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  1. I seldom see it on menus here in Kansas City and we are beef country. Go figure.
  2. We had this sometimes growing up. Mom called it hamburger gravy. Usually served over white bread or biscuits. I never thought about it, but probably something she made when money and time were tight.
  3. We had this at many big dinners at my Mom & Dad's, too. The best part for the kids were the olives--you could put them on your fingers!
  4. I love that! How wonderful that she kept it.
  5. Shortcuts. I'm so burned out on cooking that I take shortcuts that I never would have in the past. I use Penzey's spice blends a lot. I can sprinkle on whatever protein and or vegetables I am cooking. And cooking now usually means roasting because it is easier.
  6. I fell into the celebrity chef trap and bought a set of cookware by Wolfgang Puck that was on sale at Costco. It is horrible. Nothing is airtight. The lids are not airtight. Definitely was not worth the price, even though it was cheap. Never again.
  7. I'm also a frittata person. I've always got something I can toss into one. Or, if out of eggs, I can usually find some pasta. Worst case, a can of soup.
  8. Maison Rustique

    Jiffy love

    Thank you for sharing that. I love the photos of your Mom!
  9. Maison Rustique

    Jiffy love

    There are cookie mixes, various muffin mixes, cake mixes, etc. I haven't looked on the website to see if they still make all of them. This cookbooklet was published in 2004, I think.
  10. Maison Rustique

    Jiffy love

    I found my Jiffy cook booklet. I remember now being amazed at how many different types of mix they make that I have never seen. I'd guess they can be ordered online, but haven't checked. I'll post some of the more "interesting" recipes when I get upstairs to the pC.
  11. Maison Rustique

    Jiffy love

    I love Jiffy. Pretty sure I have a little recipe booklet from them somewhere, but I can't find it at the moment. My favorite breakfast growing up was pancakes (corncakes) made with Jiffy mix.
  12. Apparently I had a bad warehouse for both Misfits and Imperfect because I had bad stuff with both. Not always bad, but often stuff I'd have to use immediately on receipt or it would be rotten.
  13. Well, sourdough starter goes on forever, too. You can freeze both AFB and sourdough starter if you want to take a break. I've had a sourdough starter going for over a year. I might still have an AFB starter in the back of the freezer. Because the AFB is mostly sweet, we burn out on it (and the calories) after about 2 loaves.
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