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  1. I also love her for this
  2. It seems many here hate Martha. But I love her. I have none of her books or accoutrements but I love her. I love that she was in prison and served with out bitching I love that she gets up at 4-5 am and listens to loud Gangsta Rap in her office I love her slayage I love her friendship with Snoop and other rappers. I love when she went to Conan OBrien and ate a Taco Bell Burrito and a Colt 45 I love that she used to try and get a date and I love that she used KMart to sell her stuff so it wasnt expensive for the masses. ...Oh and I love the way she drags Gwyneth Paltrow aka GOOP
  3. Ill never buy any of these. Too much trash for the landfills.
  4. 95%?? what was the 5%?
  5. Ants! Ive had enough!

  6. My mom probably still has her jar or black truffles from the 1970s that shes waiting to use
  7. Wawa vs Sheetz

    @gfweb I see theres a new Wawa being built on Main st half way between the court house and Ikea in Norristown. Gas bays and everything. It will kill that lil mom and pop gas station across the street.
  8. Dishwasher Detergent

    Is it stainless inside? I had one which was stainless inside and it interacted with something and the stainless would amplify bad food smells. Its not happening with my semi new one. My semi new one has a built in disposal too.
  9. Dishwasher Detergent

    Dishwashing outlaw!
  10. Ants! Ive had enough!

    Okay look, those Terro things are liquid Borax. ^Used in Food, cosmetics and eye drops and tooth whiteners. Its not toxic to humans and animals. YAY!
  11. Whatever happened to Biba Caggiano? She was everywhere, all the time, won tons of awards, many books, now nothing. Did Lidia Bastianich overshadow her? Same with Daisy Martinez...
  12. Ants! Ive had enough!

    BlueDolphin? I have the same issue. I have ants coming in thru 2 interior "junctions" in the middle of the house over the slab part/ I also figured out where these ants today came from. Apparently they have eaten thru the putty under the lip of the sink on the one side. I had borax in my laundry room and put some sprinkles on that one side and wet it down with Windex (not a Big Fat Greek Wedding joke) now Ive seen zero ants. YAY! Tomorrow ill clean it up and go spray the outside. TY all
  13. Ants! Ive had enough!

    Everytime it gets warm out, I will get ants in my kitchen. The past few days were warm, and you guessed it, MARCHING ANTS! This am Ive scrubbed my kitchen down, sprayed ant spray in all the crevasses and along the bottoms of the cabinets, then went shopping. Came home, relaxed a bit, then got up to make lunch and boom, ANTS! I cant take it anymore! What can I do?
  14. Wawa vs Sheetz

    Regular Wawa coffee is perfect. The problem is that lately our tastebuds have been accustomed to coffee drinks that are made with French Roast or Espresso and highly flavored.