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  1. Pop Rocks

    Thanks @paulraphael and @Tri2Cook. Is the freezer the recommended place for storage? I would think that there'd be far too much moisture in there. In any case it sounds like you should get only as much as you need because they don't keep well. If anyone here has used the Texturas products, I'd be interested to know what you think about them:
  2. Pop Rocks

    Reviving this thread because I've got to make bonbons with a fizzy/popping component to them. I was thinking about adding pop rocks, and after reading here it seems that mixing them with ganache is definitely not the way to go since there's too much free water in ganache. The workaround seems to be coating them with fat (cocoa butter). What is the best way to do this - spraying with an air brush or panning? If it's the latter, would the coating of cocoa butter be too thick? Alternatively, if I didn't spray with cocoa butter, would it work if I filled a dome mold 1/2 way with pop rocks and then followed that with a thin layer of chocolate as a barrier before adding the ganache? Someone also mentioned something called "texturas fizzy", and there's also a "texturas sparkey". I haven't used either of these these before - does anyone have any experience using them? If so, which is better? Would the fizzy be weird with chocolate and feel like you're eating your chocolate with a tablet of "eno" fruit salt?
  3. Couldn't you bypass the egg white step (fresh or powdered) and just stick with gelatin, or was there a reason to use egg whites?
  4. Here's a pic of the Grapefruit-Campari PDF made today with @Beets3. These were coated in sugar a few hours after they were made. The rest of the slab is curing for a day to see if there's a difference in stability/weeping. Thanks @Kerry Beal for the info on the pectin. I checked the label of the Apple Pectin I had and there was no mention of sugar anywhere. I also tasted it and it didn't taste sweet, so maybe they've changed their formulation? It looks like it worked for this formula that was high in acid, but I'd like to see if it'll work with a lower acidity formula.
  5. Here's a link to the Apple pectin I have: cuisine-tech Pure Apple Pectin Nope I don't have a refractometer, just a thermometer. Is there a workaround if you don't have one?
  6. So is apple pectin the same as yellow pectin, and will it work to set a PDF? I feel like I've read conflicting info on the interwebs and I just wanted to make sure that my apple pectin will work. Second question is about how to not have weeping cubes of PDF (I know, I know - stop being so mean to them ). I've never had success with this and they're always a wet mess by day 2.
  7. Smudging transfer sheets

    Thanks both. It kind of does look like the sheet moved, but I'm not sure how that would've happened (I cut the sheet so that it was laying flat when I attached the magnetic bottom to it). Also I should've specified that all the chocolates in the picture above were from a single casting in that mold, so if the transfer moved then wouldn't all the images be fuzzy?
  8. @Daniel D do I need all 3 of those pieces to swap out the nozzle?
  9. Smudging transfer sheets

    Left vs right, mostly non-smudged vs mostly smudged. Sigh. Why does this happen? Was my chocolate too warm? I painted the corners with a chocolatey brush to prevent air bubbles, but that was only in the corners and I certainly didn't linger with the paintbrush. Ideas?
  10. Thanks for the info @Daniel D! Can I ask where you got the larger tip?
  11. @Jim D. - my guess for the wires would be to oil them. I've tried cutting marshmallows both with an oiled and unoiled knife, and oiled is definitely the way to go (cleaner cuts, less stickiness).
  12. @Kerry Beal - It's the Iwata HP-CS. It looks like there are other sizes of nozzles as @Daniel D just ordered one. I look forward to his review, because yes it does take a very long time to get full coverage of even one mold. @Daniel D - what compressor are you using?
  13. No wonder I'm having issues with my Iwata - it's only 0.3mm. But the one I've got looks like the one Jin used during her demo and hers worked just fine, so perhaps it's a compressor issue.
  14. Hi All - a little late posting, but here are a few snaps from the LV trip. Phone space issues meant I couldn't take all the pics I wanted to (until I figured out that deleting apps lets you take more). Jean-Philippe Patisserie chocolate clamshell waterfall: Payard at Ceasars Palace: Jin showing us some cool techniques to make decor: Jin's chocolate cigarettes - the thinnest I've ever seen. Such great technique! Obligatory food shot of vegetarian red curry from Lotus of Siam: Melissa Coppel's demo yielded this beauty (as others have also mentioned, her Atelier is the cleanest, neatest, and most well-organized workspace I've ever seen): Jean-Marie Auboine's nougat all wrapped up: I don't have any pics from the meal at Bouchon (which was amazing), but here's the Chili Relleno at Mesa Grill - very yummy: High Roller Wheel at the Linq hotel: View from the pod, a very smooth ride: This was my first time attending and it was a great trip! Such a friendly and talented group of folks, new techniques to learn, and new chocolatey friends made for a really fun experience. Hope to see you all next year!
  15. Name that mold!

    @Marina It looks like a pretty standard dome mold, I'm thinking maybe CW2295? Hard to tell from the pic but hers might be a tad larger... Edit: Just found this one which looks a little bigger: CW2116