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Dinner! 2013 (Part 4)


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Basquecook – Thank you! The irony is that I will probably avoid Asian food for a while since Mrs. C is trying to get her migraines under control, and fermented foods are a possible trigger. Hard to cook Asian food without soy sauce or fish sauce, unfortunately.

Very sorry I missed your rehearsal dinner . . .

Ann_T – I hafta ask about TBQ sauce?

More Mexican tonight:

Cream of chayote soup – fried white onion, jalapeno, and garlic, chayote simmered in chicken stock, stick-blended and finished with half-and-half and cilantro, and then served with queso fresco and Mexican crema. Not much of a picture . . .


Red chile-braised chicken with potatoes and Swiss chard – with white onion, fried ancho/guajillo chile paste, vinegar, and chicken stock. Same chile paste from earlier this week.


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Was dropping off one of the kids friends when I decided to stop on a whim at a neighborhood Hispanic meat market. Grabbed two lbs of flank marinated in 'house' marinade and a few veggies.

Grilled it simple 'carne asada' style with a rough chopped pico. Was wonderful.



Tomato, onion, garlic, lime, Serrano, cilantro, salt and pepper.


"The roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd."

"What's hunger got to do with anything?" - My Father

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beef chuck ribs on the smoker all day.. pulled at 195 F internal temp. done very simply with cherry wood smoke a dry rub and apple cider based spray mop. side of baked beans.. Bush's not homemade though.




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"Why is the rum always gone?"

Captain Jack Sparrow

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Mmmm, lamb. I couldn’t find any today, so I used beef.

Keema with greens – spinach, mustard greens, cilantro, black cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, shallots, ginger, green chiles, garlic, ground coriander and fenugreek seeds, and garam masala, finished with heavy cream. Family loved it.

Basmati rice with greens – Mustard greens, watercress, green chile, black pepper, and garam masala

Doesn't look like it in the picture, but a massive quantity of greens went into the meal


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cookalongBeautiful photos.

Sapidus – The Keema with greens looks like a very delicious and healthy dish

Panaderia Canadiense – Your roast spring lamb is also giving me a craving.

Robirdstx – Two recent dinners, two decent dinners.

Franci – I have noticed your mastery of using eggplants.

Ann_t – Chicken is so ordinary, except if it comes out from your kitchen.

David Ross – Very artistic pea soup.

Ashen – that smoked ribs can win any competition.


Got hold of some pandan leaves. Made filet of sole in pandan sauce.

Cherries are in season, and shrimps are on sale. I made shrimps with cherries and cherry sauce, on deep fried puffed rice shells.







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Im in great pain here as my dinner tonight, although adequate, can not compare to your preps:

Peach Shortcake Yum ! I grew up with 6 peach trees in CA

Buttermilk Fried Chicken with southern style Yum x 2! not so sure about the beans though :biggrin:

back in the day I used to get FZ Birds Eye bavarian green beans with spaetzle no longer made :huh:

Happy Cooking!

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Cooked for a dinner party last night. Took a few snaps of my prep and my client took some of the finished plates, table and guests. First two courses were chilled fennel soup with crab and black bass (no pics) then Scottish lobster with verbena and chanterelles, cheeses, and marshmallows with chartreuse ice cream.













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Mm84321, very nice job!

Franci -- I'm loving the look of your eggplant rolls a la Norma. Is that pasta inside them? Would you be willing to share the recipe?

Thanks Emily, yes, the rolls have spaghetti inside. I think this is one of the many reinterpretations of pasta alla norma.

I cooked really al dente some spaghetti ( de cecco, only 3 minutes) and sauteed in a bit of tomato sauce for a minute more, so the pasta could absorb some of the sauce. You need to keep it quite al dente or it will overcook. I sliced and salted the eggplants, rinsed them and dip-fried. I poured a bit of tomato sauce in a oven pan and started to assemble my rolls: slice of eggplant, a bit of grated ricotta salata (which I didn't have and replaced with Turkish white cheese), a bit of the spaghetti and a spoonful more of sauce if necessary and a leaf of basil, rolled and placed in the pan, keeping the rolls tight. A light drizzle of sauce, some grated ricotta salata and it went in a very hot oven to get some browning, just 10-15 minutes, watching it would not get dry. It is best it let it rest until it's warm.

Tonight I made some fried sticky rice dumpling (a. Nguyen) with some adaptations for the filling.


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Lots of great looking dinners.

Ann T - Beautiful job on the pan fried chicken. I haven't had it that way in years. My mom was kind of famous for her chicken fried in an avocado green electric fry pan.

mm84321 - Another beautiful job. What's the dish below the chanterelles?

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