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  1. I'm delighted to see this! I know next to nothing about Vietnamese food. We have a fairly new plaza that is filled with little restaurants. I've been dying to go, but was afraid I wouldn't know how to order. This will be a big help!
  2. Maison Rustique

    Dried Hominy

    I've been cooking that "famous" hominy for several years and have never had that issue. Have you moved recently to a place where your water might be harder? Have you tried dried beans recently to see if you might have the same issue with them?
  3. Our liquor department is in back of the store and is a part of the store--not separate. Probably varies according to state laws.
  4. I am not quitting, though I am also inundated. I often wish there was a Bean Club Lite version with half the amount we receive. Two people just can't eat that much.
  5. I enjoy a cup of herbal tea every evening before bed. I've always bought pre-made blends. Yogi has had a couple that were great. BUT, every time I find one I love, it seems to get discontinued. This thread has inspired me to try making my own blends. Thank you all for sharing what you make.
  6. Thanks to Frieda, I was able to find and try so many foods that I'd never even seen before. RIP 😢
  7. I'm so very sorry to hear this. He was such a vibrant, knowledgeable member here. Many condolences to all his family and friends.
  8. I've never had that happen. Maybe it is the beans you are buying? @rancho_gordo do you have any thoughts?
  9. I can't recall if mine is Braun or Cuisinart, but I've had it at least 30 years with nothing breaking. But, I also do not use it as much as you do.
  10. No glue traps and no poison. The problem with poison is that the mice will go out after consuming it and then be eaten by a predator--possibly your cat--who will then get terribly sick and also die. Snap traps seem horrible but that or live traps/re-locating are the safest, most humane way to go.
  11. I am new to clay cooking. I just got a Romertopf for Christmas and look forward to breaking it in soon. I am finding a wealth of information in the Cooking in Clay Facebook group founded by Steve Sando and Carolyn Tillie. If you aren't in that group, you may want to check it out. I hope I'm not breaking an eG rule by posting that.
  12. I have had both of those and they are wonderful. We had the Langres at Thanksgiving and it was delicious. I'd hoped to get another, but every single one they had when I went a week or so ago was already past the best by date. It was not going to last until we would eat it for the holidays. I hope they will have a new batch in next time.
  13. What a coincidence. I had just saved this recipe to try. Ponche Navideno
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