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  1. Coffee Ice Cream

    Opinions may not be as useful as experience but educated opinions can be very useful. Brainstorming is the tossing out of ideas and opinions based on experience and/or knowledge and often leads to all kinds of solved problems and new discoveries. I wasn't offering opinion regarding the caramel though. I based everything I said on experience. But the theme of the discussion is coffee ice cream which is what you posted about so if you're agreeable, we'll pretend I never mentioned the caramel and get on with the show. If you ever find yourself in a small remote town in far northern Ontario, I'll buy you a beer and we'll argue the difficulties of caramelizing sugar.
  2. Coffee Ice Cream

    I wasn't suggesting making a custard is difficult, I was suggesting that caramelizing sugar is no more difficult than making a custard. The spattering caused by adding a liquid to the hot sugar is worthy of a warning, that's why I didn't mention it. But the "do a half batch to practice first" and "it's not easy" warnings are over-the-top in my opinion. There's no more or less difficulty in doing that batch full size vs. half size so it was an odd suggestion to me. I wasn't criticizing you posting it, I was just curious if they were warnings from the book. But the first reaction that seems to come from every question or criticism lately is for the person being responded to to say they're taking their ball and going home. When I post something here, I want to hear what others have to say, not what they think I want to hear. I guess I assumed that was universal.
  3. Coffee Ice Cream

    Are those warnings from the book or your own? Just curious because it seems a bit excessive. The only difficulty involved with caramelizing sugar is turning away from it at the wrong moment and burning it or getting it darker than you wanted. Even that is given some leeway through most of the process by the addition of the water. When most of the water has cooked out and it starts getting thick and bubbling more slowly, back that recommended high heat off some and that will buy you even more time to decide if it's where you want it before it goes past. Nothing about making ice cream requires a difficulty warning but I'd argue that, if I was forced to give one, making a good custard base is higher in difficulty than caramelizing sugar. Especially with a light caramel where you're not taking it up to the edge of going from caramel to burnt. Not trying to be negative towards your post, I've just always felt it's better to instill confidence than worry or fear when teaching somebody how to cook something.
  4. Yeah, it's just a quick and easy way to get in the ballpark. There are more accurate methods for zooming in closer on an exact match, such as you provided. I figured for something like this, the ballpark is close enough. A little too much isn't as bad as a lot too much. You can dump a little too much in a bowl or something, let it set and do a little quality control (pronounced: snacking) without getting into your production pieces.
  5. If the recipe doesn't already tell you the batch weight, just add the ingredients together to get a total weight. If the blackberry recipe makes 1500 grams and the lemon makes 2000 then reduce everything in the lemon recipe by 25%. You probably won't get lucky and have it be a nice, convenient percentage like that but any percentage is easy to work out with a calculator.
  6. Might have to take you up on that. Just don't tell Renee... that's where I usually get it.
  7. Pimento Cheese

    We can't spare you because we didn't actually ask you to eat it or try to serve it to you. But not liking pimento cheese doesn't require an apology, there are lots of popular things that I don't like and I don't apologize for any of them. I don't think pimento cheese was ever meant to compete with those other cheeses you mentioned, it's a thing of it's own. Your cheese list is the princess at the ball, pimento cheese is the girl in jeans and boots at the hoedown... both can be good.
  8. Drinks! 2018

    Doesn't matter where the recipes come from, if it makes a cocktail and you enjoy the cocktail, it's done it's job.
  9. Made a batch of the lemon mint ganache today. I piped it into dark chocolate shells (not planning to bother with pics because there's no decoration or anything fancy, this is just a flavor test, but pics can be done if anybody really needs to see plain dark chocolate shells to be happy today ). Initial reaction to tasting the ganache is that I'm going to wish the mint was a little more forward. It's there but pretty outweighed by the lemon so I suspect it will disappear even more with the dark chocolate in the mix... but we'll see once I get them bottomed later today.
  10. And they make both for you and the large number of people who share your sentiment... enjoy!
  11. Doesn't matter which tomato juice you use in a Bloody Mary, they all pour down the drain equally well. I will give it a small amount of credit though, at least it's not that vile concoction known as the Bloody Caesar. Not sure why somebody thought adding clam juice to a Bloody Mary was going to improve the situation.
  12. mol d' art melter power cord

    I really want to ask if you're sure you weren't using it upside down... but not because I actually think you were, just because I'm a bit of a smartass.
  13. Using Mexican Chocolate

    Bash them with a hammer and toss in your stone grinder?