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Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)


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Oh what photos! Beautiful Beautiful. And for those cruel folks who just linked photos of their master pieces to flickr PLEASE, PLEASE post your photos here. It is so so easy now.


The Philip Mahl Community teaching kitchen is now open. Check it out. "Philip Mahl Memorial Kitchen" on Facebook. Website coming soon.

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abooja – I am in the process of cleaning out my freezers to prep for holiday baking and I don’t have any caramel – but now I wish I did!

I made a Red Velvet cake from Cooks’ Country Magazine for a work birthday today. Her birthday is actually Halloween, so I tarted it up with ‘blood’ and gummy eyeballs:



It was a LOT redder than it looks in the picture. I’m not a big fan of Red Velvet. To me, it has an off-putting aftertaste. Possibly the dye since I’ve heard that some people are sensitive to the flavor. But it was a request and everyone loved it.

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Claire Fontaine from the Lenotre Pastrymaking book.

Layers of ladyfinger biscuit cake soaked in orange punch and vanilla bavarian-type cream with bits of candied orange in it. Topped with slices of candied orange and then a clear glaze on top.


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Sorry I was so excited that I finally downloaded a picture that I forgot to mention the flavors.

Here they are....

First row to the left is Plain ganache with Peruvian Salt sprinkled on top

Next row is Kona Coffee Truffles with a coffee bean on top

Next row is Cherry Truffle made with Washington Cherry Extract with a dried cherry on top

Last row is 2 Cream De Menth Truffles (it's the one with a gold/green razzle dazzle dust on it)

and the other one is a Sereno Chile Truffle with a pink razzle dazzle dust on it. I dusted them

so I could tell which flavor is what.



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Little strange, I don't normally find myself kicking it here with the bakers :-p but it's 4 AM, I couldn't sleep, so a few hours ago I figured I needed some bread or something for the morning, so I made a batch of brioche - and forgot my loaf pans were elsewhere so I figured some smaller variation would work best. Plus I didn't have much else going on this early, so of course I took a picture lol


Everyone's stuff looks great. Making me a little jealous with all the cupcakes and cakes and whatnot, I just don't have the energy to do that sort of thing much, plus desserts have never really been my strong point. I think i'll stick to my breads :laugh:

Cheese - milk's leap toward immortality.

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New York Style Crumb Cake......lots of crummy, yummy crumbs.

NY_Crumb Cake.jpg


First attempt.....have not tasted it yet.

edited for grammar & spelling. I do it 95% of my posts so I'll state it here. :)

"I have never developed indigestion from eating my words."-- Winston Churchill

Talk doesn't cook rice. ~ Chinese Proverb

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    • By Janet Taylor
      Ever since Todd talked making cupcakes I have been cupcake crazy. Although, I am not a cake maker but more of a pie person.
      My first dessert that I love that I make is my Coconut Cream Pie w/heavy whipped cream. I don't use low fat anything and probably angioplasties is necessary after this baby.
      My second is Peach Cobbler w/rich vanilla ice cream. I never met a cobbler that I didn't like, but peach is my favorite.
      I don't make these often because I wouldn't be able to get through the front door if I did.
      How about yours?
    • By amyneill
      Hi all!! 
      I work at an amazing little New Zealand Style ice cream shop in the beautiful Denver Colorado. I was hoping to get a little help on the subject of adding fruit into ice cream after extracting it and ensuring that, when the ice cream is frozen, the fruity bits don't turn into rock hard shards. I am planning on doing a cherry chocolate ice cream and I was going to soak some dried cherries that we're no longer using for something else. I was planning on using some brandy and a ton of sugar, but I was really hoping someone had a tried and true method they could send my way so that I KNOW that the fruit will be luscious as it's frozen. If you have a certain sugar ratio. I know there is the brix test, but to be honest it's been many years since pastry school and I am very rusty. Would love to hear from some of my fellow sugar-heads. 
      Thank you!
    • By MightyD
      cakes, cookies, pies, that makes you smile!!!!
    • By meryll_thirteen
      Hi guys! I got excited to post something as this is my first one.
      So, the top 3 desserts I like to eat when I was still in Philippines were Halu-halo (literally means mix-mix in english), brazo de mercedes and chocolate crinkles.

      1. HALU-HALO is one of the popular food during summer. This is basically:
      shaved ice with evaporated milk,
      and the following:
      - nata de coco (coconut cream based on a google search, these are cube-like jellies),
      - sweetened red beans,
      - sweetened bananas,
      - cooked sago or tapioca,
      - ube or purple yam,
      - leche flan (this is also one of the best desserts to eat),
      - macapuno (made of coconut),
      - sweetend jackfruit,
      - sweetened kamote (this is similar to sweet potato but caramelized),
      - sweetened kaong (sugar palm fruit)
      - and topped with a scoop of ice cream.
      These fruits are usually bought in jars (found mostly in Asian grocery stores). You basically put the fruits at the bottom, add sugar (if you want because almost all the fruits are sweetened so it's already sweet), then you fill the cup/bowl with shaved ice and add milk. And most importantly, mix it well before you eat because you don't want to eat shaved ice with milk only and then eat the really sweet fruits last.

      Yah, I think the name is Spanish? I tried making this but I just failed. It's kinda hard to do and takes a lot of patience but it's really worth it. This is my favourite cake! In Philippines, most bakeries sell this but my favourite is from Goldiluck's which is located in shopping malls.
      Brazo de Mercedes recipe

      These are my favourite chocolate cookies! I think this one isn't really from Philippines but they are really popular. I was kinda shocked when I came here in Canada, because they don't sell these cookies in the bakeries I've been to so I tried baking these on my own. Since my post is getting long, I'll put the recipe as a link at the bottom.
      I hope you enjoyed my post! Happy eating and baking everyone!
    • By ChrisZ
      Hoping for some help.  I accidentally melted an old mould that is very important to us and I've had no luck searching around for a replacement.  
      If anyone knows where I could buy one - or even has one to spare they would be willing to sell - please send me a message.
      The mould (label attached below) was originally labelled as "Easy as ABC gelatin mould", although we just call it the alphabet mould.  Yes there are lots of alphabet moulds around, including new silicone ones, but we need the specific designs on this one to replace the one I damaged.  Depending on the cost, I would consider paying for postage internationally (to Australia).
      Thanks in advance!

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