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  1. Apparently I had a bad warehouse for both Misfits and Imperfect because I had bad stuff with both. Not always bad, but often stuff I'd have to use immediately on receipt or it would be rotten.
  2. Well, sourdough starter goes on forever, too. You can freeze both AFB and sourdough starter if you want to take a break. I've had a sourdough starter going for over a year. I might still have an AFB starter in the back of the freezer. Because the AFB is mostly sweet, we burn out on it (and the calories) after about 2 loaves.
  3. Years ago I bought a couple of them on some sort of special deal--BOGO or whatever--figuring I'd keep one and give one to someone. I have absolutely no idea where they went, but I decided recently that I wanted to try one and couldn't find it. My arthritic hands and tendinitis make certain motions extremely painful and stirring more solid or harder things is not fun. If I am using a regular pan, I can use one of the other tools suggested, but if it is a non-stick skillet, I can't use a metal tool. Soooo, a friend recently was having a Pampered Chef party and I felt obligated to buy something.
  4. Ours are also Weds-Tues. Often they don't even get some of the items in the circular. They have some distribution issues in this area. The odd part to me is that while my nearest store may not get something, I can usually get it at another store that is about 10 miles away. I keep wondering if it depends on what they think will sell at each location or if the store managers have something to do with it.
  5. If I lived in Chicago, iI'd be parked on your doorstep to take a look at those books. 😉 Welcome!!
  6. I have sworn off their frozen pie crust, too. I bought it a second time because it had been so long since I bought it that I'd forgotten. I won't forget again. What a mess. I hope that wine is in our store here!
  7. As someone with chronic hand issues, I am super sympathetic. Hope it is better soon!!
  8. In the case of the one that I make, it is a much wetter consistency and vastly different ingredients. I don't have my recipes on this Chromebook, but the panade I make is much like this one, though mine has more wine. https://relish.com/recipes/86770/spinach-and-mushroom-panade
  9. A few years ago I made a panade instead of traditional stuffing with Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone loved it and it now gets requested every year.
  10. I have been incredibly lazy and unmotivated lately. I need to cook up some RG beans and make some go-withs. Going to work on my to-do list and a shopping list. Thank you, @blue_dolphin for the inspiration!
  11. I am coveting both of those books!
  12. I want to make up a batch of those marinated pineapple slices. They sound like they would be great with ham. Quick dinner: grilled ham steak with marinated pineapple. Yum!
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