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  1. JohnT, Thanks I figured it was something along those lines. Elsied, yes that's how I do it.
  2. JohnT, Your very welcome, I also add a vanilla bean & same salt just forgot to say it. I am guessing for health reasons but why is corn syrup banned ? Thanks ! Patrick
  3. JohnT, They were cast iron pans 3 1/2" I think, will measure when I go back to work, I cook the puff paste separately and add the apples when flipping over the pans. I needed 55 but made 65 because I new i would loose several & I had to throw a bunch back in the oven because they were not cooked enough. Here is the recipe for the caramel 1 Cup water 2 T Light Corn Syrup 4 1/2 Cups sugar 12 ounces butter cut small pieces Caramelize the first 3 ingredients and remove from heat & add butter and whisk to blend and add to ice bath to cool down. If you are doing multiple Tatin's just make sure your apples are all similar sizes.
  4. JohnT - made in flexipan 1 1/2 " diameter and the crust was firm so it was not messy to pic up.