needed to balance that out.
  6. Sweet Impact Mama

    Shells cracking

    This was a very basic ganache, using equal parts of cream to 82% dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic. These are showcasing the unique flavor profiles of dark chocolates, so I used the basic proportions and technique of the Valrhona ganache making, taught in the Ecole Chocolat class, and used just enough vodka to get the emulsion to come together. It did take a bit more than I usually deal with, when using 70% or less cacao. The ganache was preformed into balls, and frozen in air-tight containers. Then thawed as needed, via 24 hours in fridge, then 24+ hours in my wine cooler at 54 degrees. Then brought up to room temp before dipping. I dipped them in the 70% version of the same brand of chocolate. The cracking happened within 8 hours of dipping. No transportation happened. The ganache is still really smooth, but is there a chance that some form of dehydration happened, that caused them to shrink back from the shell? The viscosity of this chocolate may have played a part. I'm noticing that the shells are thicker than other chocolates. Sorry if any of this is fuzzy or confusing. My brain is in a fog still from late night Mother's day order prep
  7. Sweet Impact Mama

    Shells cracking

    Yes to this one. Kinda religious about that part. Tho, room temp in this case is about 66 degrees.
  8. Sweet Impact Mama

    Shells cracking

    Hi! For some reason, I'm having trouble with my hand dipped 82% dark chocolate truffles. The truffle is made of that chocolate, and then I'm trying to dip them in 70% dark. For some reason, even tho it seems to be tempered properly. I've never run into this problem before. The chocolate I'm using for dipping works fine for caramel dipping. And I've tried doing this with both a "base coat" and without. Same issue both times. As it sets, it cracks right along the top.
  9. I adore rhubarb and so do my kids! Having it readily available was one of the best parts of moving back to the Midwest. This late spring is killing me... We're watching our rhubarb plant daily for the first cuttable stems. That potpie you made looks incredible!
  10. Sweet Impact Mama

    Chocolate Workshop 2018 Niagara on the Lake

    Glorious results!! I'm in awe.
  11. Special for Mother's Day - my "Hot Mess" dessert truffle. (Head on over to my Instagram page for the story behind the name ) Dark chocolate shell hides three layers: A gluten-free gingersnap cookie, then a spot of my Bourbon Salted Caramel, topped off with a milk chocolate almond praline ganache, made with Guittard's Fair Trade Eclipse Du Soleil 41% dark milk chocolate.
  12. Sweet Impact Mama

    Chocolate Workshop 2018 Niagara on the Lake

    Thank you!!!
  13. Sweet Impact Mama

    Chocolate Workshop 2018 Niagara on the Lake

    I'd love to change to the blue you used in that recent photo. It's gorgeous!
  14. Sweet Impact Mama

    Chocolate Workshop 2018 Niagara on the Lake

    Any chance mine is in there?!?!? Also - which color is that blue one?!?! Kinda sad I didn't request it. Lol!