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  1. Camel Milk

    Andrew Zimmern has an episode with Camel Milk from the USA..
  2. Aldi

    I havent used it yet. Ziploc also has one too
  3. Aldi

    I bought the foodsaver 4 weeks ago
  4. Aldi

    Aldi has a knock off Roomba coming up... with a dock
  5. Aldi

    My Aldi is next to a Walmart and is always packed. and there are 3 other supermarkets within 2 miles Walmart hasnt killed them.
  6. Getting Rid of Mice in the Kitchen

    I have an electric Victor brand mousetrap. bait it with nut butter then it electrocutes em. The tray holds 5-6 dead mice.Batteries are still going 4 yrs later.
  7. Worlds Largest Deliverable Pizza

  8. The most expensive bag of candy I saw at the store was all organic lollipops
  9. Well I started noticing that few had decorations up this year, and I had very few Trick or Treaters. I usually have 150, this year only 50. Everyone closed up shop at 830pm so I did too and went and got a bath and had 2 door bell rings and this am , I noticed one of my plastic pumpkins is missing. That and the last trick or treater parent who came to my door was walking around with a beer, drunk.
  10. Its weird that they are just warning in 2017 when this has been out for 30+ years
  11. HAHAHA! That note takes balls. No kid eats all that candy anyway.
  12. Someone stands up for Guy Fieri

  13. Quality Cocoa Butter

    OMG that old cocoa butter definitely was rancid! I got the new stuff today and Its PERFECT! Too late to experiment but YIPEE!
  14. Quality Cocoa Butter

    I found deodorized cocoa butter cheap on Amazon, I bought some fresher regular CB and deodorized CB. I think the CB I have was too RAW and unprocessed. Now I just need to find a free or cheap or used Chest freezer
  15. Quality Cocoa Butter

    Know any places that sell small bags?