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  1. Yeah, I'm pretty familiar with working with malic acid. I have a little collection of acids and do a little reading on which ones and in what ratios are in whatever fruit I want to work with. I've just never had reason to want to incorporate it into the chocolate making process. Wasn't sure if anything evil might happen in the melanger. I was gonna try it anyway but after a couple of positive replies, I'm no longer worried. Thanks!
  2. Getting ready to take my first serious shot at the fruit couverture thing. I wasn't really tempted to try making the already existing flavors because, honestly, they taste good and it's cheaper to buy it than make it. But I got my hands on some freeze dried banana and peach powders so I'm gonna give those a shot. From what I've been able to dig up, the primary acid in peaches is malic. Is there any reason adding it to the mix would be a bad idea? I'm not convinced I can get a peach flavor I'll be happy with if it doesn't have that acid balance.
  3. I'm not picky about it at all and not even 100% sure I want to bother with it, just thought I'd see what was out there in case I decide to. It would be so I can mold them and dump them in the big plastic bins I use to store my working chocolate, nobody but me would ever see them so what they look like isn't important at all. Both of those look like they would work great. Actually, if I went with the beans, they could be used for things other people would see as well. Hmmm...
  4. Nothing specific. Maybe something around the size of Valrhona's Inspirations or a little smaller. Not something so small that it would take forever without 1000 molds.
  5. Leaching onto this topic rather than start another with the same general question... has anybody seen a mold for making your own callets/discs/whatever we want to call them? Seems like one of the companies would have wanted to cash in on bean to bar people being able to make their own callets by now but google isn't finding it for me. Disclaimer: not ruling out my search skills as a potential culprit in not finding what I'm looking for. 😁
  6. Yeah, I have a book from the mid 80's that was among the books I inherited from my mom called Chocolates & Petit Fours that calls for that in some of the chocolate recipes. I haven't been tempted to try it. 😁 EDIT: After a quick peek, I have to apologize to Ms. Beverley Sutherland Smith for attributing the above information to her book. I'm not sure which book I'm thinking of but it's apparently not that one. πŸ˜†
  7. I'm not at all opposed to the version that's baked with meringue on top, I just like the not baked, sans meringue, with whipped cream version better.
  8. One of my favorite desserts... and I'm onboard with whipped cream > meringue n this situation. 😁
  9. Those look amazing! And thanks for sharing how you did it. Even if I never try it, I enjoy ΔΊearning how it was done.
  10. The problem being, as much as I like bacon, it doesn't work as often as people like to think it does when they try to cram it into everything. The flavor of bacon works pretty nicely with chocolate, I'm just not a fan of the texture it usually ends up having in that situation.
  11. I thought that had the opposite effect? Or maybe it's about ratios? I know that's the trick behind making meltaways, something to do with the interaction between the fats in coconut oil and chocolate that makes that softish fast melting texture.
  12. A good character trait to have... but sometimes it's entirely warranted to go ahead and be a snob. This sounds like one of those occasions. Candy melt and pudding mix hot chocolate bombs. Bleh.
  13. Yeah, my chocolate work is a home thing and scheduled around my 6 days/week at the restaurant so not large production at all. But I also told myself going in that I wasn't going to get caught by the mold monster. Trying to stick with more each of a few rather than a few each of more right now.
  14. That could very well be the case. I haven't been there in longer than I want to think about. I had family that lived in the Fontana area and once me and my grandmother went there to visit. On our third or fourth day there, my grandmother came in from outside on a windy day and said "hey, there are some big mountains out there." They had literally been invisible before that day because of the smog. Maybe things are better now or maybe it was just something unique to that particular area.
  15. The pork was somewhat saucy but there was also sauce on the side in case I wanted more. The extent of "eaters" was me... although, I shared a little with my daughter's cat. It was still the Rose Bowl, Cali wouldn't budge on it's zero attendance policy so the powers-that-be took the money elsewhere. They don't tell you in the brochures that those majestic California mountains, at least in the lower half of the state, are pretty much invisible from just a few miles away when there's not sufficient wind to flush out all the smog trapped between the mountains and the incoming ocean winds.
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