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  1. Just reporting in. I didn't get my vinegars started as early as I wanted, but I did get them going. I tried some experiments - Vanilla with strawberries (using TJs freeze-dried strawberries) and vanilla with lavendar. Will be anxious to see how they turn out. Yesterday was our annual Christmas lunch party with a local hardcore food group. We do a gift exchange. My gift was a grinder filled with the Flower Pepper, a bottle of Vanilla Vinegar, a bottle of Lemon Rosemary Vinegar and a jar of Thai-spiced peanut butter that I bought on Amazon (iI popped up when I was looking for something else and I couldn't resist. We have our parties at a wonderful place in KC (Waldo Thai) and everyone in the group loves Thai food. At the last minute I made some of those super-simple Pretzel Turtles and put them in a little box to add to the gift. The recipient was so thrilled! She messaged me all night after she got home telling me how excited she is to try everything. Now, the bad part of this was that my sister and her husband were also at the luncheon. I hadn't told her about anything I'd made because she is getting all that stuff for Christmas, too. I was hoping it would be opened far enough from her that she wouldn't see, but it was right by her. She didn't say anything--pretty sure she figured it out. LOL.
  2. Mine did not have the cat or dog calendars--only the chocolate version. On the other hand, it was truffle heaven at TJ's when I went this week. I got truffle powder, truffle sauce and Black Truffle Alfredo Sauce. Also they had their holiday sets of honeys in really nice varieties.
  3. When is Aldi coming out with a knock-off version for half the price?
  4. I can remember some years back that Folger's made coffee bags like this. (I got a free sample.) It was Folger's coffee, so was exactly what you'd expect, but it made me wonder why more companies didn't make them. Yes, pricey, but no mess and no waste. We now have a Ninja that makes single cups (without pods), but for years, I'd throw out about 1/3 pot of coffee that we didn't finish.
  5. Thanks for sharing this sad news. She was such a wonderful member and will be missed. Rest peacefully, Lisa.
  6. Here in the midwest, I find the grocery stores lacking in international and "gourmet" ingredients. There are plenty of small ethnic markets or I could go to World Market/Cost Plus, but I seldom have time to get to those. I end up ordering most stuff online to save time.
  7. I finally started opening the boxes and going through my cookbook collection since we moved 10 years ago. I'm happy to see that I have so many of the books mentioned here.
  8. I used to have a small collection of them, but have no idea what happened to them. ☹️
  9. I have just made a big batch of flower pepper. Looks beautiful and smells so nice! I thought I'd see if I can find cute (but inexpensive) grinders to put it in for the gifts. Bottles for vinegars, shrubs, etc. have arrived. Will start working on that after Labor Day holiday.
  10. Thanks! I may experiment with different methods to see if it matters--like a little cover of oil or not.
  11. I already had a bag of RG garbanzos and just found another hiding in my pantry. I need to use these. Is there any reason I can't portion it out into small bags and freeze, so I can take one out for my lunch when I want it? Tips/suggestions?
  12. Who knew! This is all new to me, too. I definitely need to give it a try!! Thanks for posting this!
  13. I did remember something I want to make and just ordered everything I need. Trader Joe's had Flower Pepper (black peppercorns with lavender, rose, cornflower and calendula) for one lousy season way back when. My sister and I both fell in love with it. Someone put together a recipe for it and I found it. Have just ordered all the flower petals I will need to make it. The recipe I found makes about 24 cups, which is way more than I want to make, so I am cutting it way down. I hope it will turn out OK!
  14. Thank you all for these wonderful ideas! I ordered some pretty bottles, but need to think about some nice jars and/or tins. 🙂 Will start working on a list of recipients and potential things to make so I can start planning and prepping. I'm so proud of myself for actually thinking about it now. I usually wait until mid-December and then realize there isn't time to do it.
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