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  1. Where is Kim Shook's Evergreen Dip? In her cookbook that's linked under her signature line. It's majorly good! I tweaked it with more avacados, all the good ones we get here in FL are the tiny little Haas. Everything else is sorta like a water balloon!
  2. Eloquently put, William! Thanks for voicing my thoughts.
  3. Gotta say it's Kim Shook's Evergreen Dip for me. Haven't tried any much other, due to health issues and no one to cook for but me. (BORING)
  4. Similar, but different. Gotta think on this...
  5. Shel, I think it's the textural thing! Would you rather eat raw bread dough (perhaps poached woul be the better word) with mostly water for moisture, or baked dough, with the water driven off thru baking, then replaced by fat and juices from the sauce?
  6. Shel, as far as I can remember, they're simple flour, water and salt dough. No fat, eggs or sugar, either.
  7. My Nana and Mom both swore by Italian water rolls (a New York/Long Island thing in the '50's) for stuffing, and I've always sworn that Nana made the BEST! Rolls made with milk get gooey and don't taste quite "right".
  8. Good old faithful California Dip. Lemon and parmesian dip from Saveur. There's a zillion recipes in the naked city, this is only one!
  9. Maybe they were going for the Haute Picnique motif? Maybe they just had the carpets cleaned?
  10. Kim, you say that like I never had one before...%) I love pepita kernels, they're salty and crispy. Could you sub in plain Chex mix or some such?
  11. judiu

    White Pepper

    Huiray, re this: Please, throw it out! It tastes only of hot dust by now, and isn't worth what you paid for it! Nasty stuff! What ever you can dredge up from th bottom of the mill will be, at least marginally, better!
  12. Kim, are the nut-allergic folks allergic to seeds, too? Might look into subbing pepitas or sunflower seeds for the peanuts... Just sayin'.
  13. Good quality white bread (supermarket version) has to me, usually ment Pepperidge Farm or Arnold's Brick Oven. Firm, not much crust, soft crust, tight crumb, moistish. HTH!
  14. Nothing, except that something like that "grows" and then becomes another sort of problem... % (
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