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  1. It looks amazing. With so light texture. Can you please give me the recipe and if you have a little time,suggest to me with what to replace the potato starch if i don't find to buy...?? Thank you so much for your time....!!!
  2. Can you please give some info/recipe about the apricot glaze....??? Outstanding work.....!!!!!!!
  3. WoW....!!!!!! it looks great and i'm sure it tastes the same also....!!!!! Can you give please some info about the green layer...??? Thank youuuuu.....
  4. Hello everyone...... I'm reading you for a long time like a visitor and i'm glad that i became a member at last... Can anyone help me please with this chocolates strawberry and caramel flavour....??? I don't have any info about the chocolates because i bought them in bulk from a coffee shop... free image hosting I want to make two different mousse's,a strawberry mousse and a caramel mousse but without real strawberry's and caramel in saucepan because flavour and colour is in the chocolate's already, correctly...???? Can anyone help me please with an idea or recipe..??? Thank you for your time and i'm sorry for my English,is not my native language.... :blush: