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eGullet Recipe Cook-Off Index

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eGullet Recipe Cook-Off Index

Thanks to chrisamirault, every now and then since December 2004, a good number of us have been getting together over at the eGullet Recipe Cook-Off.

The Cook-Off is intended to be a forum at which we all can cook the same dish and share our experiences in a non-competitive, collaborative manner, making a dish:

  • that you've always wanted to make at home (and may enjoy out) but rarely have made, or haven't made successfully;
  • for which special but locatable ingredients may be used, but for which expensive special equipment is not required;
  • that includes techniques, ingredient combinations, or other elements that intrigue you;
  • from a different cuisine than that of the previous Cook-Off dish;
  • that demands some time and effort, but that rewards that effort for even those first approaching it; and
  • that motivates you to try it out, ask questions, serve it to friends, and share photos and stories.

As we cook and compare, some of us post our recipes on RecipeGullet, the eGullet Society's wonderful database of cooking ideas, instructions, and insight.

Finally, thanks to the internet, remember that you're never too late for an eGullet Cook-Off. While all have a specific starting time, none have an end time, and there are many of us eager to see what you will do with the cook-off recipes. So don't hesitate to contribute if you're finding this thread weeks or months after its start: by posting your own ideas, questions, or results, you can bump activity back up on this thread in no time!

We've created this index so all cook-offs are easy to find and join in. We'll keep it updated.

Here is the list:

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