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  1. I'm sitting here looking at this and thinking with my love of banana bread and abundance of good wild blueberries, why have I never thought of it before? The answer is obvious of course...
  2. Has L'Epicérie Closed?

    Okay, yeah... I get a lot of those sorts of things from chocolat-chocolat and vanilla food company Vanilla food company does flat rate shipping, $7 within Canada and $17 to the U.S. but it still may not be worth it for you to have it crossing the border depending on if duties would be required. I'm betting there has to be another source for those sorts of things in the quantities you want somewhere in the U.S. I just don't know what they would be.
  3. Just kidding... I understand. For me, the best thing to do with a good bottle of Islay Scotch is leave it on the shelf in the store.
  4. Has L'Epicérie Closed?

    I'm not sure what you purchase from them. I mainly purchased modernist ingredients and some pastry related items. Modernist stuff is easy to get in various sized packaging through Modernist Pantry, Qzina became a good source for the pastry stuff but they were taken over by (or merged into, not sure) another group and no longer ship in Canada. I no longer have need for the modernist ingredients. Still a fan, just don't actually do much of it anymore. The pastry stuff, I don't need in the volume that I did when I was catering so it's not too hard to find most of it as I need it. I haven't really settled into a new "go to" place.
  5. Has L'Epicérie Closed?

    Not sure. I used to shop with them fairly regularly but there was a point where their shipping charges to Canada suddenly jumped up a large amount all in one shot so I started looking elsewhere. I agree with you on their selection and prices though, be a shame if they shut it down.
  6. Pastry Cream Leftovers

    Pastry cream leftovers... I thought that's what spoons were for?
  7. Bitters as the base!

    That is my blood type, maybe I need to give it a try.
  8. Wish I could send you two the weather from here. Beautiful day today, sunny and not too hot... and I have nothing at all planned for the grill or smoker. It's been a good weekend of making a great deal of progress on the inside of the house but not much of a weekend in the food department.
  9. German choc cake filling

    Should be no less safe at room temp than the traditional filling (though I'm not convinced it would actually be any more safe either) so you should be fine. I'm not of the understanding why the egg version would be any more problem than any other egg-containing high sugar cooked item that's kept at room temp. But I'm not trying to convince you to use it, you should do what you feel most comfy with.
  10. The blueberries have started here too. Looks like it's going to be a good year for them. I don't particularly enjoy picking them but my wife loved it so we all know what that means... I went blueberry picking. I still have probably 6 - 8 gallons in the freezer so I seriously doubt I'll be picking any this year. If I want fresh, I'll just buy a small container from one of the local pickers.
  11. German choc cake filling

    This won't qualify as scientific information but I never store my German chocolate cakes in the fridge. The last one I made was actually a thick layer of the filling on some super moist brownies and it spent almost a week on the counter before it was all eaten with no ill effects. I love the GCC filling, I don't even care if it has cake under it or not.
  12. Sounds like a plan... in the time it takes you two to work out the details for all of that, I can just eat it and walk away happy.
  13. Link is working for me. It says in the recipe description that it's the "flamboyant cousin of shakshouka".
  14. Finally made it to the local farmer's market for the first time this year. Didn't have as much time to browse as I would have liked, just a quick sneak from work before the lunch crowd hit. I saw more veggies available than usual for this early so maybe it's growing. Saw a vendor selling artisan breads but didn't make a stop there either. I did make sure to hit the booth for the lady from the semi-local elk farm. She brings her own products along with cheese from the semi-local cheese maker (primarily different Goudas but they do a nice Swiss as well). Grabbed some elk summer sausage. I also grabbed a chunk of extra aged Gouda and, since she didn't have the stinging nettle Gouda this trip, I gave in to curiosity and tried their newest product... a honey and clover Gouda. I like it. Grassy in a pleasant way with a hint of sweetness and honey that's really nice. Will repeat that one. I did a quick stop at the booth from the semi-local beef farm as well, just grabbed a couple packages of extra hot beef sticks. They're a nice, heavily smoked dry-cure product that don't live up to the "extra hot" label at all but are tasty just the same.