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  1. One of my life goals has always been to someday be a grouchy old fart. There are a few who might argue that I've already accomplished that goal...
  2. Falernum: The Topic

    Opened a bottle of falernum I made just over a year ago. I finish my homemade falernum and allspice dram with a higher alcohol content than standard just to be safe with the shelf life thing. Very possibly unnecessary, I'm not an expert, but it's what I do. There was a lot of sediment at the bottom of the bottle so I siphoned everything out of the bottle down to just above the sediment and re-bottled. The aging seems to have done some good things and some possibly less good things. It's lost it's rough edges, it's silky smooth. But the lime has faded to the background, comes in more behind the spice than forward on the sip. And the almond has become more of a vague nuttiness. I've never tasted a commercial falernum and this is the first time I've made a large enough amount in one batch that I could keep some around for a while. When I use it fresh fairly soon after making it, the lime is more up front but the spice is much more harsh. I actually like this aged stuff better but I'm not sure if it will do what falernum is supposed to do in drinks that call for it with the subtle lime. I guess my question is... what exactly should my falernum taste like?
  3. What an evil sign that is... doesn't really leave you with as many choices as it pretends to.
  4. Butter Tarts

    Deal. Abominations and brownies sounds like a good way to help a cup of coffee or glass of milk down.
  5. They can become a bit much easily. Rich and sweet. Smallish pieces and a cold glass of milk on the side for me... but I do like them.
  6. Butter Tarts

    If the raisins are a requirement for it to be a butter tart, I'll stick with whatever you call them when they contain pecans or walnuts instead. I've done them with cashews too. Anything to displace the raisins...
  7. Fudgy, moist, chewy chocolate cake... doesn't leave much room for complaint.
  8. Ingredients via Internet

    The Qualifirst shipping probably becomes more reasonable as the order gets larger. It starts at a high base rate but it doesn't seem to go up in large leaps as you add more to the cart. So it may not be so bad if I get to a point where I need larger amounts. Right now, I just need to get my hands on some passion fruit puree and I was going to give the banana a try just to see how it compares to fresh and the frozen I've used in the past.
  9. Ingredients via Internet

    I appreciate that Kerry but there's no point in you having to do all of that extra footwork over $25. I just thought it might be worth asking in case there was a source I overlooked. If I start using purees again as much as I'm hoping, I'm going to have to suck it up at some point anyway. Might as well get used to it.
  10. Ingredients via Internet

    Does Chef's Warehouse have more than one site? The site I was sent to when I tried to get to the Qzina site said they're not shipping in Canada at this time. Qualifirst prices for the shelf stable pouches aren't too far outside of what I was paying for the frozen at Qzina with the added benefit of not being temperature sensitive for shipping but the $52 shipping charge for 4 pouches of puree seemed extreme to me. Maybe I've just become spoiled by Qzina and Vanilla Food Company with their very reasonable flat rate shipping and that's not actually as out of line as I think.
  11. Ingredients via Internet

    Anybody have a Canadian online source for fruit purees? The shelf stable (not frozen, usually in 1 kg pouches) type are the best option for where I live. Getting frozen shipped here is usually costly and rarely results in the product still being frozen when it arrives. I used to get my purees from Qzina but since they became part of the Chef's Warehouse group, they no longer have a Canadian online store. Qualifirst has them and that may be what I end up having to do but they have them at much higher than average prices with very high shipping charges so I'm hoping somebody has a source I haven't been able to find.
  12. Recipe Question ?

    My personal policy with my recipes is I don't mind sharing as long as it's not with direct, local competition. And even then, I'm not always as strict with it as I probably should be. Or rather, that was my policy. Since I no longer do catering and most of the recipes we use at work are not mine it's not currently an issue. If I manage to get the chocolates thing off the ground well enough to actually call it a business at some point, I'll have to give it more thought. Right now, there is no local direct competition in that area but I wouldn't want to contribute too heavily to competition being created.
  13. Recipe Question ?

    If you don't want to share your recipes, I would just politely explain that to them. You're paying rent, you don't owe them anything beyond that. If you choose to share an occasional recipe, that still doesn't obligate you to share every recipe they request. If you're interested in selling or bartering space for recipes, I'd just discuss that idea with them. It's a business relationship, they shouldn't be offended by you doing things in a business-like manner. They didn't just give you use of the kitchen because you wanted to use it, they worked out something that makes it beneficial to both parties. Nothing wrong with you doing the same.
  14. Carrot Cake - Bake-off XIX

    I am the breaker of deals... no carrot cake I make shall contain raisins. If I'm served carrot cake and it contains raisins, I eat it. But I never add them myself. Raisins are an on-the-fence thing for me, don't actually hate them but don't particularly love them either. I will eat them in moderation but things heavily raisin-saturated like raisin pie or raisin butter tarts, I'll pass.
  15. ISO Carrot Cake recipe

    Which leaves me very tempted to give the recipe a try. I prefer the more dense and moist cakes over the light, fluffy cakes.