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  1. The discussion FDA war on French Cheeses has been flagged "Merge candidate" starting at this post: It is proposed to merge this entire topic with the Open Forum on Food Politics, which now includes the former "Everything is Politics, Including Food" topic per this notice.
  2. Adding a Signature to your Posts To add a signature, visit your Account Settings page and click on the Signature tab near the top. Set your signature as you wish it, and click "Save". Hiding Signatures To hide either an individual member's signature or all member signatures so that they longer appear when you view the board, move your mouse over a signature, then click the small "X" that appears in the upper right corner of the signature region. Clicking on it will
  3. To add an image to your post, you have two options: you can either attach your image to the post (uploading it to our server in the process), or you can link to an image that is already hosted elsewhere. WARNING: many photo hosting sites do not allow this type of embedding, so make sure yours does before trying it. To attach an image to a post, either drag the file (or files) to the gray bar at the bottom of the post-editing screen that says "Drag files here to attach", or click the "choose files..." link just to the right of that area. Note: the drag-and-drop feature does not seem
  4. This is a large community, and like all large communities it can have its personality conflicts. If another member, or that person's signature, rubs you the wrong way, a simple solution is to set your preferences to ignore that person, provided the person is not a member of the eG Staff. (Ignoring an eG staff member is a violation of the Member Agreement.) You can ignore any combination of a member's posts, messages or signature. Note that the 'ignore' setting will only work when you are logged onto the site as yourself; guests always see members' posts and signatures in the forums open to g
  5. To add a hypertext link to a post First, click on this icon at the top of the editing box: A dialog box will open up as shown here. Follow the steps in red: For example, if you wanted to link to the eGullet Home Page, you'd fill it in this way: This link will be the result: eGullet Home If you start with text and highlight it like this, the text will automatically be put into the "Link text" portion of
  6. Your user profile 'wall' now has 2 photos if you care to use them: the Profile Photo (formerly known as an 'Avatar') that appears with each of your posts, and a Cover Photo. To set them, click on your user name at the upper right corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear. Select "Profile". The initial wall setting shows a deep blue background where your Cover Photo will appear, with a smaller place at the lower left where your Profile Photo will appear. Both are optional. You need to set each one individually.
  7. Notifications You can manage the way you are notified (or not notified) of new content, messages, or many other items. Your choices are to be notified by email, the notification list when you are logged onto eGullet, or both. To set your notifications, click the bell-shaped icon near the upper right corner of the screen. A notification list will open. At the upper right corner of that list, click on "Notification Settings". All your options will become visible. The screen shots below show so
  8. Topic and Forum listings are color-coded to help you identify topics or forums with content that you have not yet read. If you wish to mark something as 'read' without actually opening it, you have a few ways to do so. To Mark a Forum as 'Read' from the Home Page: In this example, the top two forums ("Beverage & Libations" and "Cookbooks & References") have no unread content. The "Cooking" forum has unread content. To mark the content as 'read' without reading it, click on the icon circled in red. To Mark a Forum
  9. The Help Tab allows you to submit a request for technical support and track its resolution. To submit a Support Request, click on the "Help" Tab near the top center of the screen in the blue section, then select the "Support" header in the white area, as shown in this picture: The Help Articles will appear near the top of the page. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll find this section: Support Requests are kept here for you and staff to track. To file a new Support Request,
  10. There are two ways to add video to your post: by linking to the video site, and by embedding the video here. The embedded option is preferred, and is the default option. To embed a video in your post, paste in a link to the video and press "Enter". For example, to embed this video about cooking a tortilla, paste the video URL into your post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvQ55MrVLUE After pressing "Enter" you will see: To simply link to the video you must give the link text first, for example "Cooking a Tortilla" and then select th
  11. The "View New Content" link in the upper right corner of the screen is an example of a stream of our content. You can customize your own streams, and even replace the View New Content link with a different stream. A stream can be customized to show just certain forums, certain tags, certain types of content, among other options. To begin, mouse over the Activity tab (1) and click My Activity Streams (2). At the bottom of the menu click on "Create New Stream" (3). The New Stream dialog will load. First, give your new stream a title (1). Next, choo
  12. Modernist Cuisine at the eGullet Forums Here at eG Forums, we have what is probably the broadest collection of information on modernist cooking anywhere. We've discussed sous vide, the general chemistry of culinary modernism, practical applications with colloids and starches, and much, much more. A lot of this discussion is contained in our topics about the books Modernist Cuisine and Modernist Cuisine at Home (we have topics on both the books and on cooking with the recipes they present), but we've been modern since before modern was cool -- click on the 'Recent discussions tagged "Modernist"
  13. We've now posted the full series of previously prepared Q&A exchanges between the Society and the Modernist Cuisine team, and it's time for your input! Please post your questions here, and editor-and-chief Wayt Gibbs will field them for the team.
  14. Ragout of Grains from Pigeon en Salmis recipe, pages 5·5125 and 5·129 in chapter 21 on Poultry eG: The plated-dish recipes seem to do four things: culminate the concepts and techniques in volumes 1–4; reference important culinary/historical touchstones (American barbecue, goulash, curry); introduce new techniques that didn’t find a place earlier in the volumes; and declare the team’s definitive culinary position on Big Questions like omakase, burgers, and shrimp cocktail. Were there other goals? What were they? Why those? MC: Yes, we also tried to come up with dishes that were mind-blowingly
  15. Those of you waiting for your books and wanting to get started: check out this parametric recipe for risotto in the MC excerpts topic.
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