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  1. Strawberries and pumpkin shouldn't be causing setting issues with gelatin. The only thing I could find in my notes about combining gelatin and xanthan is xanthan helps with syneresis issues, I don't have anything noted about there being negative issues. I can imagine xanthan possibly helping the gel be more spreadable without breaking but I don't have any evidence to back that up. Not that I'm an expert on the subject by any means, I just invested a lot of late nights and ingredients in learning what various gelling, thickening and stabilizing ingredients do. How much base are you trying to ge
  2. With the disclaimer of a sometimes unreliable memory, there was a point in time when I played around and experimented with pretty much every gelling agent I could get my hands on and I don't recall any incompatibility between gelatin and xanthan. Both gelatin and agar work well with xanthan as far as I remember with (in my opinion) gelatin having a better mouthfeel and agar having better stability for storage and warmer temps.
  3. Toast plus as much butter as it will accept without leaving unmelted butter and I agree with the article on a minimalist amount of jelly or jam. Just enough for a touch of sweet and flavor. I have zero issues with toast but given a choice, English muffins over toast every time. They maximize the melted butter holding capacity. 😁
  4. Thanks! Actually, the issue with the corn was it took a lot of cocoa butter to get it firm enough to work with. It was softer than a gianduja initiallý, using the typical ratios.
  5. Is there a baseline for sugar when making fruit couvertures? I have some freeze dried banana powder I'm going to try. I ran into some issues when I made a batch from freeze dried corn that still has me wondering if starch can be an issue but assuming that doesn't prove to be the case with banana, I have no idea where I should start with the sugar level.
  6. Thanks! That's interesting. So basically they're saying "most definitely maybe but possibly not." I've come to learn that's a common theme with chocolate and confection work. The rules tend to be whatever works for the person explaining the rules.
  7. I have no idea if it does good things, bad things, is commonly used and I just don't know it or summons demons from the seven levels of hell but I feel kinda like I may have accidentally stumbled upon Chocolate Fightclub… nobody seems to want to talk about it.
  8. Yep, wasn't trying to sound discouraging. A lot of ideas have floated through my head for things I could potentially do. I just decided I have enough learning going on as it is with the amount of time I have to dedicate to chocolate work and probably shouldn't start down another path at this point. But those who can most definitely should because it looks fun in that challenging learning curve way that I enjoy.
  9. Yeah, I was never really tempted towards getting into panning because of the expense of the machine. Then I started following the panning discussions here and discovered the expense of the machine was the least of the difficulties involved. 😆
  10. I may be way behind the curve with this question but I don't remember seeing information about it so... in a ganache where a liquid is involved and with the constant quest to reduce water activity, is there a reason we don't use glucose powder instead of liquid glucose which, even at it's best for the purpose, has fairly high water content? Or do we do that and I just haven't been paying attention in class? 😁
  11. Tri2Cook

    Dinner 2021

    Shrimp and grits...
  12. Yeah, I'm pretty familiar with working with malic acid. I have a little collection of acids and do a little reading on which ones and in what ratios are in whatever fruit I want to work with. I've just never had reason to want to incorporate it into the chocolate making process. Wasn't sure if anything evil might happen in the melanger. I was gonna try it anyway but after a couple of positive replies, I'm no longer worried. Thanks!
  13. Getting ready to take my first serious shot at the fruit couverture thing. I wasn't really tempted to try making the already existing flavors because, honestly, they taste good and it's cheaper to buy it than make it. But I got my hands on some freeze dried banana and peach powders so I'm gonna give those a shot. From what I've been able to dig up, the primary acid in peaches is malic. Is there any reason adding it to the mix would be a bad idea? I'm not convinced I can get a peach flavor I'll be happy with if it doesn't have that acid balance.
  14. I'm not picky about it at all and not even 100% sure I want to bother with it, just thought I'd see what was out there in case I decide to. It would be so I can mold them and dump them in the big plastic bins I use to store my working chocolate, nobody but me would ever see them so what they look like isn't important at all. Both of those look like they would work great. Actually, if I went with the beans, they could be used for things other people would see as well. Hmmm...
  15. Nothing specific. Maybe something around the size of Valrhona's Inspirations or a little smaller. Not something so small that it would take forever without 1000 molds.
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