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  1. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    I know I'm frequently guilty of posting without pictures... but I had a bowl of rice for breakfast. Just your basic white rice with a little butter, salt and pepper. Didn't seem worth the bother of taking and posting a picture.
  2. For some reason, even though I never make them, I tend to automatically think of the brightly colored Louisiana style when I hear Kings Cake. Took a second for that Galette des Rois to register. Kevin is a nice bonus.
  3. Fondant: a detailed look

    I make it the lazier way... I add it to the shopping cart on chocolat-chocolat and click "order". I have made it myself and I really don't mind doing it, I just don't have a good place for pouring out a big batch where it can spread thin for cooling and I probably would mind making multiple small batches.
  4. Requesting Half Portions

    Yeah, I've seen that before. It's not really the same as asking for a half portion with nobody taking the other half but I can see their point. I think the logic there is probably, you're getting all of the service and filling the seating for two people but only spending the money for one person. I can see it being a problem if that's a normal occurrence for a location.
  5. I'm betting you've done the microwave cakes using a cream whipper, how does the texture of this method compare? I like the whipper microwave cakes but this eliminates the need for and cleaning of the whipper. I don't doubt this is good or you wouldn't have posted it, just wondering what the texture is like.
  6. Requesting Half Portions

    It's not a common request at all where I work. We get the occasional customers that want to share something. I happily divide whatever it is between two plates rather than send out the plate with an accompanying empty plate because I'm nice like that ( actually, I just think it looks nicer that way and is more convenient for the customers... it's entirely possible they would prefer I didn't) but we don't get many requests for half-portions. I would say don't worry over it. If you want to ask about half-portions, ask. There is zero harm in asking, they won't chase you out or throw a spotlight on you or whisk you to the kitchen to make you the base for the next day's soup. They'll just say yes or no and maybe, if no, suggest things that are smaller or that are available as half-portions. There's no bad etiquette or anything involved with asking.
  7. I was looking here. Not in a hurry anyway, just something to keep in mind for the future. I have enough chocolate stuff to concentrate on getting better at right now with the toys I already have.
  8. I'm convinced... gonna have to search for the glycerine I thought I had. If I don't have it, ordering shall be done.
  9. Requesting Half Portions

    Absolutely, ask away. I don't mind making customers happy as long as they understand that it probably won't be an option with everything. The problem I run into is that there are a significant number of restaurant customers that don't have that understanding. Not the majority, but enough. So you send out a half portion of something to the person that requested it and the person sitting at the next table sees this. Then they ask for a half portion of what they want and throw a fit when told that item can't be divided. Those are the people that make me want to just toss a big "no" blanket over any and all special requests... but so far, I haven't allowed myself to go down that road.
  10. Requesting Half Portions

    I'd say it has to depend on type of food item. Other factors may be taken into consideration as well, but definitely that one. One place I worked built the lasagna in individual serving dishes during prep so we could just top it with cheese and toss it in the oven to order during the rush. A half-portion wasn't going to happen. I understand sometimes a person just wants a certain thing but expecting the restaurant to deal with the waste generated by dividing something that doesn't readily allow for the remaining portion to be sold to someone else so that the customer doesn't have to deal with that waste doesn't sound like a reasonable expectation to me.
  11. Ingredients via Internet

    Yeah, they have a decent selection of dried chilies. I ordered some in my last order. I don't order often, I try to wait until I have a nice cart-full because the shopping cart applies a 10% discount to the order once it passes the $100 point. So I plan things I want to make, add what I need to my cart and when it gets to the discount point, I order... and hope I'll get around to actually making all of the things I ordered for.
  12. I look forward to seeing how this works out. I wanted to try it myself but kept putting off ordering the required glycerine. I thought I had some around here but if I do, I have no idea where I stashed it. Probably somewhere I knew I wouldn't forget...
  13. Here's the link to the page. Like I said, I haven't messed with it yet so I'm not even sure if it's the same thing as we're discussing here. Sounds like it might be similar though. Edit: I just read through it again, been a while, and it looks like they forgot to mention adding the glucose listed in the ingredients during the instructions. I would assume it goes in during the heating though.
  14. I did some searching for the casting/modling jelly the last time he posted something with the chocolate nails and had no luck. I did find a recipe for a DIY version but haven't tried it. It uses gelatin, water, glycerin, glucose and denatured alcohol.
  15. Ingredients via Internet

    Since I live a few kilometers north of nowhere, many things people can probably buy at their local gas station in a pinch aren't available within about 5 hours drive. For here in Canada, I use the South China Seas site for a lot of international ingredient stuff. A lot of the perishable stuff, they won't ship but in addition to the non-perishables, I can get fresh lime leaves, lemongrass and galangal and a few other tolerant perishables shipped.