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  1. Yep... if a child has a difficult time opening it, there's almost zero chance an adult can. I'm curious myself what the actual rules are regarding what's considered child proof. It's not something I've ever thought of in terms of chocolate but with the legalization of the cannabis market, it suddenly becomes a factor for some.
  2. Looks good! I love banana bread. I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate chips in my banana bread but my love of banana bread far outweighs that so I'd happily scarf it down.
  3. Still not isolating, still working, still no known cases within several hours of where I live. That's not being flippant, I consider that fortunate. I'm appreciative and very much hope it continues to be the case. That said, since my plan if mandatory isolation does hit my area is to bake my own bread as needed, I pulled my sourdough starter out of the fridge to get it active again. It's been going for almost a year and been untouched for a while but there are no signs of evil and it seems to be waking up from its hibernation just fine.
  4. Honestly, comfort has been a minor consideration with my just-in-case food prep. Being sure there's something to eat to cover me and my kid for an extended amount of time if necessary has been the idea so far. But I've gone about as far as I'm going with it at this point so maybe it's a good time to think about a few just-in-case comforts. If nothing else, I have probably somewhere in the 20 or so different bottles range of rum and all the assorted accompaniments that a decent tiki bar would have so that could provide a lot of comfort.
  5. Yeah, I jumped the gun a little there. I think I was equating tempering the chocolate and tempering the ganache. Two different stages but for some reason I lumped them together in my head. It's the finished ganache that I (ez)temper, not the chocolate I'm using to make the ganache. Whoops.
  6. I'm gonna leave the whys and wherefores to those better qualified and just agree to disagree. Not so much that it's necessary to temper the chocolate, more the part about "tempering the chocolate won't effect nothing".
  7. Insurance is the sketchiest business in existence. They offer coverage to help you in a time of need right after figuring out every loophole and backdoor they can use to avoid helping you in a time of need. A coworker purchased cancellation insurance for a flight he was supposed to take from Minnesota to Florida. The trip was planned and payed for months before coronavirus was a thing of public knowledge. He was going to drive across the border from here in Ontario, Canada to catch the flight in Minnesota. With the arrival of coronavirus, the event the trip was for was cancelled and driving across the border to catch the flight was officially removed from being an option. But even though he can't legally cross the border to catch the flight, the cancellation insurance is null and void because the flight wasn't actually cancelled. Only his ability to catch the flight was cancelled. Stories like that make me root for the company involved to be one of the casualties of this event.
  8. Sounds good to me. I'll see what I can get my hands on as far as a replacement for the mustard greens goes and give it a shot. I've made khao soi plenty of times and just ate it without the mustard greens and enjoyed it, just thought it'd be fun to give it a try with all the traditional stuff in the bowl.
  9. Ok, I'll have to do some more googling. The pickled mustard green recipes I found basically said to salt the greens, put them in a jar with any desired flavoring ingredients, cover with water and let sit until sour.
  10. Thanks! That's something I can play around with. Wouldn't that end up pretty much like sauerkraut though? Turnip greens probably won't be an option but I'll check. Radish tops are a possibility. I have lots of collards but they've already been blanched and frozen. They're never available here fresh, I had to order them at work and don't really want to buy another 20 bunch box for this. I can get kale here. I'm not a kale expert but I'm 99% sure it's not that type.
  11. Pulling this from the depths to ask a question... no pickled mustard greens available where I live, no luck finding a Canadian mail order source and fresh mustard greens to pickle myself aren't an option here either. Any suggestions for another green I can pickle that would make a viable, even if imperfect, substitute?
  12. Yes it has. Who knew hermit chic would become fashionable? I decided to take a break from just in case prep for a couple days, just didn't feel like shopping again. I'm not of the tinfoil hat variety but it seems a bit odd when the hospital suddenly brings in more beds and starts setting up an assessment area outside of the actual hospital building and people who work there say things like "we're expecting the virus to be here in two weeks" like they spoke with it's agent and there was room on it's schedule to stop here on it's way west or something. So I'll continue what prepping I plan to do next week just in case that isn't just pessimism and they know something the rest of us in town haven't been told yet.
  13. It's been getting above freezing during the day every day for over a week now so I worked to get the last of the ice and snow off of the back deck and tossed some burgers on the grill for me and the kid tonight. Still not isolating but, since my normal lifestyle is largely go to work, go to the store when necessary, go home, I've been preparing for this for years. Plus, my closest neighbor's house can't even be seen from my house once the leaves are on the trees so maintaining distance doesn't require any special effort from anywhere on the property. So really, the only difference to my lifestyle if they were to go to full lockdown is I wouldn't be going to work.
  14. After the initial panic-shop hit, the local store has recovered pretty well. They implemented limits on some items when they restocked and still don't have toilet paper but for the most part, you can get anything you normally could. The difficulty they were having getting certain things in didn't seem to last long but those are the things that now have limits. Toilet paper isn't an issue for me. I keep a small stock in the house anyway, daughter in house, but when everything disappeared from the shelves locally about 3 weeks ago and still hadn't reappeared as of this week, I ordered a case (48 rolls) through one of our suppliers at work and tucked it in a closet. Strangely, one of the things that was entirely cleaned out is canned coconut milk. Plenty of cow, soy and rice milk and even a hefty amount of evap on the shelf but not a single can of coconut milk. Fortunately, whoever grabbed all the cans didn't notice the 1 liter cartons on the next shelf over so I was still able to make my Massaman curry. I'd send Anna some frozen veggies if that was possible, those don't look like they've been touched at all.
  15. That's pretty much the case for what I wanted to do this year other than the "easily" part... I really don't have the freezer space available right now. I'm not doing too much stocking of people food at this point but I had to do some hefty just-in-case stocking for my pets because I can't get their food locally. And it has to stay frozen until needed so my little chest freezer is now a pet food freezer which means I'll have to either buy another freezer or not freeze chocolate.
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