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  1. I am in the same place. It is mainly the pandemic. I am so sick of trying to think of what to cook, where and how to get what I need to cook it and then cooking it, that I don't want to sit down and eat. I've lost weight. I seldom even drink wine. I had my annual doctor visit last week. He said that they've coined a new term COW Syndrome--COVID-something-Weariness. I do have to say that my worsening hand and arm pain (OA and tendinitis) have made cooking much less pleasurable, too.
  2. Apparently I joined in 2003. I have absolutely no idea how I found it!
  3. You choose utensils based on comfort in your arthritic hands and buy every new electric gadget out there that will mean you don't have to peel, cut, slice, dice manually.
  4. Someone mentioned verjus/verjuice previously--I second that! I bought some because a recipe called for it and now can't find the recipe, which I'm pretty sure was a bread recipe.
  5. Thank you all for the lovage uses/info. I will try to get out and harvest some before this week's round of storms hit. Maybe a little potato salad or in a tomato salad, since my tomatoes have finally begun ripening. Maybe I can come up with a bloody mary salad of sorts.
  6. I have lovage growing in my herb cradle, but the insects seem to enjoy it more than I do. I have not used it once. I guess I'm just not sure how it is best enjoyed.
  7. A little search shows that I posted the parsley salad recipe that I love in this thread.
  8. OK, apparently I need to post my parsley salad recipe when I get upstairs to my files.
  9. I am so very sorry to hear this. Many condolences to all her friends and family.
  10. I've had trouble finding powdered milk, too. Who knew! The other day I made Sourdough Tomato Feta Bread in my old bread machine. I added fresh basil from my little herb garden. The recipe is from this book. I seldom bake in the machine, but did this time. It turned out great and that recipe makes wonderful garlic toast!
  11. I think I have a couple of the kitchen cabinet books in my collection.. I had this vintage barbecue book but gifted it to a chef friend last winter--I'm downsizing my collection.
  12. It is lovely--use it promptly. We had it last Saturday. I pulled it out to eat some of what is left and it is on the edge. I will finish it today or it will be too late. I would definitely buy it again.
  13. I made these discard Rosemary Olive Oil Crackers a couple of days ago. We had them yesterday. Everyone loved them. I sent to rest home with my sister because I can make more. I've always got discard to use and they are truly the easiest thing ever!
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