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Airline Food: The good, the bad and the ugly

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On 8/13/2023 at 7:03 PM, gfweb said:

American Airlines lunch.  PHL-TPA


Not terrible. A braised beef and macaroni and cheese. Sensible choices for the 737's galley incinerators.  It was tasty. The spice cake was nice. The Seuss-hued hummus was gross, but I am no friend of hummus.




Had the EXACT same meal on American, Guadalajara to Phoenix 2 days ago!  Mine went down easy with a huge pour of a decent red wine 🍷  The boneless short rib was very tender and the green hummus had a bit of a kick; the red (I'm guessing beet derived) was bland (but pretty). 


Prior to the pandemic we flew often on American or United from Guadalajara to either DFW or IAH, respectively.  Food was always fairly good.  During the pandemic it was either non-existent or some fairly awful boxed "meals."


Earlier this year we had some bad to awful meals both directions GDL-PHX.  Including a breakfast that included a sealed unmarked cardboard bowl of what turned out to be dried instant oatmeal....but the attendant did not bring or offer hot water!!   Got her attention and asked for a cup of hot water.  I saw that the rest of the passengers were Mexicans and upon opening the bowl they shrugged and set it aside (there are only 2 rows in Biz class).  When the attendant brought my water I suggested she offer hot water to others; she spoke not a word of Spanish!  I stood up in the aisle and held my bowl to the small group and said, Es avena, necesita agua caliente.  The attendant then brought everyone a mug of hot water.  


The attendant later told me she had flown down to GDL as a substitute and had no idea what was on the breakfast tray.

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