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  1. Marco Pierre White gave his back* before it was the cool thing to do... *You can't actually "give them back"... the most you can do is proclaim them unimportant to you and not strive to maintain them. Which is what he did.
  2. The Soup Topic (2013–)

    Thinking alike! I'm making corn chowder with jalapeno and ham (not a recipe, just winged it). It's chilly and raining here today so soup seemed perfect. It's college football day so I didn't want too much kitchen time. So I bought everything and did all my prep after work yesterday. Got up early this morning and got it all going in the crock pot so it could cook while I was at work today. I'm going to make some cheddar cheese biscuits to go with it and there's Rob's peanut butter pie for dessert.
  3. If I was in the market for a blender, processor, crusher and spiralizer, I'd consider something like this over 4 separate devices. I don't see how it's any different than having a stand mixer with attachments for doing other jobs, it's a blender with attachments for doing other jobs. The "smart" stuff and touchscreen don't matter to me but I get it... this is the age of the cellphone that is used for almost everything except a phone so people enjoy those touchscreens and program pre-sets for certain tasks have been around for a long time.
  4. Meeting-friendly snacks to bake

    Never thought of the microwave for the dough, might have to give that a shot. I'm with you on making the dough a day ahead. I've made it several days ahead before and the results were still as good as usual.
  5. Meeting-friendly snacks to bake

    Is that the "Sally's Coconut Macaroons"? My favorite macaroons recipe for many years now has been Anna Olson's from her show "Sugar" They're my idea of coconut macaroon perfection but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to try others if they come with a good recommendation. *Anna also did a variation on them in which she dropped the almond extract and replaced the 1/4 cup of flour with an equal amount of cocoa. Those are tasty too but I prefer the non-chocolate version.
  6. Chocdoc Does Dallas

    Even then, it's just feet. No cause for alarm.
  7. Chocdoc Does Dallas

    She really is. I'm completely convinced that you could put her in a room with a pair of knitting needles, 6 empty bubblegum wrappers and a talking parrot and she'd walk out with a nice selection of chocolates and maybe a steak dinner to go with them.
  8. Chocdoc Does Dallas

    Too fiery or just not very tasty?
  9. It does look really nice and I'm going to steal... err... borrow that mousse recipe. It sounds tasty. Thanks!
  10. Yeah, it's almost like he tried to adopt the Bourdain snarkiness but couldn't successfully pull it off. It flows from Bourdain in a natural way that I enjoy, Alton just comes off as petulant and cranky in his more recent shows. But like you said, almost anything has to be better than endless episodes of Beat Bobby Flay and kid cooking competitions.
  11. I'm not him but the usual method is to assemble it in reverse order in the mold. Then when you unmold it the, usually sturdy layer that supports everything, top becomes the bottom and you just glaze the entire thing.
  12. It says no color or fruit flavor added in the article. I'm thinking the "fruity" they're referring to is like when we talk about fruity notes in other chocolates only maybe more forward and pronounced with this one. But that's just a guess based on the article, I've never seen this before now.
  13. What's your favorite teapot?

    I prefer a little teapot, short and stout.
  14. That's something I've been working on coming to grips with for a while now. I went through the phase where I thought everything was better if you always insisted on only using the best possible ingredients and, in a manner of speaking, that's true. But the thing it doesn't take into account is people's taste preferences and memories. Sometimes people don't want to be shown the light or steered down a different path. Sometimes they just want what they like. If a Moon Pie is nothing at all like what the person eating it associates with a Moon Pie, what's the point of calling it a Moon Pie? All of which is just a long-winded way to say, I don't feel your disclaimer regarding the chocolate coating is required. If the result is good, that's all that matters.
  15. The Perfect Burger

    Well, I guess that settles it... crude and tasteless I am. Because Kraft singles is exactly what I was thinking of when I said I was perfectly fine with that sort of cheese being on my burger. It offends me not at all and in some cases is just the right thing.