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  1. Looks stupid. HOWEVER the Rotimatic looks great.
  2. We have a Mexican Supermarket near me, Super Gigante. I go there often. Last time I went the bakery tortured me.
  3. Ginat Food Stores <<This is a typo. It should read Giant Food Stores. I truly believe GIANT is the best all around supermarket. It never smells, all the stores are clean and consistent and the produce is always fresh. I dont believe Sams Club or Costco belong on this list since you cannot do REAL food shopping
  4. Ive been watching hundreds of Indian cooking videos for years and they NEVER add fenugreek to their Garam Masalas. Maybe other Masalas, yes, but not the basic Garam. Our USA Curry Powder has a distinct scent thats all fenugreek.
  5. Sometimes Ill mix almond butter with softened butter and eat it on a spoon. Once, during a week of a cold, I let 2 packages of chicken breasts go bad, so I loaded them in a ziploc bag and took em to a outlying part of Valley Forge Park walked behind some trees and dumped it, for the vultures and carrion feeders to eat. I then went to Phoenixville real quick and on the way back the cops and park rangers were there. @gfweb And Ill shiv a b**** for my Jumbo Eggs
  6. Even in the kitchen? I leave a stick out at all times. nothing ever gets into it, ever. Even the ants, moths or Box Elders.
  7. For anyone who has purchased Gochujang from Wegmans you have ME personally to thank. My area has a great deal of Koreans and Korean Baptist churches and I told them its something that they should carry. They did. I have gotten 20 companies Wegmans contracts. Yay me.
  8. Okay I cant deal with this...Is this a spoof post? Are we being silly here? Gulfporter, look just leave the butter in a butter dish on the table and use a knife in the morning. lol
  9. Wouldnt this smash the English Muffin if the butters hard from the fridge? I can understand this if its used on hot mashed taters, but not toast.
  10. So silken tofu is 4 gms protein per serving and extra firm is 9 gms protein per serving.
  11. I bought silken tofu. Im gonna puree it with water and coffeemate creamer powder, see if its good.
  12. Okay, heres my take. I think bans on food are ridiculous.. If you buy steak and raw eggs from Dollar Tree expecting to chop it up and make Steak Tartar and survive, you are a dumbass. All these warnings are ridiculous! Its like having a natural crack in your sidewalk from tree roots and having someone trip and fall and sue you. WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING! If you are a dumbass and eat apricot kernels by the bag and you start feeling ill, maybe you should look at the bag? My local healthfood store sells em behind the counter FYI. Let Haggis and Konnyaku free!
  13. Just FYI I got my Jumbo eggs today. no arguments.
  14. I looked up Maltodextrin Nutritional Labeling.... 1 teaspoon is 3.81 gm carbs 3 of which are sugars https://www.fatsecret.com/calories-nutrition/generic/maltodextrin
  15. It tastes like regular whole milk. The Maltodextrin is supposed to be counted as sugar carbs though. The bread I eat has less carbs.
  16. I dont want them to stop making the soy milk cause its heavenly! Which is why I dont wanna name it. But clearly the nutritional list is bollocks. What is the recourse here? Write to the company?
  17. So I can make reconstituted Coffeemate original for less carbs and calories?
  18. 2 Tablespoons of Maltodextrin is 26 gm carbs and 108 cals AND all 26 of those are sugars... This labeling cannot be true.
  19. I wrote that wrong the liquid version was ready to drink
  20. Yeah something isnt right... Its so good though
  21. Its not coffee creamer its soy milk, it used to be sold in liquid form in UHT boxes. 2 T per 8 oz water. It does not get thick.
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