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  1. thanks so much, all.. Yeh, i left this morning at 7 am, or 8 pm Thursday NY, NY time.. My last flight lands in NYC at 5:50 pm Friday Night... I should be home by 830 or so..(i tell myself this as, i consider customs, and traffic and whatever else happen.. The last time i flew home our huge packed plane from China showed up at customes right after a plane from Jamaica landed.. There is a huge difference between Business travelers and families of vacationers that just got back from a week on an island, not to mention customs checking for drugs and whatever.. We all stood there bleary eyed and di
  2. Last dinner of the night.. We worked from like 8 to 830 tonight and then grabbed a quick dinner.. Not much in terms of ceremony on the last night.. we work all day and then grab and average meal.. i have been to this restaurant a few times and it's all just ok. Had a really nice fish head though, the same soup i had last time.. a foul tasting fish soup, an average roasted chicken, some decent peashoots and some salted pork. Oh well, a good trip, I'm ready to head home and this makes it easier, I guess. Nothing left to do but, pick up a few Chinese Zpacks and sit around for the next 30 ho
  3. do you see any advantage in sous viding a steak for this long.. I can't really see the grain, does it disappear after awhile. i see you added butter to the steak, was it dry or something? Do you marinate a steak before sous vide or during?
  4. Thanks so much for the kind words. The pleasure is all mine, i appreciate sharing my trip.. i hope to look back one day and appreciate it as well! Last full day at the turkey factory.. Tomorrow, i leave out of Nanjing, fly up to Beijing then over to EWR.. I am guessing it's a quick 28 hours door to door.. Started with a soup. A little lamb a little vegetable i have never heard of before.. Kind of like a cucumber, kind of like a cacooza but, it was not.. I asked what the vegetable was and was told, lettuces, then she said, asparagus lettuces.. it was neither. But, very good, all the
  5. take a look at the creepy photo from my May China trip http://forums.egullet.org/topic/148537-may-2014-china-trip/?p=1970387 They are a lot of work and do not yield a lot of meat.. It's more like chewing on the shell, dipping them into the vinegar, or whatever sauce they are served with. I personally would rather eat a shrimp but, that is what was ordered.. They are not bad and a fun deviation for the travel but, it's not like you are going to make a mantis shrimp roll or mantis cocktail. there is a lot of shell and it fun to suck on but, more of a novelty for me than something i am goin
  6. Thanks.. yeh, the eggs and tomatoes were really nice.. Dinner tonight was pretty good.. These seafood places that are all over Guangzhou and Qingdao and other places are few and far between over in Zhangjiagang. This was a rare treat for the husband of my host. After talking about seafood with him yesterday, he was excited to go here.. Well, this place is in the middle of nowhere, down a long stretch of unlit streets and dirt roads.. It looked like a good setting for a horror movie.. The restaurant was set up very strangely. It was like railroad apartment with lots of little r
  7. Healthy lunch.. Lots of soups Fish Ball and Mushrooms soup with some lamb parts and bok choy. Tofu with pork soup Broccoli and garlic Eggs and Tomato Fish in a light sweet soy Chicken soup.. very basic with celery Melon and Radish.. Yes, that huge pink thing is Radish. It was ok, the melon was just about perfect.
  8. Dinner tonight.. we hit up a BBQ place that is known for their chicken wings.. the place is really tiny.. Zhangjiagang recently has experienced a crack down on outside restaurants.. it's too cold now anyway but, in the summer, the streets are lined with BBQ Places.. It's going to be strange coming back this summer to see what happens. Lots of these really good BBQ Places had to close shop.. This place is really tiny.. where most of the seating was outside.. we walked in and found our way up these stairs to this little loft.. it was perhaps 5"5 inches to the ceiling.. so we crouched down an
  9. lunch. clam soup with greens and wood ear mushrooms.. slight ginger back note. but, the greens and the clams played well together.. a very clean soup. large clams: this was just a piece of the clam some greens 1000 year old quail eggs with pickled peppers.. i think this may be the hardest things to pick up with chopsticks.. the pickled peppers are the same that you would find in the red and green fish head stew these were sweet potatoes with a sugary crispy crust.. they were soft and on the inside. fish: dark sauce with soy beans
  10. you know, i don't know your situation but, I think you should come to China.. My flight was like 1,000 dollars.. But, after you pay for the flight, which i have gotten as low as 800 dollars in recent years, it's not that expensive.. I am currently staying at a nice hotel in the center of Yangzhou for 28 dollars a night.. There are tons of tours and if you are willing to play charades and get lost a little bit, or not feel completely in control, you will turn out just fine.. The world is getting much smaller these days. I recently took a family vacation this summer to Tybee Island in Geo
  11. inner last night was hot pot. It was the type of place that serves individual hot pots.. It is nice as you can choose different bases according to your preference. There was a tomato base, a fish base and i got the spicy base. Started with fish balls and meatballs.. I actually had my meatball fall off my chopsticks, hit the floor and roll about 20 feet away. No one noticed, i played it cool but, started singing "on top of spaghetti" to myself They also ordered these garlic oysters.. Love them. the table in full swing. you can see tofu sheets on the bottom
  12. Lunch yesterday was great.. we went to a local place where they have bowls of food out.. You pick what you want and then they cook it up for you.. Just one more reason why i like coming to China in the colder months. beautiful pork dish greens and sea screw, was the translation.. some time of snail i would guess octopus in peppers with a spicy brown sauce this was is a classic homey dish.. julienned peppers cooked until soft with little bits of pork this is a very special dish we are told.. celery grows only in a few regions of China.. i
  13. Thanks all, i really appreciate the feed back and that you are enjoying the photos.. it is a lot of work but, it gives me something to do during the down time.
  14. a sichaun lunch the other day food sitting out to be chosen pig ears cold rabbit peanuts in china are the best. chinese bason and scallions tarro surrounded in this crunchy sugary shell chicken with potatoes and bamboo
  15. So we took another flight yesterday.. It is really strange what goes on in these airplanes. I hate rules for the sake of rules and China is chock full of them.. well, everywhere is chock full of them but, it seems like there is an over abundance here.. For example, when you fly in interior China on say, some scary ass airline with broken seats and ashtrays still in the arm rest and these floppy aluminum can looking wings, there is some strange customs that occur.. For example, the windows need to be open during take off and landing.. The over head lights about the aisle seats need to be on.
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