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  1. Pop Rocks

    Oreo put poprocks in its filling.
  2. Dont Judge! Sulfur Dioxide sources

    So theres no home product? What about Potassium Metabisulfite
  3. Im looking for a source of food grade sulfur dioxide... Im not sure if it a gas or liquid or powder. anyone know?
  4. I looked that up on Amazon, its referred to as "Lyle's Black Treacle - Cane Molasses" A search on Amazon Deutcheland reveals many brands of MolassesÅMÅŽÕÑ&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Molasses So I dont get it. Even Japan has 3 different brands
  5. Even a simple recipe is technical. I swear its like SNLs Anal Retentive Chef Phil Hartman My question is, how do Germans make Lebkuchen without molasses?
  6. The only one I read is the Aldi glossy circular, not the newsprint one. Cause I love to see the special items coming next week. Wegmans circular is not busy. Most circulars are too busy.
  7. Im exhausted after watching her videos
  8. I just wanted to do a really quick update. Number One's US hubby made her move back to India and in my opinion, he made her get new teeth, boobs, facial surgery and hair and has coached her repeatedly to act better on camera. I think HE wants the YouTube bux. I feel sorry for her. Plus now that they are back in India you cant understand her very well.
  9. Asparagus soup raw flavor

    Are they Jains?
  10. That Cheesecake Flavor

    Watching various people all over the world on YouTube making cheesecake anything, Im always struck by the lack of real cheesecake flavor these creations must have. Some "cheesecake" creations are made solely of mascarpone or yogurt. Neither of which, I consider to be true "cheese". I think the true Cheesecake flavor has to have a rich fermented cultured flavor and a hint of citrus, like lemon, to cut thru the richness.. Cream cheese, ricotta and sour cream are all acceptable to me, but it must have citrus. What say you?
  11. Overnight Oats

    I made this 4+ yrs ago when it first starting showing up on Pinterest. LOVED IT! Would easily eat the entire jar. Crack! But I love oatmeal.
  12. Aldi

    Aldi has has Wagyu Ground Beef! hhhhmmm
  13. Making Caramel with Milk

    Why not mix to sugar and milk together and simmer slowly till reduced then pour it into a mason jar and place it in a pot of water like you caramelize Condensed Milk?