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  1. I'm starting to think a lottery win would come with the serious risk of me looking into immigration to Italy so I can eventually die smiling while I stuff one last bite of food down my gullet.
  2. If you're not of the variety who finds evil in drinks from the sweeter side, there's a whole range of coconut drinks in tiki land. I have no opposition to sweetness in drinks but what Hassouni posted above sounds pretty tasty. Gonna have to give that one a try.
  3. When you realize that meal you go to a fine dining restaurant and pay $200+ for is just weeknight dinner to people in Italy. That's not a gift, that's bride price.
  4. Kerry is the better person to answer EZtemper questions but in situations like that, I usually just follow the recipe as written then add the 1% silk at the end. I don't even make adjustments to the cocoa butter which I realize means I'm adding a very small amount (proportionally) of extra cocoa butter in the form of silk. I figure we're adding that extra cocoa butter in every case because there's no other recipe adjustments for adding silk so I just don't worry about it and haven't noticed any negative effects from doing it. But like I said, when it comes to the EZtemper, I'd suggest going with what Kerry suggests. She knows the ins and outs of working with it more than anybody else.
  5. Tri2Cook

    Dinner 2020

    I come to look at all the nice food and then contribute nothing but a sandwich. Needed food for the college football championship game last night and didn't want a lot of work or a big mess. The game was in New Orleans and with Bama not in it, I decided to stick with the SEC and was pulling for LSU so the muffuletta seemed like the perfect solution. Instead of the traditional giant sandwich, I went with individual sized on ciabatta buns.
  6. Tri2Cook

    Dinner 2020

    Yes, please... but my brain doesn't comprehend tacos in numbers smaller than six and generally prefers larger numbers than that.
  7. I've never worked in the settings you describe so I can't be of much help in that area. There's only 2 possibilities really, either someone already thought of it and couldn't find a large enough market for it or there is a large enough market and nobody's recognized it and filled that void. If it's the second one, you just may be on to something.
  8. I assume these wouldn't be full size ovens in width and depth with just less vertical space or they wouldn't be much cheaper to run. They would probably be more costly to run once you were running more than one. The problem, outside of buying and wiring a bunch of single shelf ovens, is that you have a bunch of single shelf ovens. So you either have them all on or you hope you aren't busier than what you have on can handle or you're waiting (which means your customers are waiting) for additional ovens to heat when it's busier than anticipated. Even if it's a single unit with multiple independently controlled single shelf ovens built into it, that would only solve he wiring difficulty... the other problems would remain.
  9. Well, there's the part where 1/3 the size is not going to be 1/3 the cost but I don't know if you're factoring cost as an important consideration.
  10. Howdy. I'm one lottery win away from being retired from a food career... so I'll probably never get to use the "retired cook" user name.
  11. Had to go back and refresh the memory... no reason to fix what isn't broke, looks tasty.
  12. New Year's eve, no idea what or if I'm doing. New Year's day will be pork, greens, black eyed peas and corn bread in forms I can munch throughout the day while watching the Citrus, Rose and Sugar bowl games. It took me 5 days to eat the leftovers from Christmas dinner, I'm not doing another big dinner. I already pickled some collard greens with pearl onions and hot peppers. I'm making a salad tomorrow with the black eyed peas, the ol' "cowboy caviar" style. For the corn bread, I'm breaking out the cake pop baker. I'm gonna load the cavities with corn bread batter with a frozen ball of pimento cheese in the middle and bake them as needed. I'm still deciding what I want to do with pork. There will be the already mentioned pimento cheese in it's more natural state as well and I made some hot chow chow just because it's always been a part of the more traditional version of the New Year's meal for me. And I'm using a lot more sense with the quantities than I did at Christmas so I don't have to eat this stuff until I temporarily hate it.
  13. Don't hesitate, that wasn't my intention at all. The girls don't always listen when I tell them not to spend money on me. Younger young'un went on a trip a couple months ago to visit a friend and she brought me a couple nice food-related gifts from a craft fair she attended while there. They just weren't given as holiday gifts or I would have posted it here. I enjoy the posts in this thread, seeing people happy about what they received is part of the joy of the season.
  14. No food/drink related gifts this year. My only gift was seeing happy faces on the girls and grandsons. That's plenty gift enough for me. The older girl and her husband work hard to pay the bills and take care of their two boys, it doesn't leave a lot of extra. I insisted they just spend on the boys, there's nothing I might want that I would tell them about because I wouldn't want them to spend it on me. The younger girl is still in school. She works but doesn't make a lot, I told her not to spend it on me. In case it sounds like it, this is not complaining or bemoaning the Ghost of Christmas Disappointment. Entirely the opposite, in fact... I'm thankful for all that I have. The only thing that could make it better is if Ann was still here. Happy Holidays to all of my eGullet friends.
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