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  1. A very nice review... even if he did call that sunny-side-up egg in the photo "over-easy".
  2. Corned Beef At Home: Recipes, Tips, etc.

    Between Anna's link and your market siting, I was already convinced all was well but I also got a response from the supplier assuring me it's the right stuff... so no more worries.
  3. I was almost mildly grumpy at myself for not asking you about those before I bought mine when I saw that price, I paid $15 and change each on amazon.ca. But then it occurred to me that once you convert that to Canadian money and add on shipping from the U.S. (I got free shipping), it probably wouldn't have made much difference.
  4. Corned Beef At Home: Recipes, Tips, etc.

    That's not the place I got it from but it looks exactly the same as I what I have... and now I have another in-Canada sausage supply site to check out! I did send an email to the seller but thought I'd ask here anyway. There's generally somebody here who knows the answer to my questions and I usually get a reply from them faster than I do from the average company responding to an email.
  5. Corned Beef At Home: Recipes, Tips, etc.

    A quick question, just to be on the safe side before corned beef time gets here. I had to order more Prague #1 recently and got it from a different source than I usually do because they had some sausage making supplies I wanted. All the information on the label is identical to the one I usually order and I don't doubt the supplier but the powder is white instead of pink. I know the pink is added just for easy identification but is it particularly unusual for a manufacturer to leave it out?
  6. I believe you and pastrygirl, you're both much more experienced at this than I am. I was just picturing me trying to scrape color off and about the fifth or sixth time the scraping caused big flakes of the color to break away, me saying a few discouraging words as the mold went sailing towards the trashcan.
  7. This is not sarcastic, I'm asking this in all sincerity... why wouldn't it be easier to paint the yellow line in with a brush, spatter with black, then back with the blue? It would still be a lot of work painting all those lines in but it seems to me like it would be easier than trying to cleanly scrape colors away. Edit: the more I look at the picture, the more I'm convinced on the paint them in idea. It looks to me like a perfect example is being held in the foreground. Some in the background look like they have areas of heavier yellow in the line that could have been a start and stop point with the brush.
  8. Yep, that's my general approach to solutions that I need in tiny amounts. Just make a more manageable amount and use what I need from it. I have high precision scales so that's not an issue. I don't even know if I'll ever make this, it was more an exercise in scaling it down to see how far I could get it before some of the numbers started getting silly. At 1 lb the tartaric acid solution gets ridiculous small (.284 grams) and the cream of tartar would be significantly less which has me wondering if there's a minimum batch size below which things don't act like they should.
  9. Scaling this down to a 5 lb batch is pretty easy until I get to the cream of tartar. That's going to require weighing the 3 tsp before I can do the math but it's going to be less than a gram to go along with the 1.42 grams of tartaric acid solution (50%?). I'm starting to see why a 100 lb batch is easier.
  10. Not being Catholic, lapsed or otherwise, nope, I don't. But I am considering making gumbo z'herbes for Maundy Thursday basically for the same reason I make corned beef on St. Patrick's day... because it's a focus point to encourage me to actually get it done.
  11. I can't speak for all of the various brands but the Paasche airbrushes I bought came with all 3 nozzle sizes. They came with a 6 foot hose as well but I'm seriously considering grabbing a 15 or 20 foot so I can mount the compressor somewhere out of the way and just run the hose to my work table. I'm using a Paasche compressor so there was no issue with connections to deal with but they sell specific hoses designed for using different combinations of other airbrushes and compressors with their airbrushes and compressors so I'm assuming there is no universal standard.
  12. Drinks! 2018

    The lime juice in the Mai Tai should help with the vitamin C... so have another!
  13. And that's probably part of the reason you're running a successful cafe and preparing to open your dream restaurant while Judge Smails tells me the world needs ditch diggers too.
  14. Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

    No wonder not many things are interested in eating us.
  15. Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

    That's supposed to be the basic premise but it ends up tasting not even remotely similar to even the worst hams I've experienced. Not sure what they do during the process to completely remove all traces of it's hammy beginnings but whatever they do, it works. Anything even casually resembling ham in flavor is done away with.