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  2. Coke

    Look up Coca-Cola Cake. Being from the south, that was always a cake I remember growing up.
  3. I am totally in agreement that it needs more of everything to counteract the bread! And eventually I intend to make it to my own specifications. But I always believe that initially you should attempt to follow the recipe especially in this case where it is so very specific. Once you have that down pat i.e., once you have learned the rules, then you could begin to break them. With all the wonderful help I am getting I’m sure I’ll come up with a prize-winner eventually. Thanks so much for your suggestions.
  4. I agree with the suggestion to make a longer rectangle (roll or pat the dough thinner). The only way you're going to get more of a spiral is to have more length to spiral.
  5. Definetely this. Anna, I would suggest to prepare more spread: from the photo it seems to be few for how you prepared that loaf, if you are following this suggestion (roll the dough thinner to get a bigger rectangle) then you will get a bigger surface to cover, which means even more spread required. Plus I would add much more raisins. But I'm biased, for me "raisins bread" means "raisins with some bread". Teo
  6. The only website I could find was the Modernist Cuisine which did allow you to subscribe to obtain updates on Modernist Bread unless of course you’re not American in which case you won’t be able to do it because you don’t have a ZIP Code. And if you borrow somebody else’s ZIP Code you still won’t be able to do it because it won’t accept your Captcha! GRRRR
  7. Annual food show on CBS Sunday

    yeah....the one I missed while the power was out
  8. Many thanks – – – especially for the smile you provoked.
  9. Well, I have three suggestions: Make thousands of them. Only photograph the one that looks the best. Crop your photo to only show the good part. (More seriously) Make a longer rectangle than is typical for shaping a loaf so you get a tighter spiral. I do this in multiple stages so the gluten can relax between stretchings. I bet a tiny bit of Cystein would do the trick, too.
  10. Rendering Duck and Goose Fat

    I have one of the cylinder shaped "rotissiere" baskets, which I have never used in the appliance it came with. But it is the perfect size in which to stuff a duck, and because it has the stubby rods at each end, can be hung on top of a Dutch oven so the fat all drips out of the bird and it can be (very carefully) turned a couple or three times and to keep it from spinning, I just stick a couple of my old stainless steel dinner forks into each side so they rest on the rim of the pot. I mention this because I was in a thrift store dropping off some cloths that don't fit and saw one on a shelf for $2.00. I have often seen them in thrift shops. So keep it in mind the next time you are out looking, these things are helpful for other than their intended use.
  11. Well, dang, I guess I missed it.
  12. Today
  13. At the moment just the shape of the spiral. I watched a number of YouTube videos on making this style of bread and thought I had it nailed ... but not quite. I changed the way I did it from my previous attempt. First of all I was careful to cover the whole rectangle of dough. Then I gently pressed the smear and the raisins into the dough with my palms. I then tried for a tighter roll. Not sure what more I could do to get that circular, more evenly distributed swirl.
  14. The difference between European flour and North American flour is the type of wheat. In North America, flour is usually ground from hard wheat, in Europe they use soft wheat which has a lower gluten content. I have discovered one artisan mill in Canada (http://www.vancouverislandgrainandmilling.com/products.htm)  that has soft winter wheat   and have just ordered some for myself. 

  15. Is your objection just the shape of the spiral, or are there other changes you'd make to the loaf?
  16. Annual food show on CBS Sunday

    It had a segment with Melissa Clark and the Instant Pot.
  17. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Following the grilled cheese theme... Fourme d'Ambert blue cheese, pear and a little Comté on pumpernickel. More pear slices and toasted walnuts alongside.
  18. OK, here goes nothing... the oven is preheated, the doughs have had their final proof (overnight in the fridge), time to get them into the oven. First up, the chocolate cherry and the huitlacoche, formed as 500g loaves.
  19. Morató and Sugars

    @ChristysConfections I think I've seen Dextrose at the Bulk Barn
  20. Yes it was from the Savour School that I learned the technique using multiple piping bags
  21. Annual food show on CBS Sunday

    Every year the Sunday before Thanksgiving CBS's Sunday morning show from 9-1030 am is dedicated to food and drink. It is now hosted by Jane Pauley....earlier by Charles Osgood and Edward Newman.
  22. Food funnies

    Can't figure out how to do it but today's (19 November 2017) comic Pickles by Brian Crane was snort out loud funny......... His wife wore the dress she cooked bacon in to church and he loved it when she smelled like a pig.
  23. does MBr have a web site where oe might ' register ' as an owner and make a few suggestions ? I could not find one. [ed.: he didn't try very hard ]
  24. Much better. Far from perfect. I would say it compares favourably with the illustration on page 4-311 of MB even though their’s has a better swirl! They had lots more time to practice. Edited to add: I can skip the electron microscope but I sure would like x-ray eyes to see inside some of these breads without cutting into them!
  25. Nice. Thank you for reporting back. Now if only I remember this link when I come to make my buns from MB.
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