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  1. Please tell us how you really feel.
  2. You think it might be sweet?
  3. I would just ask for fresh fries or burgers or whatever. Its usually worth the wait. When waiting to board a ride at a theme park, when its my turn I'll ask for the seats I want and just wait the few minutes also.
  4. I just had these tonight made with Costco choice short ribs. Had prime in my hands but I like the looks of the choice package better. http://forums.egullet.org/topic/127793-baked-short-ribs-mount-vernon/ Thanks ruthcooks we've enjoyed these for many years now.
  5. Love the Lemon and Marshmallow Crispy......IMO stay far away from the brownie one......
  6. As far as you could tell, the crust came out the same? My concern is I'm used to throwing a cup of hot water onto a half cookie sheet placed on the bottom of the pre-heated oven to get a blast of steam, when first putting the dough in. And the Wolf bread recipe says do not pre-heat. I'm wondering how the recipes will turn out?
  7. Does anyone bake bread with your steam oven?
  8. Here's the link of the Steam-Convection oven for convenience sake: OVEN Any other thoughts?
  9. Thank you for the info. Very helpful.
  10. We are remodeling the kitchen and considering buying the new Wolf steam oven as part of the appliance package. I know for baking bread its probably a no-brainer that it is a good idea but what about for regular oven duty? IE: Casseroles, ribs, roasts etc. To incorporate it into our plans, we would have to give up something, probably the convection microwave in favor of a micro drawer. Since we use the micro primarily to melt and reheat, this trade off does not seem to be a disadvantage. Please community give us your thoughts. Will using a steam oven come close to the promises of better tasting foods?
  11. Now that you mention it, the thing does look like one of the knives the survivalists fancy - there's a store near here that caters to the folks that live in the "back country" and off the grid. LOL.....that store should be getting quite busy with the end of the world happening this year. Doesn't the Mayan calendar quite this year?
  12. Aloha Steve

    Pan Searing

    Last night I cooked two well marbled steaks in a non-stick grill pan. I seasoned well about 1.5 hr. before with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Put the steaks in once the pan heated up on med-high setting. No oil and did not turn till steak pulled away from bottom. Very nice char and taste. I've ordered this grill/griddle several days ago and I think it will give an even better taste.
  13. Kerry, why freeze uncooked? I usually cook and cut into potions before freezing.
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