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  1. Polycarbonate Molds for Sale

    Ah Jim, you're sweet for not singling me out. . Well, now I know! Will miss you at the workshop this year.
  2. Haha, thanks Kerry! But no need as it's just been sold!
  3. Haha good idea! But I think I’ll only bring it along if someone wants to buy it, otherwise it’s a bit bulky and if I had to bring it back, it would take up precious space that could otherwise be filled with KETCHUP CHIPS.
  4. Polycarbonate Molds for Sale

    Clearly I’m behind on the selling game as I completely overlooked this “Classifieds” Forum! That’s what I get for glossing over all the other forums and going directly to “Pastry & Baking” haha.
  5. Okay, I’ll start things off in this “for sale” thread (moderators - if I get something wrong please lmk): Large Faceted Easter Egg Polycarbonate Mold (2 halves that make one complete chocolate egg) Dimensions of the half mold itself: Height is ~14.25”, Width is ~7.5”, Depth is ~3” Dimensions of the half egg cavity: Height is ~10”, Width at the widest part is ~6.25”, Depth is ~3” I thought it was smaller when I ordered it. I think it would be great for a showpiece or to fill with other Easter chocolates. Here here are some pics: Here’s a pic of what the finished piece (the one time I used it): I looked for this mold online but could only find it here: http://www.homechocolatefactory.com/PROD/Chocolat_Form/PMCF0707.html They’re selling one half for £35.70 GBP (around $50 USD). I’ll sell both halves together for $45 USD OBO (plus shipping, unless someone going to the chocolate workshop in NOTL is interested in which case I’ll just bring it with me). DM me if you’re interested. Thanks!
  6. Sign me up for both classes, the workshop, and dinner pleeease! (ovo-lacto to vegetarian here). Thanks Kerry!
  7. @pastrygirl - more and more, I want to meet you! (Side note: do you also have an almost reflex-like response to the incorrect usage of "less" vs "fewer", or is that just me?!!)
  8. Valrhona Inspirations

    Thanks @Kerry Beal. Can't wait to experiment with both of these!
  9. Valrhona Inspirations

    Thanks @pastrygirl. Does the CB need to be warm to dissolve the fruit and sugar? Also when you added white choc to "stretch", you meant that it gave you a larger yield?
  10. Valrhona Inspirations

    Do you have a recipe/process for yours (that you're willing to share )? I have some freeze dried strawberry from TJs that I'd like to try this with.
  11. Valrhona Inspirations

    Wow, I think I tried some store-made analogs of these Valrhona products this past Christmas. There's a chocolatier in Toronto called Soma (pastrygirl mentioned them above) - they have a mango-chili-salt bar and a raspberry bar that I believe were also just the fruit/cocoa butter/sugar combo, and they were deeeelicious! They were so intense and fruity in flavor and the cocoa butter was not over-powering. A little definitely goes a long way - perhaps a used alone as a shell might be too intense/overpowering, though I might couple it with a thin layer of couverture behind it. Who knows?! There are sooo many flavor possibilities with this combo of freeze-dried fruit and CB, and even more when used as a shell. I'd be curious to try it out. Here's the link to one of the bars: https://www.somachocolate.com/collections/plain-and-simple-bars/products/copy-of-mango-chili-bar?variant=34619378445
  12. Update: I made the basil marshmallows - it worked, but tasting basil in a sweet application will take some getting used to. Maybe if it's paired with another flavor... Also, I'll be curious to see if the basil suspended in the mallow browns after a few days.
  13. Hmm that could work! I have to get some freeze dried basil and crystals and try this now haha!
  14. I have some too (rose flavor). I imagine they'd melt since they're made with sugar?