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Sweet Sallow ?


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I found this herb this morning in a local supermarket. In Chinese, it is 香柳 (xiāng liǔ), which can be translated as 'sweet sallow'.




I vaguely remember hearing the name and know it's related to willow*. But that's it.


I'm not getting much on the internet despite searching in both Chinese and English. 


Does anyone know anything about this herb? Or has anyone used it?


I have tasted it, of course. An initial sweetness is soon followed by a pleasant pepperiness. The leaves are about 5 - 7 cm / 2 - 2.75 inches long.


* The second character in the herb's

name (柳) is the same as the first in Liuzhou (柳州), where I live. The city's name means Willow Prefecture.





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