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  1. Overly viscous ganache—what am I missing

    Ah I see, experimenting is always the funnest part! Yes, 20g per 100g of cream
  2. Overly viscous ganache—what am I missing

    I pour the hot cream over unmelted chocolate, leave for about 1 minute and then stir - emulsifies beautifully every time! If I use glucose, about 8-10 weeks (although I've cut open at 16 weeks with no mould), without glucose about 2 weeks - how does this compare with yours?
  3. Overly viscous ganache—what am I missing

    Interestingly I've never used this ratio for dark ganaches, if I do mine would certainly turn out as yours have! I typically follow the below but adjust depending on other ingredients/ varieties etc. White choc ganaches cream:choc 1:2 Milk choc ganaches cream:choc 1:1 Dark choc ganache cream:choc 2:1 Out of interest, when people are using 1:1 for dark ganaches, how does it set up? Is it very firm? Do you need to pipe it at a higher temp?
  4. Does colored cocoa butter go bad/rancid?

    I'm so relieved it's not just me! I find the smell really unappealing & thought I must really be going wrong somewhere. Although @pastrygirl you're right, my partner always say's i'm too hard on myself because the things I think are huge issues customers are oblivious to.
  5. Does colored cocoa butter go bad/rancid?

    @pastryani I'm in the same boat! I'm slowly transferring into containers from bottles because it just seems so much easier to work with. Do you leave them near sunlight out of interest? Just being in a light room hugely fades my matcha bars! @Jim D. Now you mention the issue with the white, i've realised the only time I really have an issue is when I've used white in the combo, so may just have to limit it's use. I always wonder how chocolate lab etc get such vibrant colours with full coverage without having the same issue. There's a particular bonbon I really want to create with blue specks and a full white spray, I will keep experimenting with different brands & post any updates. Thanks all
  6. Does colored cocoa butter go bad/rancid?

    I know this is an old thread but I've got some similar queries! Has anyone else had issues with being able to taste coloured cocoa butters on moulded chocolates? The look is brilliant and they come out of the mould well, but if I try and get full coverage (E.g. backing with white etc.) there is a definite smell and taste of the paint. Currently using Decorelief colours, could it be the brand?
  7. White marks & release marks - help!

    Yes I think you're right @Kerry Beal & @Daniel D, it was a quite successful chocolatier who I went on a course with who advised the cold room, so I'm not sure how they make it work. Heating the moulds up with a heat gun is making a big difference! As is using wire shelves (thanks all) However I'm still left with the issue of release moulds and it's driving me crazy. All I can think is that the moulds are just slightly too thick. Can anyone recommend me a 100g bar/slab mould that you use successfully with no release marks?
  8. I've read 8 pages but skipped the rest so apologies if these have already been answered! 1.Is the idea to use silk instead of a tempering machine? 2.Can it be added to a machine so that I can work at higher temps? I'm finding chocolate is getting thicker than desired, even with temp raised to 34.5. 3.Would using the EZ temper/silk mean that chocolates can be released far more easily and faster from moulds, more so than using tempered choc from a machine? I'm so intrigued!
  9. Bark Prep

    Are you making the bark yourself or are you starting with finished set chocolate? If making, simply leave until touch dry but still warm & then score with a sharp knife into whatever shapes you want, breaks up perfectly once cool!
  10. White marks & release marks - help!

    Hi Daniel, The bars are quite thick, approx 11mm. That's a good point, the old fridge had wire shelves and this one has solid glass! I haven't got a fan either so that's worth a try thank you. My confusion is why there's so much variation... perhaps fluctuating fridge temp throughout the day
  11. White marks & release marks - help!

    Thanks for replying @Kerry Beal & @pastrygirl, i've been waiting to take some photos as frustratingly (or not) the bars over the past few days have been better than usual - today the white marks of doom reappeared.Moulds are clean and polished, it looks like cocoa butter but the same mould prepped in the same way keeps giving entirely different results. The photo of the dark bar is about the best it ever gets. I can change the room temp by making it warmer (central heating) but have been told the lower the better, and unsure of old fridge temp vs new, but I have the new one set on the lowest (warmest) setting.
  12. White marks & release marks - help!

    Hello all, I'm hoping someone can give me some guidance as I've exhausted every resource I can find. I have been making bars with the same polycarbonate moulds for a couple of years without issue, however I've just moved house and I'm having huge issues with marks on the bars.The room I now make in is much colder (about 18 Celsius compared to previous 22 Celsius) and I am using a new fridge - these are the only changes. At its worst it leaves large white marks over a large section of the mould side of the bar - the chocolate is definitely well tempered . I have tried warming the moulds prior to use which showed some success but seems to be hit and miss. Could it be the cocoa butter crystallising too quickly? Or too slowly? Underneath the bar still has a good shine and the taste is the same! I've just left my job to go full time with the business (as of last week!) and this is really slowing me down and making me panic as I can't seem to find a solution. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you