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  1. I think that on a regular basis. But I've already spent the money on the compressor, airbrush and an assortment of colored cocoa butter so I waited too long to have my epiphany... might as well keep at it now.
  2. Sausage Roll Question

    No ma'am, Roll Tide! Hmmm... War Chicken sausage rolls? I'm actually leaning towards mixing up a batch of my breakfast sausage and using that. I make it fairly spicy and somewhat sage forward, would just need to add egg and breadcrumbs for this use.
  3. Sausage Roll Question

    I skipped the sausage rolls this week but only because the plan is sausage rolls for the Iron Bowl next weekend.
  4. Sausage Roll Question

    You ladies are not helping things at all. I was trying to convince myself something on the more healthy side for Saturday's football food would be a good idea... now all I can think about is sausage rolls.
  5. There's some really good food to be found on food trucks and it's not really conducive to fine china and antique silver utensils. But I suppose one must have one's standards regarding what they're willing to shovel the food into their mouth with.
  6. Pistachio Paste

    With the prices I've been able to find for pistachio paste here in Canada, I decided to go the route of just not doing anything with pistachio unless it's something I can do with just the pistachio nuts. At $166/kg for the pistachio/almond blend and $230/kg for the pure pistachio, I couldn't make it profitable in my market. And to be completely honest, most of my market would probably pass over the pistachio if peanut butter or hazelnut where available at the same time.
  7. I get mice when winter sets in some years. They usually don't last long. We have cats and the mice can't seem to resist going after the crunchy cat food in the bowls in the kitchen so they rarely last long once the cats notice the activity. We have 2 ball pythons that would probably be happy to assist but I don't let them free roam and don't feed them live animals so they don't get to help with the mice. I have some regular old fashioned snap traps just in case the cats go on strike but so far I haven't needed to use them.
  8. Me too. I like Brussels sprouts but I made a roasted Brussels sprouts lasagna that I'd stumbled across a recipe for a couple years ago and the resulting cruciferous vegetable induced suffering was so bad the next day that I haven't eaten them since. I spent the first part of the next day at work standing bent at about a 45ish degree angle because it was too painful to stand up straight then I (and probably my coworkers, as well) spent the rest of the day happy that exhaust hood is right where I spend most of my time at work.
  9. That's what I want to see on dessert plates! None of that "dice-sized cube of cake topped with 3 grains of rice pudding and a passing illusion of whipped cream scented air" one-bite stuff. That's fine for the savory courses in a tasting menu but desserts should be full of sugar and morning-after regret...
  10. Meeting-friendly snacks to bake

    The processor works if you're using the dates in a recipe that allows you to toss some of the sugar in with the dates while processing. I actually discovered that while trying to use the processor with dried figs but that led to trying it with dates and with candied ginger and it worked great for all of them.
  11. Worlds Largest Deliverable Pizza

    There was a time, longer ago than I like to think about, when that would have been very tempting. Me and my best friend were renting a house that was the popular weekend gathering place for our friends. If that pizza had existed in the area where I lived at that time, I'm 100% sure it would have wound up at our house. Probably more than once. Any initial price-based hesitation would have been erased at some point in the evening by beer consumption.
  12. I really wish I'd asked the question that answer pertains to a long time ago. I've been way too paranoid and conservative with my silk canister rotation. Chocolate life just got a little bit easier!
  13. Homemade Sorta-Kinda Scrapple??

    I've never had scrapple but I like goetta now and then. My grandfather was a fan of it so I ate it occasionally growing up. Making it is the only way I can have it where I live now but I don't do it often. I'm not traditional with the seasoning when I do make it. I basically season it very similar to how I season my homemade breakfast sausage, sage-forward with some heat. I hadn't thought about it in a while, might have to make a batch now that it's on my mind.
  14. Or, and pardon my blatant greed, a couple of each for the fig and rhubarb non-hater... aka: me.
  15. I don't get it at all. It's basically saying "please restrict every kid out trick-or-treating that night to items that meet the dietary needs of my children". Because, unless mom has a "we're the allergy kids" sign attached to the kid's costumes, how would anybody know which kids the letter referred to? Weeding through what the kids can and can't eat is part of the parent's responsibility as the parents of children with allergies.