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  1. I feel like people play fast and loose with the terms, but pudding (budino being the Italian version thereof) is stovetop, custards (like pot de creme) are in the oven. Puddings can use either flour/cornstarch or that plus egg yolks to thicken, whereas custards use just eggs because the starches would settle out before it sets in the oven.
  2. I made Mozza's butterscotch budino with caramel sauce, flaky salt and whipped cream. It is insanely good.
  3. Totally. Olives, dairy-free, citrus. I may as well be salad. @keychris Beautiful cake! That would totally make my birthday.
  4. Totally in love with David Leite's Portuguese sweet lemon and olive cookies. Salty-sweet-briny-punchy -- perfect way to wean off the sugary/buttery holiday sweets.
  5. I made this challah, with chunks of bittersweet chocolate and a whole lot of flaky salt. And compared to pan au chocolate or brioche, we can pretend it's healthy. It was amazing melty-warm from the oven, but leftovers made an equally good breakfast.
  6. Oooh those tarts look good. I made a brown butter cake with pears and chocolate, topped with whipped cream. Oh so perfect for the season.
  7. After rediscovering how delicious s'mores can be earlier in the summer, I made the s'more pie from Gourmet. Amazing. The bitterness from broiling the marshmallow nicely offsets the sweetness, and the graham crust and chocolate ganache (or whatever you call a ganache set with an egg) were both tender and delicious.
  8. deensiebat

    Dinner! 2012

    Made a salad from Bon Appetit of fresh ricotta, grilled kale, and plums. Sprung for the good ricotta, and it was amazing.
  9. deensiebat

    Dinner! 2012

    Salmon with a sauce of blackberries, creme fraiche, tarragon, wine and lemon zest. Really simple yet crazy good.
  10. deensiebat

    Dinner! 2012

    Everything looks so good — that seafood! That soup! I made a riff on an Ottolenghi recipe — salad with beets, rhubarb and blue cheese. Great combination. I was going to have it as a first course, but ended up pairing it with a crusty baguette and making it dinner.
  11. deensiebat

    Dinner! 2012

    Asparagus pizza! Mozzarella, shaved asparagus tossed with olive oil and salt, hazelnuts, and fresh mint after the oven.
  12. Yep. Regular tan sesame seeds would probably be delicious as well, but not as much fun visually. Though my friend did keep joking that "a mouse pooped ALL OVER these cookies!" Or maybe I'm the only one who thinks that's funny...
  13. Chocolate chip cookie rolled in sesame seeds. Fairly standard dough, with just a bit of soy sauce and ginger thrown in.
  14. Trying to come up with Passover desserts, and tried a parsley semifreddo with Manischewitz syrup. Shows promise (though the horseradish was a big mistake).
  15. deensiebat

    Dinner! 2012

    Lordy Pilori that's a lovely meal. I turned the last of my meyer lemons (hand-picked from my friend's Berkeley backyard) into a meyer lemon focaccia: I used the same template (along with the rosemary) for a concord grape focaccia in the fall. I find the whole salty-sweet interplay pretty addictive.
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