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  1. ok, so placing an order with truffly. NO ONE wants a discounted silicone? last call...order goes in tomorrow xo
  2. hey you guys, truffly was asked to be a sponsor for the conference, and instead of straight up donating a door prize or something similar, they offered some of the silicones at a discounted rate. they would sell $49 instead of $69 per silicone. they wanted me to pre-buy a bunch, bring them, sell them, then send back the ones we dont use. but i was hoping i could just sell them here (pay me via paypal)(for those that wanted them) and put in the order to them and they could be mailed to the conference site, and i'd bring the paid orders and sort when we are there. is there anyone here that
  3. yikes- all the feels with this cold- we are suffering here for sure! arghh that helps alot with travel plans, thanks rob
  4. do we have a rough outline of the day to day activities? just when planning travel times etc.... (?)
  5. Hi guys! So...as we all know hindsight is 20/20....so i'm sure we ALLLLLLLLLLLL have things we'd do differently if setting up our home or professional workplaces. I'm working with a space that's approximately 850 sq ft. If you could create your ideal space, what would you do? The kicker is, i'm a mixed media kitchen, i dont do straight chocolate work. I do baking so i'll have a double vertical convection oven, i'm getting rid of my 6 burner range and switching to table top induction burners. I have a dishwasher and big sink for rinsing vs 3 compartment sink (hand sink of course) and mop
  6. awesome jim!!! i'm talking to kerry about how she wants to handle transfers since she was the money goddess, once i hear back i'll let you know thank you and i hope you have an amazing time!!!
  7. Any takers on the 1/2 price masters bar class or conference fee?
  8. Hi guys- it’s me that is looking to hand off my class and or conference fee at half price. You know I’m a die hard and love love love the conferences but Work has exploded, shit has hit the fan, major employee turnover, graduation orders and the other competing coffee shop closed yesterday. I am desperately needed at the shop, and hope someone who has a friend that wants to go can snap this up? Or maybe you’re an on looker wondering if the conference is worth it? Trust me. It is. ❤️❤️❤️. Even kerry agreed my life is like a soap opera right now Pass along the message if you can!
  9. i use a ton of it, i'll call dibs if no one else needs it
  10. noooooooooooo! was SO looking forward to catching up and talkin' biz!!! well, i love stalking you on instagram, you amaze me daily- and congratulations on the restaurant! glad its finally getting squared away!!!!!
  11. so if you're going to the 1 pm masters class, can we show up for the noon lunch prior?
  12. i'd be down for another pate de fruit demo and play time, or layering pate or mallow or ganache in frames....i can bring frames if we need them?
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