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  1. Thanks! I'll look into that. I may not be opposed to the idea of 10 kg quantities in the relatively near future. I'm leaning towards a serious push at the bean to bar stuff just to see if it'll catch on locally. There's been a shift in the local customer base fairly recently since the new medical center was built. People coming here that are used to things not available here. I've seen business ventures doing well that wouldn't have lasted 2 months here 5 years ago. Gonna spend the hot weather months playing around with ideas and try to jump in with both feet as soon as it starts cooling down.
  2. Food trends are like sports stars/teams... everybody loves 'em when they're the new kid at the top but when too many people get onboard (the sport star/team starts to win too much) there starts to be a backlash and it becomes cool to not love it. The cool kids want what's cool to be theirs and when too many non-members start to "get it" they have to move on to something else.
  3. Less is less... but sometimes less is better.
  4. Anybody have a good in-Canada source for cocoa butter, preferably in callet form? I was using the Barry Callebaut callets from Chocolat Chocolat but it no longer appears to be available there (though I could be wrong, really not enjoying their website change... it's much slower and more difficult to track things down now). I found Choctura brand on the Qualifirst site at $79 for 2 kg so not much out of line from what I was already spending, just completely unfamiliar with the brand/quality.
  5. I use Callebaut chocolates almost exclusively. A choice largely based on price but I wouldn't use it if I didn't like it even with the lower cost. I keep my chocolates in large plastic pails so I don't have the original packaging but the 811 is the 54.5%, right? It does fine for me for shelling. I have a slightly strange working relationship with all of the Callebaut varieties I use, they all feel like I'd like them to be thinner when I'm doing the shelling but the shells always end up nice and thin so I think it's just in my head. I need to work with some other chocolates at some point just a
  6. I like bourbon, prefer it over all other whisk(e)y I've tried, but my tastes in bourbon are like my tastes in most other spirits... not as refined as they probably should be. I only drink spirits in the context of cocktails and I'm not a big fan of many of the glass full of one booze with half a drop of something else added to whisper in the general direction of being a cocktail type drinks so a lot of the pricey spirits feel like wasted dollars in the context they'd be used by me. Without going to the cabinet to verify, I believe I have Jim Beam Black, Wild Turkey 101 and Maker's Mark right n
  7. For those who've played around with it, any consensus on the best type of non-dairy milk powder for making dairy-free milk and white chocolate? I'm trying to stay away from the coconut flavor that comes with coconut milk powder. The plan right now is to get a bag each of soy and rice milk powder and see which I prefer, just interested in thoughts and other options from those who've already done it.
  8. Honestly, whatever I happen to have in my cabinet at the moment. I have Beefeater, Broker's and Hendrick's right now but that could very possibly change when I need to restock.
  9. I want to play around with using freeze dried fruit powder to bolster flavor in ganache. Specifically, in this instance, I want to add banana powder to the Michael Laiskonis banana ganache recipe. Are adjustments to the liquid ratio necessary or do you just add it to taste to the existing recipe? I'm willing to experiment, just thought I'd look for an educated starting point since freeze dried fruit powders aren't inexpensive. Pretty sure it's ok to include the recipe since he made it public himself on his blog... 475g heavy cream 2 vanilla beans 40g trimoline 780g white couv
  10. That seems to be the problem for me as well... that and a metabolism that adds a couple pounds if I stand too close to a celery stick.
  11. Tri2Cook

    Dinner 2021

    Comfy food for a chilly, rainy Sunday... Nashville hot chicken, cornmeal waffle, hashbrown casserole and collard greens. The hashbrown casserole is basically the standard Cracker Barrel copycat but I use the modernist cheese sauce from Chefsteps instead of cream of chicken soup and I saute chopped onions and jalapenos in the butter and add that to the mixture.
  12. That's why I've never seriously thought about wanting one... I'm not sure I want to hand dip dozens, much.less thousands. 😁
  13. Yeah, it sounded a bit excessive to me too but like I said, I've never done them in a smoker. I could do them entirely in the smoker, it's mainly just to free up the space for other uses. When I do pork ribs, I generally wrap them and toss them in a 225 F oven after about 3 hours of smoke. That way I can bump the smoker up to a higher temp and toss in chickens and everything gets done at about the same time. The oven is an option for short ribs, I was just wanting to play with my new toy. 😁
  14. Unfortunately, I can't answer that question. This is a new one all around for me, I've never done short ribs in the smoker before. I found a recipe on youtube that calls for 3 hours in the smoker at 250 F followed by 1 1/2 - 2 hours in a braising liquid in the oven at 300 F but I've never tried it.
  15. Thanks! Sounds tasty. I'll hang onto it but I want to do this round with the smoke, it's gonna be part of a bbq meal. I found info for times and buttons for short ribs but I don't know enough about the thing to know what adjustments to make after they've spent an hour or two in the smoker first.
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