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  1. Please tell us how you really feel.
  2. You think it might be sweet?
  3. I would just ask for fresh fries or burgers or whatever. Its usually worth the wait. When waiting to board a ride at a theme park, when its my turn I'll ask for the seats I want and just wait the few minutes also.
  4. I just had these tonight made with Costco choice short ribs. Had prime in my hands but I like the looks of the choice package better. http://forums.egullet.org/topic/127793-baked-short-ribs-mount-vernon/ Thanks ruthcooks we've enjoyed these for many years now.
  5. Love the Lemon and Marshmallow Crispy......IMO stay far away from the brownie one......
  6. As far as you could tell, the crust came out the same? My concern is I'm used to throwing a cup of hot water onto a half cookie sheet placed on the bottom of the pre-heated oven to get a blast of steam, when first putting the dough in. And the Wolf bread recipe says do not pre-heat. I'm wondering how the recipes will turn out?
  7. Does anyone bake bread with your steam oven?
  8. Here's the link of the Steam-Convection oven for convenience sake: OVEN Any other thoughts?
  9. Thank you for the info. Very helpful.
  10. We are remodeling the kitchen and considering buying the new Wolf steam oven as part of the appliance package. I know for baking bread its probably a no-brainer that it is a good idea but what about for regular oven duty? IE: Casseroles, ribs, roasts etc. To incorporate it into our plans, we would have to give up something, probably the convection microwave in favor of a micro drawer. Since we use the micro primarily to melt and reheat, this trade off does not seem to be a disadvantage. Please community give us your thoughts. Will using a steam oven come close to the promises of better tasting foods?
  11. Now that you mention it, the thing does look like one of the knives the survivalists fancy - there's a store near here that caters to the folks that live in the "back country" and off the grid. LOL.....that store should be getting quite busy with the end of the world happening this year. Doesn't the Mayan calendar quite this year?
  12. Aloha Steve

    Pan Searing

    Last night I cooked two well marbled steaks in a non-stick grill pan. I seasoned well about 1.5 hr. before with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Put the steaks in once the pan heated up on med-high setting. No oil and did not turn till steak pulled away from bottom. Very nice char and taste. I've ordered this grill/griddle several days ago and I think it will give an even better taste.
  13. Kerry, why freeze uncooked? I usually cook and cut into potions before freezing.
  14. I am surprised, though not sure why. 365 Organic~made in China indeed! I shopped there yesterday. Every time I do, I am aware of the marketing schtick they perpetuate, sought of like belonging to an elite club. I do not buy the majority of my food from there, far from it. I use it as a gourmet market. Cage free eggs are actually cheaper than anyplace else here, and the butter is the brand I like not available anyplace else, and a few items of fresh produce is usually what I buy. I know I'm paying .50 more for the exact same bananas than at a 'regular' supermarket, they are sourcing from the exact same wholesaler! Because I am at the location where WFs is located for other purposes, and don't want to make a pit stop on my way home, I buy them anyway. Yesterday I bought King Arthur's unbleached cake flour, the only place in the State which has it, but usually I buy from KA direct. I paid double just because I ran out and want to use right away. They do have the best fresh meat and seafood selection but I usually pass based on cost and buy meats at Costco which has good meat.
  15. I've posted about this before...Cooks Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen experimented with garlic, comparing pre-peeled versus fresh peeled. They found that in cooked dishes, they couldn't distinguish the difference between pre-peeled and fresh peeled. They use pre-peeled garlic in all of their cooked recipes to save on prep time. Thanks for the info next time at Costco it will be bought.
  16. I've drank Blue Mountain Jamaica and 100% Kona, freshly ground in a machine that grinds then brews for many years. I am the only one in my home that did, so that when I make a pot it lasted days. It became stale and had to be thrown away frequently. And cleaning became a chore. Now I use a Keurig k-cup and am delighted. No fuss, no clean-up and I've found a few flavors that are very nice. One of these days I will purchase a reusable filter in which I can use any ground beans. But for now, I'm enjoying the ease of using pre-packaged pods.
  17. Yes! I love it! LOL certainly not as exciting as gutting a deer!
  18. " if the garlic tastes the same...what's the point?" I remember in a different thread the taste of fresh garlic vs. bought already peeled garlic, elephant garlic, and freeze dried garlic was discussed. I came away from it that fresh garlic (however you prepare it) tastes different. Does it not?
  19. 1. No. 2. Yes. (After the grill seasons a bit. And, you can always throw in some wood chips.) 3. No idea -- I've only used stainless. I've been grilling with infrared since the TEC Patio II came out. I prefer the "ceramic plate with a million little holes drilled in it, upside-down salamander" to the newer models. The newer infrared grills feature a glass or metal barrier over the gas flame. (Google "Holland Grill" for information about this old "new" technology.) They are more efficient, but don't get as hot as the older style. BUT... I use infrared for one thing only -- grilling steaks. My only concern is "how hot does it get?" I cook a steak so quickly, there isn't time for a lot of moisture loss. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, the Char-Broil in question looks like an efficient way to grill, but don't expect to emulate Ruth's Chris with it. Reviews of this one are awfully spotty. The people who love it, love it. But there are a lot of complaints about the electric heating elements. What you haven't mentioned is what you want out of the grill. Thanks everyone who posted so far. I would like to cook streaks, marinated ribs, burgers, franks and fish. I have a tennis racket looking thing with which I can put the fish into and cook with it on top of the grill top. I will use it only occasionally, say 2 x a month. I want something with very low maintenance. Which is one of the reasons I'm thinking not to use propane. I see on Amazon that there are 1/2 a many 1 stars as 5. Makes me nervous. An aside, I've always wondered with reviews, especially ones with very close review dates, how people can see things so differently?
  20. I buy and cook the largest roast I can find, and usually from Costco. Year round they have Prime and Choice rib roasts. Usually I can find a fatty enough Choice piece that could have been tagged Prime. I like bone-in and they only bring those in Holiday times. 2 weeks ago I bought two, 7 bone about 18 lb. each roasts and they are in the freezer. I usually let the roast sit in the fridge (not frozen) for 10-14 days to age. As its been suggested on eG, two - three days might be enough. Am going to try next time. When the meat comes to room temp, I rub it with olive oil, generously salt and pepper. Put it in a 450 degree oven for 30 minutes, lower to 350 and pull out when internal temp reaches 125. I would adjust initial searing time down for a smaller roast. A big roast like mine will gain another 10-12 degrees sitting for 45min-1 hour. Probably a smaller will cool faster. We vacuum pack and freeze most of it. This way we have delicious roast almost always, 25 minutes from freezer to plate, ready.
  21. I am thinking about buying Char-Broil Patio Bistro I am looking for feedback please. Its been several years since this topic's last post and hopefully our community has more to say. My specific questions are: 1. I want to get an electric powered unit. Will it heat as high as a gas powered one? 2. Will food cooked on it have that unique barbecue griledl taste? 3. How does the porcelain coated surface clean differently (if at all) than the steel? Thanks.....steve
  22. Aloha Steve

    Chicken Parmesan

    I think this is the recipe it is listed on the website. http://www.cookscountry.com/recipes/Skillet-Chicken-Parmesan/7401/
  23. I have reservations at Del Posto I'll be in LA and Napa next week and I have reservations for restaurants in each for one night and both are projecting to have White Truffles
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