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Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

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I don't know if ever I will have anything worthy of photographing and posting. The photos that you all post just blow me away.

However, I have been busy. We do have this small horde of people and their dogs descending upon us next weekend (starts on Thursday...) for our Annual Dog Weekend at the farm. Noisy, crowded, chaotic but lots of fun. :raz:

To that end I have made thus far: two kinds of gelato, vanilla and chocolate with the vanilla being made further into sandwiches in chocolate rectangle cookies (DL's recipe), blueberry loaves (Randi), Orange Cardamom Coffee Cake (RWood), Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cakes (thanks to Merstar), orange muffins. I think that's it for the baking. I have two ice creams left to make: Orange-Szechwan Pepper (DL) and Raspberry Gelato.

So many of these were firsts for me and so many were slight disasters, such as when the springform pan clip slipped and so did the batter. My first ice cream sandwiches are not beautiful although Tri2Cook did try to help.

I have had a ball and now I am going to lie down. :rolleyes:



learn, learn, learn...


Life in the Meadows and Rivers

Cheers & Chocolates

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I don't know if ever I will have anything worthy of photographing and posting. 

Anything you enjoy making is worthy of posting! The vast majority of what I post are experiments and ideas that I wanted to try. Some looked better in my head than on the plate. Some were things I know I'm not good at and posted to prove my point. I don't care, it's still fun. I very rarely post the stuff I do for work, posting my experiments for this crowd is more fun because I can find out very quickly if I'm getting too far out in weirdland. :biggrin:

It's kinda like wrestling a gorilla... you don't stop when you're tired, you stop when the gorilla is tired.

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me making mini desserts at "world chefs day" in cologne last weekend...


me saucing passion coulis (xanthan based)


cremeux jivara lactee, qumquat confit, chocolate macaron, chocolate sauce, coulis passion, chocolate soil, praline malto balls


unmolding yoghurt microwave sponge


plating sponge




another one

Edited by schneich (log)

toertchen toertchen

patissier chocolatier cafe

cologne, germany

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we plated about 10 different desserts -+300 plates. world chefs day is a show with about 70 exhibitors and about 14.000 chefs attending from all over europe. in addition to that there was the "bocuse d'or" competiton going on. all in all it was quite decent, but besides a few german ***star chefs hanging out nothing really spectacular...



toertchen toertchen

patissier chocolatier cafe

cologne, germany

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Oh, those mini desserts are so exciting to look at!

Now you've got me thinking about ideas...!

They're so intricate and I know that each one would be a few mouthfuls of really interesting flavours and textures, then gone :)

Love the leaf cake too, dystopian... the gradation works really nicely. I hope the lighting was flattering to it so people could appreciate the effect.

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White Peach Torte, for a first attempt making any torte it came out very nicely.

The recipe from Sept. 09 Food & Wine, page 119 called for peach preserves, which I bought.

When buying the amount of peaches, I decided on the amount from memory. Having enough for

two tortes, I made my own preserves, no recipe on the fly. This made it a little too watery, however made me feel proud and still tastes yummy so, its all good.

I did not have a proper torte pan so I used a 9" spring form pan and the torte is a bit too thick.

I cut into small slices and froze, so I could enjoy over a period of time. Well, not so good a idea to eat frozen (like say brownies or cookies) but after defrosting its still good.


edited for grammar & spelling. I do it 95% of my posts so I'll state it here. :)

"I have never developed indigestion from eating my words."-- Winston Churchill

Talk doesn't cook rice. ~ Chinese Proverb

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For the khymos.org TGRWT event #18 which paired plum and blue cheese...


cabrales cheesecake - pickled plum sorbet - plum slices - sablee nuggets - cabrales crumble - plum coulis

The TGRWT's are a lot of fun. People come up with lots of cool ways to use the sometimes obvious, sometimes seemingly odd pairings. It's cool to see the science behind it work. The pairings, no matter how unlikely seeming, always do indeed "go really well together".

It's kinda like wrestling a gorilla... you don't stop when you're tired, you stop when the gorilla is tired.

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So many lovely desserts!

deensiebat – your chocolate cookies are just speaking to me right now!

Here is a CI German chocolate cake that I made last week:



My MIL ordered it for a friend’s birthday. I’ve made the cake, but not the frosting, before and it was delicious. I tasted the scraps and they were good, but it’s odd to send a cake out and not know what it really tasted like – what professionals go through all the time, I know. The cake is supposed to have bare sides with just the frosting showing between the layers. Two layers are split into 4 and then you frost. Once I trimmed them up, it just didn’t look nice, so I ran to the store for some canned frosting (sorry, but it was LATE and I’d just done the fantasy football draft party and was getting ready to go to NC for the weekend) and dolled it up. My MIL said that everyone loved the cake and that the birthday lady wanted it again next year.

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      Ever since Todd talked making cupcakes I have been cupcake crazy. Although, I am not a cake maker but more of a pie person.
      My first dessert that I love that I make is my Coconut Cream Pie w/heavy whipped cream. I don't use low fat anything and probably angioplasties is necessary after this baby.
      My second is Peach Cobbler w/rich vanilla ice cream. I never met a cobbler that I didn't like, but peach is my favorite.
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      1. HALU-HALO is one of the popular food during summer. This is basically:
      shaved ice with evaporated milk,
      and the following:
      - nata de coco (coconut cream based on a google search, these are cube-like jellies),
      - sweetened red beans,
      - sweetened bananas,
      - cooked sago or tapioca,
      - ube or purple yam,
      - leche flan (this is also one of the best desserts to eat),
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      - and topped with a scoop of ice cream.
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      Yah, I think the name is Spanish? I tried making this but I just failed. It's kinda hard to do and takes a lot of patience but it's really worth it. This is my favourite cake! In Philippines, most bakeries sell this but my favourite is from Goldiluck's which is located in shopping malls.
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      If anyone knows where I could buy one - or even has one to spare they would be willing to sell - please send me a message.
      The mould (label attached below) was originally labelled as "Easy as ABC gelatin mould", although we just call it the alphabet mould.  Yes there are lots of alphabet moulds around, including new silicone ones, but we need the specific designs on this one to replace the one I damaged.  Depending on the cost, I would consider paying for postage internationally (to Australia).
      Thanks in advance!

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