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  1. pjm333

    How To Make Transfer Sheets

    Tin foil works as a transfer sheet to..as well as acetate sheets
  2. Shain - Thanks Here is the recipe if anyone is interested. Shortbread / 325 degrees 600 grams Butter / unsalted 375 grams 10X 150 grams eggs 125 grams almond flour / blanched 1 Kilo a.p. flour This recipe is enough for 3 - ½ sheet pans. Cream Butter & 10X add the eggs mix till blended. Mix Flour’s together and add to butter mixture. Chill 2 hrs , spray ½ sheet pan with non stick spray & add parchment paper and spray again. Roll dough ¼” thick and fit to ½ sheet, chill ½ hr. bake 10 to 12 minutes light brown. Florentine / 325 degrees 250 grams milk 375 grams sugar 200 grams glucose 200 grams honey 500 grams butter / cut into small pieces 1 tsp salt 600 grams toasted almonds / I use chopped pieces Cook milk sugar glucose & honey to 257 degrees, add butter salt & nuts. Weigh out 900 grams for each ½ sheet pan then add to ½ sheet spread evenly. Bake 15 minutes brown around edges and set in center. Cool down then invert, cut away edges & spread thin layer of chocolate mix over & use comb to decorate. Chocolate Coating 500 grams milk chocolate melted 20 grams oil
  3. pjm333

    Macarons – Baking

    Keychris - I just think they dry better on a silpat but if parchment paper works better thats great to.
  4. pjm333

    Macarons – Baking

    Been using this recipe for years, I have always used frozen egg whites/cold and silpats make a better macaroon I think. Have used cornmeal as a substitute ( process cornmeal in robot coup) for almond flour with great results and I prefer powder color over wet. This recipe makes 7 sheet pans 9 across 7 down. 300 degrees convection oven 325 degrees conventional oven 1012 grams 10X SIFTED /Confectionery sugar 1012 grams Almond Flour / blanched 375 grams egg whites 375 grams egg whites 1012 grams sugar granulated color Beat 375 grams of egg whites to stiff peak, cook granulated sugar with some water to 240 degrees and add to whites, beat till thick and glossy and cools down add color. Mix 10X & almond flour and add 375 grams whites and mix till blended in mixer. Add 1/3 of meringue to almond flour mixture and mix in mixer until blended, fold in remaining whites. Fold mixture until proper consistency is reached, pipe out and let dry 15 minutes or until macaroon is dry. If there is a peak on top of macaroon you need to mix/fold mixture more. Bake 11 to 12 minutes convection oven 12 to 14 minutes conventional oven
  5. Anyone ever use one of these ? Good ? https://www.deco-relief.fr/cercle-inox-patisserie-18cm-micro-perfore-ht35cm.html
  6. pjm333

    What mold / pan ?

    Thanks for your help !
  7. pjm333

    What mold / pan ?

    Seen this design around and was curious to know how they get the dough/cake etc to look like this ? Thanks !
  8. Flourless Chocolate & Apricot Pistachio Torte