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  1. I use this for Birthday Cake Flavor https://www.amazon.com/Amoretti-Natural-Artisan-Birthday-Flavoring/dp/B00CDX803Q
  2. 2- Kitchenaid K5SS 5 QT Mixing Bowls with attachments 2 Paddles 2 Whips 1 Dough Hook 1 of the paddles has chips on it & 1 of the whips is missing 1 wire. $125.00
  3. Pop Tarts 1. Chocolate Cream Cheese 2. Nutella Cream Cheese 3. Raspberry Cream Cheese
  4. To each his own I guess, I sell over 100 of these a week at $15.00 each.
  5. Everything Bagel Bomb's & Sweet Potato crusted pizza
  6. Easiest way is just try it and find out.
  7. pjm333

    The Pie Hole

    blue dolphin, There stuff looks interesting...glad i found them.
  8. pjm333

    The Pie Hole

    Kerry Beal & Blue Dolphin, Thanks so much for your help. I was trying to figure out the middle picture, how they got that shape. Thanks again !
  9. The Pie Hole Business is out in California with multiple locations, a friend had the Mac n Cheese Pot pie and enjoyed it. I know its a savory item but my question is in the baking, from the pictures I saw online the pot pie looks enclosed with no top crust. If I had to guess they make it upside down seal it and flip it over and bake it ? Anyone ever have this before, is it a tart dough, pizza dough ? Thanks
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