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  1. We seem to have encountered the same difficulty because that's almost exactly what I said when I saw them on Facebook.
  2. Tri2Cook

    Troubleshooting Caramels

    Maybe I'm not really cut out for this after all... I'm not sure I can completely comprehend having to scale down to "only a few hundred pieces".
  3. Wow... I almost want to make and intentionally mess up a batch of pumpkin fudge just to try that.
  4. I've been reading and absorbing this book for a while now. It's an excellent resource for understanding the science behind frozen desserts but it also contains some really nice recipes so I've decided to do some of them. I'm not doing the entire book, I doubt I'll ever do that with any book, but I plan to add more from time to time and I hope others will join in as well. So to start off, tonight I did... jalapeno sorbet - yellowfin sashimi - ponzu - toasted jalapeno seeds lime granite - mint gelee - lime zest powder - fresh mint Apologies for the bad picture quality. My new camera is actually a pretty decent camera but I'm not having an easy time getting the same quality pics with it that I did with my old camera for some reason.
  5. Tri2Cook

    Tempering Cocoa Butter?

    One thing I've learned is everything involved with chocolate work will have 20 different people doing it 20 different ways and they all seem to work for the person doing it. Somewhere in all that, you just do what works for you.
  6. Tri2Cook

    Chocdoc Does Dallas

    Nice looking chocolates! Her name pretty much requires a signature beer bonbon.
  7. Tri2Cook

    Chocdoc Does Dallas

    I thought I did that a long time ago... maybe it was the lack of an official ceremony.
  8. I suppose the best way to find out would be to give it a shot. Personally, I'm not a big fan of having water or potential condensation anywhere too close to my chocolate as a general rule. Maybe just a melter instead of a tempering machine? You still have to do the tempering that way but you said you're not having any trouble with that anyway.
  9. Tri2Cook

    Recommended chocolate molds?

    Still a good deal if cross-border shipping, duties and taxes aren't involved. Edit: so not the one I'd hoped. Nothing listed that is of interest to me but I sent them an email asking about the "others available, contact us at..." part. So we'll see how that goes.
  10. Tri2Cook

    Recommended chocolate molds?

    One of those ads was in Canada? I'll have to look again. I saw some stuff that might interest me at those prices but figured by the time I did currency exchange, duties and shipping from the U.S. it wouldn't be nearly as much of a bargain.
  11. Completely understandable. Not even entirely sure why the question crossed my mind since I'm not local and don't have the benefit of dining there anyway. I think maybe just because I've been following what you're doing there the entire time on Facebook and seen how much work and love went into the place. Anyway, wasn't trying to get you to serve something before it's time. I'm excited to see what you get up to in the next chapter.
  12. Works for me... more fun than the Wiktionary version and political correctness is not a strong part of my skillset anyway.
  13. Congrats Rob, that's awesome news! You may have already covered this and I just missed it but, strictly out of curiosity, will this mean the end for Squatter's Café once you get things solidly moving with Bulrush?
  14. Tri2Cook

    Labor Day cooking plans

    I once again did my Labor Day weekend food day on Saturday for Bama's opening game against Louisville. Made a couple different sushi rolls, shichimi roasted shrimp and Sichuan green beans. Today, I didn't cook a thing. Ate leftover shrimp and green beans from Saturday and called it good enough.
  15. All of the Callebaut chocolates I have on hand right now (white, milk, 54.5% semi, and 70% bitter) have the "3" star number for viscosity and I find all of them to be a little more viscous than I'd prefer at working temp (which, for me, is as soon as it's cool enough to add the EZtemper silk). You can get nice thin shells but it takes a lot of banging the sides of the mold to get rid of the excess.
  16. Confession time: it's not so much that I want to avoid colored cocoa butters, it's more I don't want to pay for colored cocoa butters on a recurring basis.
  17. No need to worry about that, those look amazing. It occurs to me too... now.
  18. If you're lucky, you'll never know the full extent of the rabbit hole you just went down with that...
  19. Tri2Cook

    Melanger experimentation

    Me too. Fortunately, it's really not all that difficult to clean. There are a couple of tight places that I use a toothbrush for but the rest is really quick and easy. If I'm not in a hurry and let it sit in a sink full of warm water for a while, I don't even need the toothbrush.
  20. Gonna have to put on my begging face and send her a message! Always on the lookout for good cornbread recipes. Especially as we start getting closer to fall, which means big pots of chili to accompany football. Nothing goes better with a big pot of chili than a big pan of cornbread... well, there may be a tie between the cornbread and a bowl + spoon.
  21. That's how you do it. They asked themselves "Do I want to make money or don't I want to make money?" and the answer was "I do want to make money."
  22. Tri2Cook

    Smoking cheese

    Cheese needs some time after smoking to be at it's best. I vacuum pack it and toss it in the fridge for a week or two, sometimes even longer than that if I can make myself be patient. It doesn't seem to be as harsh straight out of the smoker with my Bradley using the pucks as it is when I've done it with wood burning smokers but it benefits from some time either way.
  23. Tri2Cook

    Strange Pizza Toppings

    Well, pineapple definitely doesn't belong on pizza* so I don't know if it's strange but it's certainly wrong... *I will admit that a friend of mine made a pizza using bacon, fresh pineapple and fresh jalapenos that wasn't bad. There was enough salt and heat to tame the almost dessert-like sweetness that is the usual ham and pineapple pizza. Still not something I'd make or order for myself but I didn't hate eating it.
  24. Tri2Cook

    Melanger experimentation

    In that case, I don't know what the reason for waiting that long would be. I've never waited anywhere close to that long to start adding sugar and anything else a particular batch may call for. As far as heat, I just keep my heat gun handy and give the stones a shot now and then when I'm adding ingredients if it seems like it's needed. So far, once an ingredient is incorporated, I haven't had any issues with the heat produced by the friction not being sufficient to keep everything flowing nicely. Sugar loses some degree of sweetness over time exposed to heat but I don't know what the temperature where that begins to occur is so I have no idea if that could be a possible reason... to more accurately control final sweetness. I guess a test run of identical batches and run times adding sugar early and late would give a reasonable comparison to decide if there's any noticeable reason to do one or the other.
  25. Tri2Cook

    Melanger experimentation

    I don't think the problem with adding everything at the beginning is the end result, I think it's that there's not enough heat and liquid (cocoa butter) at the beginning to avoid getting a thick mass that makes the machine struggle. If you're adding enough melted cocoa butter up front to keep things flowing, I don't see why it would matter when the sugar goes in. But maybe there is some chemical reason for it to matter, I honestly don't know.