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  1. Does anyone know of some good kitchen ware stores in or around Seoul? Places where you can get bakeware, silicone molds, or even polycarbonate chocolate molds? Also what about any must-see pastry or chocolate shops? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. .
  2. Wholesaling your wares

    Does anyone here wholesale their chocolate bonbons? If someone asks you to wholesale (and you've never done it before!), what kind of questions should you be asking? And if they want to buy chocs from you and then label them with their own logo, is that standard practice? Any reasons not to have them re-label? Also, what is the standard "wholesale rate" as compared to what you would normally sell them for? (sorry, that's a lot of Qs but if anyone would know it would be y'all...)
  3. Bonbons with cheese?

    On the subjects of both cheese and shelf life, I've been toying with the idea of a cheesecake bonbon using dried/powdered cheese. I know it's been done before (ahem @Kerry Beal) so it definitely seems possible, but what is the shelf life of a freeze-dried dairy product that has been reconstituted? More/less/or the same as the real, fresh thing?
  4. Hi @a_pinch_of - welcome! May I ask why you still need to use grease proof paper (or glassine paper) if the chocolate will be cello-wrapped to protect it from the elements? That is, could you use a more easily available black-colored paper to wrap around the cello bars? Construction paper, scrapbooking/craft paper, or even a good quality wrapping paper might fit the bill and be more readily available to boot.
  5. Thanks all for the info - these are good guidelines. I was thinking about doing dipped truffles instead of molded chocs as it's easier and faster. I'd like to demo a ganache but that would depend on if they had a kitchen/stovetop. How do you typically temper chocolate while on-site? Most people don't have marble slabs for tabling, so I'm guessing it would have to be seeding or Mycryo (oh EZ temper, why oh why can't you be pocket-sized?!).
  6. While we're on the subject of pricing... Someone has inquired to see if I could do a chocolate-making demo/class at their company, but I'm not sure of both the logistics and what to charge. How much do you folks charge for a chocolate-making class? I don't know the size of the group just yet, but do you typically charge per person, a flat fee for your time/ingredients, or some combination of the two? Also in terms of logistics - how do you run such a class? I'm assuming it'll be on-site, so I'd have to haul my equipment there and hope I don't forget anything. But more than that, do you have to have multiple scrapers, spatulas, bowls, thermometers, etc for everyone to be able to work concurrently, or do you have stations with groups and only one group gets to make ganache, paint, mold, etc.? What is a reasonable number of chocolate pieces that each person should leave with? (Oh that reminds me, I'd have to bring packaging supplies too) As with the costing of chocolates and ingredients, it's got to be worth it to you, and in this case it needs to account for both the cost of the ingredients and packaging as well as your travel time and on-site time as well. Any info would be appreciated.
  7. Wow thanks for all the info everyone. I think I'll stick to flour and water (which I've been doing with rye, ww, and white), but was contemplating an experimental dairy starter for comparison. For the extra tangy sourdough bread recipe - this uses citric acid for that sour flavor which I can't help but think is "cheating" (though it sounds delicious and I'll probably end up trying it). I'd like to get the sour flavor from the starter alone, but let's see how it turns out. The mostly rye starter was pretty active on Day 3 and then I added white to it for feedings and it seems to have slowed down.
  8. Wow so impressed by all your bubbly and active starters. I used to have one which I ended up killing by neglect. It was equal parts white flour and water by weight (I think that makes it 100%?). Anyhow I've been craving some seriously sour-tasting sourdough bread, which means it's time to start a new starter. So I have a couple of questions. 1. What is the most ideal composition and conditions for the most sour of sourdough starters? 2. Is it safe to put dairy in a starter? I saw a YouTube video that was equal parts white flour and low fat yogurt. It's an interesting idea and they had great results after 16-17 days (it tripled in volume), but I've never heard of dairy in a starter before and have some concerns about it going bad since it'll be at room temp.
  9. Thanks for the ideas all - some interesting applications!
  10. I recently ordered some ginger puree (impulse buy, oh my) and I'm not sure what to do with it. I thought it was just going to be spicy ground ginger with maybe a little sugar added, but it's actually quite sweet It's more of a liquidy, jammy consistency. Ideally I'd like to use it for bonbon fillings (ganache or pdf) but worry that it might end up being too sweet, so I'm open to other suggestions. Thanks.
  11. Happy Valentine's Day All! Cinnamon caramel hearts.
  12. Rose Jelly

    Gulkand does smell delicious and it tastes even better. The only thing is that it's brown in color (at least the ones I've seen). I like to add some pre-made rose jam to my rose bonbons. If you're okay with purchasing some instead of making it, I'd recommend a Greek or Turkish brand. They're closer to rose color, though I suspect food coloring is a likely addition.
  13. Thanks @curls and @keychris. Will have to try it out sometime.
  14. Nice work @curls! What did you use for the red stripes on the gold hearts? At first I thought it was red cocoa butter, but the lines are too clean (and there are no drops). Then I thought white chocolate with red cocoa butter, but for me that's resulted in pink, not red... so I'm intrigued.
  15. Name that mold!

    @Choky - my hero!! Thank you, you are a super-sleuth! Now if you'll excuse me, I must spend the next few hours perusing their website and figuring out what and how to order.