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Lemons and Limes: The Topic


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4 hours ago, weinoo said:

Doesn't the old adage of a fruit should feel heavy in the hand for its size work for lemons and limes in terms of juiciness?


Generally yes but in my experience they can be heavy when still greenish .Not so much a matter of ripeness affecting juiciness as the growing conditions Long off the tree and drying up- another story mostly with those limes that come up dry. I had a neighbor with a big lime at our fenceline. I could just reach over and pluck. She never used them - thought it was a lemon tree as they turn yellow when really ripe. They watered regularly so very juicy and fragrant. Her eyes got big and she laughed when I told her it was a lime and had her smell a cut one. Raised in the Philippines she did use the calamansi from her heavily fruited 2 trees.

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