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  1. So my molds are in and they're gonna make bigger spheres than I was picturing in my head but they'll fit in even my smallest coffee mugs (according to my measuring tape anyway) so they should be fine. I have a happy young'un right now, not only because she's excited about the hot chocolate bombs but also because when I ordered the dehydrated mini marshmallows, they also had the colorful Lucky Charms style version so I ordered a bag of those too and told her to have at 'em.
  2. Maybe it'll be a refreshing change for you... at least it isn't me yet again.
  3. I'm giving them a shot. I'd never heard of them either until someone asked me if I make them. I had to admit not knowing what they were and did some googling. I ordered 2.5" (63.5 mm) polycarbonate half sphere molds for the shells. I started ordering things before thoroughly investigating what I was doing and got a bulk supply of the dehydrated mini marshmallows like come in the packets of hot cocoa mix assuming that was the thing to use. And then every video I watched showed using regular mini marshmallows. I'm going to go with the dehydrated I already ordered initially and see what the react
  4. Tri2Cook

    Dinner 2020

    Just your basic garden variety crockpot beef stew. For future reference (for myself), thou shalt not put rutabaga in thine stew. Seemed like a good idea. I like rutabaga. I now know I do not like it in my beef stew. It took over... the broth tastes like rutabaga and not in a good way. It's not that earthy sweetness of a good cooked rutabaga. It seems to have maintained that stronger taste it has when raw even after 10 hours of cooking. It's not actually offensive, just not what I expected. I guess it's possible it just wasn't a great rutabaga to begin with.
  5. They're exactly what you want, you can use them for anything you'd use any other chocolate for. Tempered and much easier to work with than a big hefty block you have to bust up yourself. Edit: I shouldn't actually say that's exactly what you want. Nothing wrong with bars and blocks, I just like the convenience of callets. Weigh 'em and get to work, no chopping required.
  6. For me, that'd be a bonus. Anything that makes a cake more dense (in a good way, not bricks) and moist is a plus in my cake-eating world. Nice work with the video!
  7. I use canned diced tomatoes more often than fresh. Really good fresh tomatoes are pretty much impossible to get where I live except during a narrow window in late summer/early fall. The canned tomatoes are better pretty much 100% of the time outside of that window. Even during good tomato time, the good ones are only available at the once-a-month farmer's market. The grocery store tomatoes are no better even then.
  8. It's Thanksgiving day in Canada today and since neither me nor my daughter are big turkey fans, our tradition now is steak. So right now there are 2 strips, 2 filets, and a bag of top sirloin cubes in the tank at 54 C. The sirloin cubes are going to be seared in hot garlic butter. The others are going to get a quick sear on the grill or in a hot pan depending if the grill gas holds up... I forgot to get the tank filled.
  9. Mellowing it a bit and adjusting the texture a little was the original goal but the possibility of botulism is not an acceptable trade-off. If the curing salt in the sausage is a sure safeguard for that, that'd be great. The sausage will never come anywhere close to the 240 F mentioned above even for a second.
  10. I'm still kinda leaning towards non-windowed. All of the arguments for windowed are convincing and make sense but I'm not in a retail setting where people can browse and select. It's more a casual "I made these, there are x number of boxes available" and see how it goes thing right now. The only minor hang-up is, the windowed are available in 21 colors, the non-windowed are available in brown base/gold lid only... but they look nice. Addressing what Jim D. mentioned, I have a sample of the boxes I'm looking at and the inserts work perfectly with my primary mold.
  11. Shipping will not be an issue. I'm definitely not at that point now and honestly don't aspire to reaching that point.
  12. That was 40% what I was thinking. The other 60% was liking the idea of the surprise when opened. The windowed being available in a variety of color choices while the non-windowed only coming in one color kinda balanced out the scale and caused my indecision. 😆
  13. Windowed vs. non-windowed. Which for you and why? I know which way I'm leaning but it's not proving to be as easy a decision as I feel like it should be. I'm not at a point where I'm ready to go custom or large volume but I found boxes that I'm happy with that are an upgrade from what I've been using and within the price range to work for me. It could have been simple except they're available windowed or non-windowed. A contributing factor in this case could be, the windowed are available in a variety of colors. The non-windowed is only available in one color. Anyway... thoughts?
  14. I'll blame it on my inner child... I'd eat it. But only because it's meant to be eaten, not because you're wrong about it being beautiful.
  15. The heat of ghost peppers is fine for me, I'd put it at the upper edge of what I consider pleasant to eat. Anything much hotter is out of my fun zone, I may eat it just to say I did but I wouldn't call it enjoyable. I do think habaneros have a better flavor than ghost peppers. The ghost peppers earn their name though. They haunt you. Long after the habanero heat has died off, the ghost pepper keeps lingering like a fart in a car*. *Feel free to insert your own metaphor if that one offends. For better or worse, it's the first one that came to mind.
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